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The Word of God1 (Translated by I.A.) Sons, you are not from an earthly mother, but rather you are born of a spiritual mother. Your eyes did not see when God sent bread into your house. Keep well into your mind, for there is not freedom that it was once. There are locks put on the little churches. (Locked by the communist regime, red. note2.) At each little gate there is still a little pathway. Oh, how the doors were open once and you were entering and were not frightened! Oh, children of Jerusalem, oh, children of the city which is coming! It was told spiritually that the time will come when we are free again. Oh, do not seek without this work, for I want to unlock with you. You are a lump of salt that will salt this whole earth. You are the key of this age at the end. The Lord is keeping it. But to whom did I give this key? See that you do not know if you do not read the Law? For it is written on the big calendar which I left. Come to your senses as this work is not seen well, but the time will come when it is seen greatly and well for this is the house of Zacchaeus, and know that some of you will enter and others will not enter, for the Lord prepared a place which will not be as those on earth, for the last time is coming. If you do not believe, know that you will not inherit this earth. ... Son, undress of the old clothes and put on the new ones, for the Lord will come to you and will lift you up on the clouds of the sky. (See selection topic: “The rapture of the Church3”, r.n.) If you are into the house, get out from the house on hearing these words. If you are in the field, let the field on hearing this whisper. Get up and follow Me. If you are up on the house, do not come down and do not take anything from your house. Come! On My whispers, get up! Son, hurry up and come after Me! If you are in My services, this is what I allow you; to ask from Me blessing for your journey, for at My whispers all the hell is groaning, and at My words all the hell is afraid for at My calling all the hell will rise. But be careful, Christian, on how you are to leave, for your relatives will get into your way and will stop you. Say to them nothing of My whispers. You come after Me. You know on how that time will be, as even the most beloved friend will keep you so that you may be late. Do not be a slacker for I will call you the son after My own heart and I will love you as I have never loved anyone else. I will name you above the day of the resurrection. I will name you above the day of your birth. I will name you above the birth of the first man. Come to Me, the one in the plan, the man from the symbol, you man from the nowadays time, who did not forget all that has been worked out, who did not forget your Father, whose name is God, and followed Me with all that you had and nothing broke you from the holy truth. Come to Me, for you will feel so good when I call you!

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… I have fed you seventy times seven with milk and not with earthly milk, but with spiritual milk, for I have fed you more than your son who sat next to Me. I have fed you so much and I put a bracelet on your hand, so that this world may know you. Keep well Christian, for you have food at Me, for you have drink at Me. Remember My feast which I celebrate, for My feast has not been in any time such as now, as now the cattle (The churches, r.n.) are barren but when they calve they will give us so much milk. … My people, I have given you bread, but do not say that I have not given you. My people, I have given you water, but do not say that I have not given you. My people I have given you life; receive life from Me. My people enter My ship and do not say that it is not the time. My people for what sin did you fall into the sword of Pharaoh? (By the communist regime sword, r.n.) … My son, for what did God come to you? Was it that your sin and your iniquity may be allowed? What is the marriage for? This graft is from the foundation of the Most High, and I told you and I am telling you: give birth to sons in the spirit and not in the body, for otherwise, I will not call you the Christian according to My law, rather I will call you Christian against Me. We cannot reconcile on this word; I cannot be reconciled with you having no restraint. Son, if you succeed in My work, you will see the secret of the son; you will see all the things placed and will see all the secrets into My things. … I have remained with the people of Israel, but with its remnant, not with those that I took out from the bondage of Pharaoh, but with the sons of the sons of their nation, so that they may inherit the country of Canaan. Oh, My people, we do not have so much time, and that is why the work is short. My word in front of the people is like the rod of Aaron. … Oh, come closer to Me, Romanian country, because if you do not listen to Me, a sign from Me will remain into you as it had remained as a memory from the emperors’ monasteries. Approach Me, Romanian army, as the children who are coming are not from Me, they are not with Me, because God will break down the earthly school and will rise church if there is obedience. God will spoil conception of the infants, if there is obedience among the Romanian army, as I have taken grafting for you and I put grafting from the beginning, so that the unborn remain risen. If I succeed in it, it will be all right, as it is written in the prayer «on earth as it is in heaven», without sin. Keep your faith, as a lot of it is spoiled. The world believes in God, but sins a lot. Be close to the work of today. Let no one carry out his plan according to his will, but rather all may carry out their plan according to God’s will. A Christian should not live with his wife at his will, but rather let him live only according to God’s will. It is written in the law about the one who spoils the word of God. That one God names his enemy. Be very careful, Israel, as it was for you that the law came down from the Mount of Sinai. If I succeed in doing this with you, I will make this land a heaven for you; the eternal life will be on it; you will be the sons of heavenly Eden. Subject yourselves to the heavenly will, My sons. Oh, hear Me, you, New Jerusalem! What say you, will you go without sin? Make no mistakes, My son, in order to be able to succed with you, to give you the Orthodox-



