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LAUIL603 GROUP CRIT • I was confused for a little while after the the first crits as I was wanting to make predominantly my own work which few competition/ client led briefs on the side. I hadn’t structured any briefs and so I found myself just making things without any real direction or knowledge as to why I was making things. • After a chat with Pete he advised me to write some briefs out with the intended aims/outcomes for said briefs so that I would be more confident in the direction I was going. I decided to break down my practice into three sections and these would form the basis of my self-initiated briefs.


For my poetry brief I’m thinking of making a few spreads using the skills I’ve learnt through the collage process and digital illustration. These will be my main pieces of work for the module and will probably be used for the end of year show. I already made a book for COP3 so not sure that I want to make another as it seems counter intuitive at this point so just looking at spreads for the moment.

2# DISJUNCTIVE OBJECTS Based on COP3 research I’ve been wanting to strengthen my use of visual associations through collage. I was hoping to apply this way of thinking/ working to editorial illustration. I’ve been reading more about the Surrealists practice and I’ve been trying to autonomously form more compositions and push a surrealist aesthetic hence the image on the left.

(An editorial illustration for an article taken from The Guardian website on urban myths which circulate every Halloween for example poison candy, killer clowns, sharp objects in trick or treat bowls. I was going to fill this Jack ‘O’ Lantern with knives and other sharp objects.

3# PICTURE BOOKS My third self-initiated brief was to design a range of picture zines based around themes of my choosing. I’ve probably spent the least amount of time on this brief and am conscious of how much time I have left to complete the things which I want. I’d illustrated a swan as part of a brief for a Swan Lake theatre poster and I was going to use it as the inspiration to create a zine on minimalist bird drawings as I think it works quite well. I was also inspired by the Audubon Birds of America posters and had an idea for a picture book zine on birds which was more detailed but I re-purposed it for a poetry spread. As I predicted, especially at this stage, my briefs are getting quite mixed up!

A competition entry which I completed earlier in the year for a limited edition fan-art book celebrating the re-release of ‘Shadow of the Colossus.’

(Outcomes for a client-led brief which required me to design a poster intended to advertise a one-man show.)


I’m also really into vintage valentine card designs at the moment. I think they’re so oddly charming and I wanted to possibly self initiate a brief where I could design my own. I don’t know if it’s wise for me to create more work for myself at this stage but hey ho.)

LAUIL603 Group Crit  


LAUIL603 Group Crit