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Webb Institute, f/k/a Webb Institute of Naval Architecture ​why did I decide to do one dress one month because I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if it would give me any new insights about why the capsule wardrobe thing has not quite worked out for me yet hi I'm Maggie with the darling M welcome to my channel if you are already a subscriber thanks for bearing with me during the academic year it's a little harder for me to get videos out today as you can tell by the title of this video I'm going to be talking about my experience with the one dress one month project if you are new to my channel if you're not a subscriber and you like this video please click the red subscribe button below so you don't miss any of my other updates so what is one dress one month the project is really simple it comes from Maria of the YouTube channel gold zipper and I will link her video in the cards and in the description box below I really encourage you to watch Maria's video about one dress one month it's really artfully done and it almost instantly inspired me to do this project the project is simply that you choose one dress she also says you can use one outfit and you wear it every day for 30 days the outcome is that I didn't quite achieve that I got through day 24 and disclosure there were some weekend days that I didn't actually put the dress on I ended up making my own rules for the challenge so I'll tell you a little bit about how I made it through why I decided to start it why I ended it and what I learned along the way I've been attempting to go zero-waste vegan live a more sustainable lifestyle and the minimalism component is a little trickier to me I have experimented in past with capsule wardrobes honestly for probably like three years I've tried the capsule wardrobe and I know there are a lot of gurus out there who would have you believe you know it's really hard in the beginning and then once you get the first capsule or two it's like you're rocking and rolling and everything's cool and that's wonderful that that works for a lot of people for whatever reason it's kind of been a challenge for me I feel like I had two that were mildly successful but for the most part it just isn't suiting me yet so I thought with one dress one month it would be a way of taking the project 333 or Caroline from uncie's 37 pieces and by simplifying it to just one item I hope I hoped it would help me achieve minimalism and simplicity and figure out what the heck my style is so that I can make a much much smaller wardrobe work for me I knew that this was a project I was gonna do eventually I had tentatively started plans thinking that in February or March I would try this project out I knew I wanted to do it with my own twist though so I actually had ordered a vintage dress that I thought might be perfect for it even though it was a really like dangerous choice because it was a print dress it was kind of graphic it had both black and white which are colors I know I love and some accent colors in like kind of bright primary colors and I know that's a color palette that I really love and I was gonna challenge myself to wear that dress everyday in either like February March or April the dress did not fit the way that I had hoped it would but I wasn't actively planning for one dress one month yet then January 4th I had to attend a semiformal event and it was like negative 16 degrees or it was gonna be really cold and I felt like I needed to wear a dress but I also didn't want to freeze to death so I chose a black dress kind of 3/4 sleeve wrap dress in black and I like layered on I would think I wore like two pairs of diets I wore a tank top and a dress underneath and a slip well I threw this dress on for an event and I was like oh traditionally speaking what could be more classic than a black wrap dress and if I can wear on a really cold day like this surely I can make it work through all of January even though it's a winter month I wouldn't normally choose a dress but I was like if I can do it here I can probably do it the whole time so spontaneously that day I was like okay guess what guys I guess I'm doing one dress one month I guess I'll tell you guys a little bit about the psychology of doing one dress one month a lot of you wanted to know what people said about it and the thing is nobody noticed my closest friends I of course told them about it I told my boss about it because she's one of my friends too but everybody outside of that like inner circle especially if they didn't follow me on Instagram did not say a thing nobody noticed nobody cared what's most remarkable the group that I find most remarkable that didn't notice it or if they did they didn't say anything were my students so during one dress one month I had several class periods where I was teaching and seen the same students over and over again wearing the same dress probably part of the reason they didn't notice was because like I really did change up the way that it looked every time so I was kind of cheat let's be honest I was kind of cheating so I have like a rollercoaster of emotions throughout sometimes I would be like I'm so creative and sometimes I would be like I'm a hack I'm a fraud why am I doing this you're crazy people are seeing my photos on Instagram and they are probably using it to think about being a more sustainable fashion consumer and it's taking down fast fashion and it really means something and then other days I would be like really uncomfortable with what I was doing being like only like a privileged white lady and make it a

project and something fun to do after wear the same dress every day but I do want to acknowledge that there's a huge issue with that that I still feel uncomfortable about if you guys want to talk about that more on this channel let me know in the comments below and we can do a video about that to you so there are a few things leading up to ending the challenge one was I saw la-la-land the award-winning film starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and with the opening number of that song I was just like oh my gosh it's Maggie colors everywhere and it made me like instantly depressed that I saw it on my birthday on January 11th and even during the movie I'm like oh tomorrow I'm gonna wear like bright blue or yellow or red like I can't handle this black dress anymore it's like way too drab sostiene that movie was like really inspiring to me and I remembered that I often get inspiration from film so that is something I might not have noticed as much if I weren't wearing the same dress every day um the second thing that led up to me ending mature was on January 20th with the inauguration and then in the several days that followed and the country going through some turmoil provoked some sadness