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LAUIL603 THROWAWAY BRIEFS/ UNFINISHED PROJECTS After a tutorial with Pete I realised that I had a lot of projects that didn’t make sense to focus on for the remainder of this module. I definitely overestimated the amount of work I could achieve after the COP3 hand-in and having lots of projects on the go at once hindered my progress rather than further it. It’s nice to know that I have a lot of ideas and projects to work on after this module is over, I just wish that I had been more realistic with the time I had and that I had took into consideration my work ethic. Pete helped me to shave off the unnecessary bits of work and this allowed me to focus on what was most important to my practice!! So in this presentation it’s essentially a mixture of unfinished work and some throwaway briefs.


I designed this illustration for Valentines day in the middle of the Shadow of the Colossus brief. I was getting frustrated spending long hours on a single image so I wanted to make something quick that I could post celebrating the holiday. I’ve found collage is great for quick turnaround images (for me anyway.) I’ve always had an interest in the Preying Mantis as a creature, they’re fascinating. I remembered that the female often bites the head off of the male after mating and it piqued my interest. I took the stock free illustration from the top and manipulated it to show the female Mantis attacking the poor male. I wanted to celebrate the unforgiving nature of the animal kingdom and I also thought it was apt for me to approach an illustration for Valentine’s day in a way that reflects the way I twist and subvert things. I added colour to the collage (something which I wanted to expand on after COP3!!) Not really much of a purpose for this other than to keep up the workflow on my Instagram feed!

JESSICA JONES ILLUSTRATION (UNFINISHED PROJECT) After watching the TV Show on Netflix I was inspired to create an illustration celebrating â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Jessica Jones.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; A show following private detective/ super-hero Jessica Jones, it is surprisingly complex and resonant for a super-hero drama. I took most of my inspiration from the MONDO vinyl soundtrack design. The first season the show has stunning flashes of purple throughout and I wanted to celebrate this, I was also seeing if I could use a single colourway for a whole image as a challenge.

I researched superhero poses so I could apply Jessica Jones over the top. In the show she is able to fly so I chose a pose which reflected that. I didn’t get all that far with this image, it took a while to figure out the aesthetic and also drawing her face was difficult. I feel like this is very different to the rest of my work, I think maybe because it’s very shape based at the moment? I understand why Pete advised me to leave it behind, I’m looking forward to return to it after the hand-in as I’m eager to see where it goes, but also I kind of want to start again! I feel like approaching it from a comic book style, seeing as that’s where her origins lie. It’s a show and character I really like and I want to do it justice.

Like with the Shadow of the Colossus illustration it took me a while to get to this point. I spent so long deciding on the aesthetic and the composition and actually building an illustration up from scratch is a long process for me. I think that’s why I’m preferring collage as making progress just seems to go faster! I’m not really sure on the purpose of this other than it being purely for me! Maybe I could capitalise on the popularity of the show through posting the finished piece on social media I guess?


I entered a competition brief at Level 5 for a wallpaper design and was pleasantly surprised by how well received it was. I hadn’t really re-visited illustration for the purpose of interior design so I wanted to design something purely for the purpose of being decorative. I wanted to design something to hang in a kids room as I realised that the majority of my work is directed at a mature audience. I drew out a cutesy two headed faun and was working on the background but didn’t really make it past that stage. The title of the design was ‘headstrong’ and it’s a project I really am excited to continue as I think it could be a nice departure from my usual style! Diversity etc etc



I wanted to design some kind of theatre poster for a production of Swan Lake. I wanted to explore the proportions of successful poster design and design something for the purpose of working on a big scale! I had the idea from the phrase â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;swan songâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to incorporate a musical note with the shape of a swan, but it seems as though a host of people have already had this idea! I really love all of these images and I think they are so cleverly constructed. This is the kind of illustration/ design work that really draws me in and captures my attention. I took inspiration from these images and others and I wanted to make something which was similar.

I decided to use traditional media and transfer it over into digital to mix up my process. I sketched a swan using charcoal and refined the end result in Photoshop.

I thought of ways that I could incorporate the musical notes without ripping off the designs from the research which I had gathered. I downloaded a scanned image of a music sheet from the Swan Lake soundtrack. I thought that maybe I could do something with the bars and mimic the ripple of water with them? I quite like this idea but the execution was just in the beginning stages. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d probably start again from scratch and focus on building a dynamic composition like the images in the prior slide!!

IT MOVIE POSTER (UNFINISHED PROJECT) Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a big movie fan, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d been wanting to properly illustrate a movie poster for a while now. I particularly admire the work of Matt Ryan, who does a lot of work for MONDO. I completed the above illustration celebrating the release of the new IT movie towards the end of September I think?? I was inspired when I saw that Matt had been commissioned to design a poster, so decided to have a proper go at finally doing one myself.


I got so caught up in the aesthetics of this brief and I ended up drafting out like 5 completely different designs. It really impacted my enthusiasm to continue the brief after taking so long to get started. I think I over-complicated it and I had so many ideas that I was unsure about how to approach it in the end. I think if I were to revisit this now at the end of the year I would approach it with a lot more confidence in my abilities. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strange that it hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even been a year since I was working on this project and I already feel as though my work has evolved so much.

I finally made some progress on my IT illustration and had a possible composition for my illustrated poster. As I was sketching it out I realised that I was drawing it would work well as a linocut design on account of the block shapes and distinct line work. I stopped progress at this point when I was focusing on my COP3 essay and book design. I’m excited to pick this back up after deadline, it’s just a passion project but I’m imagining that it would make a fun piece for my portfolio. Also commercially I think it could work well as a run of prints, it’s quite a popular film right now.

CHATTER PRINT (UNFINISHED PROJECT) I guess that this could maybe be included as part of the disjunctive objects brief?? But I had this idea of re-imagining a pair of toy chatter teeth but using the jaws of a human skull instead. I think I could maybe make a much better job of this if I applied my new collage aesthetic to the concept. It could perhaps work as an editorial piece for something?

I also designed a traditional pair of chatter teeth using a paper cut approach. I was planning on turning this into a reduction lino print and maybe adding some writing onto the design. Not really sure on the purpose of this other than I think it would work well as a decorative piece and I wanted to work in bright colours for once!

LAUIL603 Throwaway Briefs & Unfinished Projects  


LAUIL603 Throwaway Briefs & Unfinished Projects