Christian country in use. (See selection topic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan4”, r.n.) Oh, I have spoken this way because of My love for you. Christian, when I am with you, you walk with Me. When I am with you do not fail. Restrain yourself son, and restrain your members, for I am always with you. Restrain son, for the enemy is coming over you if you do not do as I do. Listen to Me, for I am the one who stand against your enemy. Let the news spread to all My people. And be careful so that the dogs of the heathen may not bark at you. Sons, the time for the new covenant has come, for someone among the Christians say that God has come to get married. I have come with righteousness and I have not found a virgin boy or a virgin girl that do not want to get married bodily, but I have come out of the God’s law. Oh, today nobody is called Romanian, except the Christian one. He may be a German, an Indian, but if he is a Christian, he is a Romanian. Peace to the Romanian people! Peace to you, My people! … Oh, Verginica, if you look into the Holy Scripture, you will find how David and Matthew, the evangelist, prophesied and how it was worked out and how it is worked out today through the Holy Spirit. Oh, My daughter, many prophecies have been discovered and still people do not understand. Verginica, this vessel which you see, has been since the beginning of the law until now. This vessel is put in front of the Christians, in front of the priests, but in a hidden way, and is being discovered only in parables. Blessed is he who has known the plan of God and who has used his skill, for who washed his life into this vessel, that one became worthy and entered the kingdom of God, and today it has been discovered to the children of Israel this holy vessel, and who is washing into this vessel, will become worthy to enter the tabernacle of God in the Church of the New Jerusalem. This is what the Holy Spirit is speaking, for this tabernacle is also called the church of the Christians, the church of the New Jerusalem, and this vessel is called the vessel of washing of the tabernacle, of the church of the Christians, so that anyone who wants to come to this vessel to worship by himself to God, he should wash first, as the Christian is not allowed to have friendship with unbelievers, for the Lord speaks, “I will not sit with unbelievers.” … Tell, Verginica, to the Christians, that God says so: whoever wants to enter this tent, let him wash his sins first. Verginica, Verginica, as the non-baptized Christians could not enter into the heavenly kingdom long ago, today the man who is not penitent cannot enter this tent too, the tent which is the church of The New Jerusalem. (See selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets5”, r.n.) 4

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… Keep well, Verginica, all that you have, for My work is upright. … Verginica, you tell, My daughter, to this people to whom I have spoken, that the Lord put them a question: why do you not listen to My advice? I called them the sons of the New Jerusalem, the daughters of the New Jerusalem, the people of the holy tabernacle, the people of the New Jerusalem, but they are full of dirt even now, after such a long time of prophesying. I, the Lord, have been working great mysteries with people but not for the benefit of the body, rather for the benefit of the Holy Spirit, as the body is dust and clay but the spirit is immortal. If I am to take it from the man’s building until now, there have been only God’s mysteries, but in this time the things have not been discovered. Today I have taken grafts from all the works that have been worked from the beginning, to unite them together, that is the beginning with the end, but it is difficult to Me to bind them together as the end has been estranged from the beginning. … Oh, Verginica, say, you beloved, to the Christians how do you see Me, the Lord, working only mysteries and only heavenly works, and crowds upon crowds of peoples have estranged from the truth, listening to the deceiving spirits. Verginica, in My vessel that you have seen, are all the mysteries of God and all the symbols, all the parables and all the works that I have been worked out, and the talks with the prophets, from the beginning of the world until this day. … Verginica, remind the people of the present marriage, that the men of nowadays, compared to the ones then, have a strange life. This sin is a great burden to My journey now. We still have a graft which I have not worked out and through this graft you will be known among the sons of men that you are My disciples, and by this graft all the nations will confess your true faith and many nations will come to faith and, together with My people, they will inherit the eternal kingdom, forever and ever. … Oh, well you Romanian people, Romanian people, the Lord has come for you from the holy heaven to do with you what has been left to be worked. Why, My people, you are still slow to believe? Why are you slow to repent? Is it not My coming written now? Are you not written in the law about this holy work? Why are you still slow to believe? Why are you slow in coming to Me? I say to you, Romanian people, that the foreigners will come from afar, but you, a palm of land, you are slow to come. Do you not reckon that other Christians from abroad, have left the rest and their courtyards, their women and their sons, and have travelled in a foreign country seeking the Lord, Jesus Christ? But you do not want to leave



anything. Behold, I left the heaven and I have come to your villages, where it is written, but expensive will be the price of My coming to you. What other work should I do beside this work of coming back to the man for his sin? What work is to be beside this? Who has not heard and not wonder? And who did not hear and not wonder? Who does not take into account and not be frightened? The Lord has come again on earth; he has come into the Holy Spirit. How is the fear not to seize you? Heart of stone, how are you staying in numbness? Even the dead groan in their graves because of horror. Romanian people, wake up! Why are you staying any longer? It is daytime, not night. Why are you sleeping? The hour is late. Come, Romanian people, why are you slow in coming? Are you really not in my plan? ‌ For this I bow down to this little daughter, (Through which the Lord speaks, r.n.) to make you sons and daughters of the New Jerusalem. Is this not really a mystery? ‌ Verginica, I put an end to this speech and I bless with a holy blessing this letter, which gives a share from My works to all, and give it in front of the people. Amen, amen, amen. 07-01-1966

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… Tell, Verginica, to the Christians, that God says so: whoever wants to enter this tent, let him wash his sins first. Verginica, Verginica,...