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4……………………………………………………………………...The Search for a GM 6…....Defenceman Jamie McBain signs two-year, $3.6M deal with Hurricanes 8……………………………………………….Justin Bieber gets booed off the ice 9...Montreal Canadiens players looking forward to new coach Michel Therrien 10…………………………………………………………….Should there be fighting in hockey 12…………….…………………………………………………………………..Questions with Bill

13………………………………………………………………….John goes at it again 14…………………………………………………………………………………….Game 7 16…………………………………………..Are hockey players paid too much?

17….Devils can't get enough rubber at Lundqvist in 3-0 loss in Game 1

How to Take a Slap shot The slap shot is one of the most effective techniques in hockey. It is very easy to learn but hard to master.

Slap shot key points Weight transfer: weight transfer plays a huge role in the slap shot, the idea is to shift all your weight in the direction of the shot. This puts more power and energy into it. Accuracy over power: It is better to be accurate then to shoot the puck 100 mph, you will never score a goal if you cannot hit the net! The perfect shot is about 11-14 inches off the ice, just over the goalies pad. Stay low and load the stick: your stick should always make contact with the ice before the puck. (3-5 inches before) this puts a load on your stick and gives the puck more velocity. Follow Through: A very simple rule and tip for an accurate slap shot is the follow through.

The Search For a GM The Montreal Canadiens search for a new General Manager ended on May 2, 2012, when they hired Marc Bergevin. One of the other possibilities for the job was Patrick Roy, but did not end up taking the job because he is currently coaching Quebec Remparts.

Marc Bergevin was the assistant GM of the Chicago Blackhawks until he accepted the job as the new GM of the Montreal Canadiens. Marc is 46 years old and has 20 seasons in the NHL under his belt, as well as a former scouting director, and assistant coach. Geoff Molson, the teams president, says "We feel we have selected an individual with the potential to lead our organization in the future," Molson said at the news conference. "We were looking for a candidate with very strong leadership capability, great communication skills at all levels and someone with a clear determination and commitment to winning."

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Defenceman Jamie McBain signs two -year, $3.6M deal with Hurricanes

RALEIGH, N.C. - Defenceman Jamie McBain has signed a new two-year contract with Carolina Hurricanes worth US$3.6 million. The club announced Monday that McBain will get $1.7 million next season and $1.9 million in 2013-14. The 24-year-old led all Hurricanes defencemen with 19 assists and 27 points last season, his third in the NHL. Carolina drafted the University of Wisconsin product in the second round (63rd overall) in the 2006 draft. "Jamie is still a very young player who has established himself as an NHL defenceman," Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford in a statement. "He moves the puck well and has shown that he can contribute offensively, especially on the power play."

Justin Bieber gets booed off the ice Last night at the Devils vs. Rangers game in New Jersey, Justin Bieber was singing the National Anthem and the crowd was clearly not impressed with him. Justin forgot the words halfway through and immediately the crowd started booing him, enough to make him just walk off. “ I just couldn't remember the words” says Justin “As soon as I got to that part I just blanked. It was not nice for the crowd to reacted in that way.” This is not the first time Justin Bieber has sang the American National Anthem, so it is a surprise that he forgot the words.

Montreal Canadiens players looking forward to new coach Michel Therrien MONTREAL - Montreal defenceman P.K. Subban thinks the Canadiens can finally move forward now that Michel Therrien has been named head coach. Subban and some of his teammates were at a gala Canadian Grand Prix cocktail and fundraiser on Thursday night when asked about Therrien. "This is a part of the processâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the part of growing a championship team, building a winning team," said Subban. "He's got the experience at this level obviously, coaching in Montreal and working with great players." Subban took it as a compliment when Therrien called him a thoroughbred on Tues</body> day as the new coach was introduced at a media conference. "I'm looking forward to see what I can learn from him, he's got a lot to offer and it's going to be up to me to soak it all in and be there like a sponge and soak it all in," said Subban on Thursday. Habs forward Louis Leblanc admits he doesn't know Therrien very well, but noted that the coach did well with the Pittsburgh Penguins from 2005 to 2009. "I'm very eager to get to know him," said Leblanc. David Desharnais described Therrien as a hard worker who wants to have a winning team. "He's got a lot of discipline," said Desharnais. "So it's going to be very good for us." Tickets to the gala fundraiser cost $1,000 each, with proceeds going to two Montreal children's hospitals.

Should There be Fighting in Hockey? Yes there should be fighting in hockey, because it is apart of the game, it gets the crowd into it, and pumps up the players as well. If there wasn't fighting in the game then there would be a lot more work for the officials to try and break them up all the time. Hockey would be a whole different sport without it, fighting really sets the pace in a hockey game. Some people might argue that it is just a waste of time and people get hurt, well then you aren't a true fan of the sport and hockey just isn't for you. Taking fighting out of hockey would be like taking the net out of a volleyball game, you are getting rid of the key feature.

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1. Hey, Bill should fighting be banned in the NHL? Well first, then that’s not hockey we’re watching a bunch a guy’s staking back and forth. What are we babies, fighting is a part of the game because the players need to take out there anger. 2. Hi, Chad who deserves to win the Stanley Cup? That’s an easy one the LA kings. They have been the best team down this playoff stretch. The players that needed to step up did. The D-line has been strong and most of all without Jonathan Quick they would be going nowhere fast. In my mind they have the best chance to take it.