and so becoming invested in other causes made my interest in one dress one month we Wayne a little bit although on the other hand it was nice to not have to think about what I was gonna wear that much since I knew at the very least it would involve the black wrap dress although that's part of my third thing that led me to ending the challenge was that I felt like it was beginning to defeat the purpose idea is you know what you're wearing every day here it is and if you do a black dress even if it's a black wrap dress and it's in warmer weather it would probably have that effect but what I found was that I couldn't wear the dress by itself like I didn't really gain the benefits of wearing exactly the same thing because I kept changing it up with what I would layer underneath it over it would I wear tights whatever leggings which shoes would I wear so I eventually found out that I had worn seven pairs of shoes during these 24 days with this one dress plus all this other stuff I'll show you so I wore two coats a black leather jacket a a big fluffy cardigan a big sweater white button-up another blouse a yellow cardigan a black long-sleeve shirt this a slip to wear under it because the way it's cut in the front I couldn't wear it without either a slip or a tank top under it another undershirt a collared sleeveless shirt and another sleeveless polkadot shirt at least one scarf I wore a few other scarves as well I wore this hat I were two or three other hats I wore red tights I wore purple tights so the total number of items was even more than I would have had if I had chosen to do the winter 10 by 10 instead so I'll make sure to link below who started the winter 10 by 10 challenge I started kind of thinking of it that way but honestly I used even more than 10 items for this period of time and it probably rivaled 33 for a capsule wardrobe for just one month so I realized that because of the dress I had chosen I probably should have chosen a an outfit or at the very least a style that matches mine better even if it was black so I got a realize like okay I kind what I did wrong and I know that it's not necessarily helping me to minimize my closet um the fourth thing and this is pretty minor is that I felt like the dress started to lose its shape I only washed it three or four times during the 24 days but I felt like the front started to droop like the front panel the left side of the wrap like started to lose its shape and it just didn't feel as flattering anymore so I was kind of disappointed to learn that after only just a few washes and I hung it dry so I machine washed it a few times and like seriously I think three or four times so roughly once a week I would machine wash it gentle cold and hang it to dry and it already started to lose shape after that so that was kind of disappointing what finally pushed me over the edge day 25 was a Saturday and I had already given myself exception I guess of like cheating on the weekends because the dress just didn't match the casual laid-back nature of what I do on the weekends and day 25 was not just any weekend I had a big event where I was gonna be a guest speaker and it wasn't fancy though so like really laid-back and I didn't want to wear the dress I really wanted to wear color because I knew that that's what made me most confident so that night and on the weekends leading up to day 25 I still forced myself to wear black as a way of sticking with the project but that night Saturday which was day 25 of my one dress one month I wore a pink top and in like orange blazer and it seemed like an exception and I knew I was like I don't know what I'm gonna do tomorrow I don't know what I'm gonna do Monday am I gonna put the dress back on again and after wearing that bright color I couldn't do it I couldn't go back after that like I wasn't sure every day that I woke up I'm like I could put the dress on again some some of you on Instagram reminded me like you didn't say the 30 days had to be consecutive so I could have put it on again but I just felt like I was done with it I felt like it did what it needed to do and that I would actually like to try the project again in the future with more planning like selecting a better dress [Music] Victory's the care like I said was super easy people have asked if it like got smelly no like it never did like the times that I did wash it I just kind of did it because I felt like it had been long enough like I'd been wearing it for like seven or eight days and be like well it makes sense to wash it and I also secretly hoped it would get rid of some of the dog hair too um yeah the two greatest things that came out of one dress one month for me were finding my favorite outfit so my favorite outfit out of the whole one dress one month um even though the dress is my least favorite part of this outfit is my Anna Carina inspired outfits so realizing that cinema is one of my big inspirations helped finally guide me and I'm gonna try to use the word cinematic in creating my

next capsule wardrobe so that brings me to what's next right after one dress one month one of the things that I was inspired to do was a no makeup challenge so you can see my documentation of that on Instagram as well I was really interesting but also I just enrolled in the first online course about creating a capsule wardrobe and what really appeals to me about this one is that it kind of subverts the standard line that we hear and you see so many capsule wardrobes that are minimalist and style and also tend to be really neutral and this online course is by budget bohemian her name is Monica she seems like a really cool person and so I'm excited to actually take her course a lot of people have published guides and processes you can go through to help you create your capsule wardrobe but this is the first one where there's an instructor guiding you along the way so I'm very much looking forward to seeing how that goes and how my what I learned from one dressed one month which is that I like modeling my outfits after my favorite films I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out in my newest capsule wardrobe that I'll be creating in this course so I'd really love you guys to let me know what you think let me know if this is something you'd ever try if I didn't answer any of your questions I hope I got them all and I hope you'll consider following me on Instagram since as a professor during the academic year it's a lot easier for me to keep up with posting on Instagram than making a video okay guys I'll talk to you later again if you're new to my channel and you thought this video was interesting if you have ideas of things you'd like me to make videos about in the future comment down below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and I hope to see you again soon my little darlings Sotheby's Institute of Art.