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Polynesian Tribal Tattoos - Comparison Regarding Maori And Samoan Tattoos Polynesian tribal body art are made up of extremely intricate and detailed designs following an ancient art. Some of the most typical Polynesian tat fine art are the Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori and Aztecs. They each have their particular tribal styles which are identifiable to them. In the following paragraphs , we will be discussing the 2 most prominent types - the Maori and Samoan. Maori tattoos have been around for over thousand years and had been originally practiced through the native Maoris of recent Zealand. They are very distinctive and have their own identity compared to the Polynesian counterparts. They are characterized by individual outlines and repetition regarding certain motifs and designs. They can be described as fundamentally curve linear and mostly based on spirals. The original practice has been called moko which is extremely painful as it is done by carving skin with chisels rather than being punctured. This symbolizes status and rank in the culture and are usually completed of the face, upper thighs and buttocks. Today , this of course is not the usual practice any longer as modern skin image artists used this particular early patterns as inspirations. If one wants an authentic Maori tattoo theme, he has to find an artist who focuses primarily on it. Samoan body art are called tatatau with ta which means to strike with tatau referring to the line and motifs that are inked onto the body. They are characterized by the dense shading and great parallellines combined with many motifs and mathematical patterns like pieces , dots and rectangles. This is very significant to the Samoans as they are symbols to identify their standing in the society. They usually covered the large area of the body like the again , legs and arms. They are definitely an ethnic sign , a true symbol that certain is of Samoan heritage and identity to those who are true to this statement. Click Here To Find Out More

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos - Comparison Regarding Maori And Samoan Tattoos