John goes at it again John Trotorella was fired up like he usually is but, this time it was different. He was making a scene about a call that one of his players was getting. Peter Deboer was yelling just as John was because peter wants the Rangers player to serve more time than just two minutes. All of a sudden you saw the two coaches yelling at each other, what’s new. All you heard from the two coaches were words like “what the heck is wrong with your team” and “that was a cheap shot’. John Trotorella has been scene doing this before, for one the year alone John lost 500000000 dollars this year. So this wasn’t anything new for him. Hey he was doing the right thing standing up for his player. It’s the heat of the game that gets to you, sometimes you just can’t keep it all bottled up anymore.

Game 7 Game 7 for the Plum Coulee Express and wow what a game. One to one and still plenty of hockey still to play. The express were battling off the Morden Redskins for the championship. It was a back and forth battle and there was no room for mistakes. All of a sudden number 6 for express takes the puck down the boards and he’s the redskin’s zone. Then they express make three great passes and end it with a goal. Alright end of two and plum coulee is up 2-1. Going into the third the express feel good about them self’s and that’s where things start to fall apart. First the redskins make a break away pass and finish on it. Well tie game and still 5 minutes left in the game. “All we need is one goal” yells the coach. So the express put on the pressure but, the redskin’s goalie was on top of his game stopping all 10 shots he faced in the last 5 minutes. After that all you heard was the horn ending. Overtime they went for the second time this playoff run. The puck dropped and all you heard was stake blades and hockey sticks slapping against each other. All of a sudden the puck got knocked off one of the mordens players stick and one of the express guy was right there to pick it up and down the ice he went and on the other side was one of his players, so they had a two on one going the other way. Down the ice they went and passed back and forth until one of the express players saw an opening are ripped the puck on net. All you could see and hear was fans cheering and players throwing the stuff off because they won the cup!

Are hockey players paid too much? NO way because really if you look at where they get their money from it’s from all sponsors not from playing hockey. Hockey players should get more money because they deserve it. The only way a player is getting money is from his production level. If they’re not a good hockey player then they won’t make as much as someone who is a 30 plus goal scorer. A hockey player makes money on how well he plays and how many goals they score. For example: Dustin Penner makes 4.2 million a year and Sidney Crosby makes 8 million a year. Why you my ask, Well I’ll tell you why. Penner doesn’t score 30 goals or more in a year but, Crosby does that’s why. It’s all on how well

Devils can't get enough rubber at Lundqvist in 3-0 loss in Game 1 NEW YORK, N.Y. - If the New Jersey Devils are going to have any chance against the New York Rangers, they need to do more than find a way to beat Henrik Lundqvist. Pete DeBoer's team has to get shots past the five guys in front of the Rangers' goaltender. Lundqvist stopped 21 shots in his fifth career playoff shutout and his teammates prevented another 26 attempts from even reaching him in a 3-0 victory on Monday night in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. "That's the way they play," said Devils captain Zach Parise after New Jersey's four-game post-season winning streak was snapped. "They play very defensive, They block a lot of shots. We expect that for the rest of the series." If the Devils had any doubts about the Rangers' willingness to block shots, New York forward Derek Stepan put them to rest in the opening period when he went down to block a blast from the point by Ilya Kovalchuk. Stepan limped to the bench and bent over in pain, but the tone was set. The Rangers time after time threw their bodies in front of Devils shots. "They were blocking a lot of shots, but we know that's the way they play," Kovalchuk said. "We have to find the lanes. We'll see what we didn't do right tomorrow morning and we'll be better next game." Kovalchuk said blocking shots is nothing new for the Rangers. They did it all season in posting the best record in the conference. "We had a couple of great chances in the second period and he (Lundqvist) kept them in the game. That's not a big deal. We'll see what we did wrong and we'll do better." One thing Kovalchuk said the Devils can do is fake some shots, skate a little and find the opening so the puck reaches the goaltender. Devils goalie Martin Brodeur joked about the wall that seemingly was in front of Lundqvist. "From my view I saw him about 10 minutes because there were so many Rangers players in front of him," Brodeur deadpanned. After a split second, he finished the thought. "He played pretty well," said Brodeur, who gave up two goals on 27 shots, with his best save being a head-first diving stop on Marc Staal on a rebound attempt with the Devils down 1-0 in the third period by Dan Girardi. Girardi goal was set up when a dump-in by Michael Del Zotto jumped over the stick of Bryce Salvador and rookie Chris Kreider beat Marek Zidlicky to the puck. He found Girardi at the point for a bomb that Brodeur never saw. "I thought both goalies played well," DeBoer said. "Like I said, I think whoever was going to score first tonight was going to win. And they threw a point shot at the net that found a way through. We threw a lot of those at the net, too, and didn't find one through." Kreider stretched the lead to 2-0 with 8 minutes to play, and Artem Anisimov added an empty-net goal. Parise said the Girardi goal took the wind out of the Devils, who were playing their first game in almost a week. "It did more so than it had in the other series," Parise said. "We had that breakdown and it just felt like we kind ofâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;I don't want to say stopped playingâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but didn't play as well after that first goal."

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