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The Word of God1 (Translated by I.A.) … Children, do not be frightened, for the fearful will not enter the kingdom of God. My Spirit, who is doing the work, has been on guard so that you may not be fearful. I was not fearful. The saints have not been fearful. Put on the garment of faith. Did you understand? Oh, if I put My vessel (Through which the Lord speaks, red. note2.) into the fire, and I will not let you until I show you, until I give you light, for the light will perish and you will be light, My people. I tell you do not pray reluctantly. It is the time of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is working invisibly; (See topic: “Antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) he has servants who are running from man to man and tell him to leave God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Oh, My people, do not forsake Me, and I will not forsake you as well. Oh, My children, be strong, for now I have told you who you fight with. Behold, take the sword into your hand, for those without the sword are not strong, for look, the king had the commandment not to touch the oil, (Faith and God’s love, r.n.) but he broke the commandment; he touched. Do you understand? Oh, My children, who still keep My commandments, beware so that the stamp may not be put on your hand or on your forehead (The stamp on the membership card of the Romanian Communist Party, r.n.) for look, My little church is empty, and those who come, one percent, is good; the rest are dirty and filthy. But the entertainment lounges are full. Oh, where is the world for which I was crucified; the world for which I am carrying the cross, for which I am carrying the crown of thorns? Where are the sons for whom I cried on the cross? The devil is boasting with them that they are doing his will. He was not crucified, he did not suffer. He does evil to all and they still love him and do his dirty will. I suffer pain from this earth which is full of aborted and thrown away children! All creatures and animals, which live on earth, are wiser than mothers, wiser then the parents who do these dirty, filthy and outrageous things. The family of doctors has turned into butchers. Women are sitting in a row as for bread waiting for their turn. How can I further look at this earth, filthy with innocent blood? Behold, the devil is a butcher and urges the world, and the world listens; thousands and millions of souls are butchered in an hour. Here is another sin: man has given up bread and feeds on fire. I turned into a dove and I met a man on the road who said to another: “Give me a fire, for I have not eaten bread since yesterday, but I cannot give up tobacco.” I cannot come down to make a guess; I did not come to guess. Sons, many comes with icons and with pictures at the head of My vessel and say to tell them too, if they marry or are given in marriage, but I did not come to marry or to be given in marriage. Let these pictures at the head of My vessel disappear, for I will put fire on those who carry these. I came with a body too. Now I have come with the Spirit to urge to suffer in your body, to suffer all that I say to you; abstinence, stopping from doing wrong, from drunken-

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God’s Word in Romania Redactor (editor) note



ness, from fornication, from greed, from arrogance and pride; in a word, from everything that is evil. The kingdom of God is taken by force. No one can take it otherwise but by force; the same way the saints of God have been taking it. Sons, I want you to be holy; they go to God and say: “How long God, until we meet your chosen ones?” Sons, get ready for the meeting. My children, the church is being locked, all the books are being gathered and burned. My children, this king gathers everything. (The Communist regime, r.n.) Oh, well children, the devil has never planted any of good fruit tree, but rather bad fruit trees. The devil comes and enters the church, but you, now, are not seeing him, but you will see him too, him and all of his bad work and dirty filth. The women go to church muttering, not praying, rather chanting and spellbinding, to cheat and lead astray from the truth. Here, the devil has herds of sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, heifers, geese and ducks. Where did he get them from? From the world, sons. What will you say, man? That all these you gave to the devil? They were theirs and you used them. Untie them by praying. It is sin to eat and drink from what you gave to the devil. It is sin to use the things given to the evil one. Untie them by confession. I have come down to purify the gold. I have come to separate gold from the metal. Why sons, the gold has mixed with the metal? Oh, I have come down only in the mountains with snow. The wind is blowing and throwing the snow over Me. … Son, you have come with the trug at the spring. Let you leave with it full; leave with your heart filled. … Children, the gates of heaven are opened to the hinges. Behold, the thief on the cross has received the heaven. The thief repented but the man does not want. Oh, your deeds cause you to be deprived from all the gifts lowered from above, from the Father of the lights. Sons, learn the Scriptures by heart, for all the books will be gathered and you will remain with what you have learned. (Under the communist regime it was forbidding to own the Bible, r.n.) I need righteous young people, and you, men, leave your desires, for you cannot get above with all things of the world, fleshly and worldly. You preachers keep to the cleanness; if you can live in cleanness. Oh, soul, why have you got angry? I did not oblige you, but who can, he does well. Do not get upset. The man is free to do whatever he wants, but who wants to fulfill the cleanness, that one will see the place what he has been prepared. As for the grumblers, here is what I say: from Saturday evening until Monday morning do not touch sin. It is great sin to defile the day of joy and celebration. Buy yourselves a little coat. Oh, that you do not want to be holy! At the church and at prayer you should leave your crop fields, plough lands, chores and you will see that you will gather much. Behold, I have not given rain because of the sins of the world, and the ground has remained dry. Your fruit trees do not yield fruits because of your sins. My mother prayed and is praying to Me to give rain so that the cattle and birds may not die, for they are without sin, but concerning man it would not be even a drop of water on earth, and what would you do, man, you who say that you are everything and can do everything? Here, children, there is a high water and on it a woman is ridding and she has a cup in her hand and from the cup all the kings of the earth will drink; the one past and those to come.



… Sons, the priest Ioan from Vladimireşti (The monastery which was closed by the communist regime) is only skin and bones into the cell in Aiud. (One of the most terrible prisons of the communist regime in Romania, r.n.) He has nothing but little flesh on him and the other wonder at him. He is there in the prison and feeds the souls with food. He has two hundred and seventy souls who are praying for him. Oh, how hard work he endured! Not even thieves or murderers have undergone so many labors that a Christian has, but to those who suffer for me I give numbness so that they may not feel the pains, burns and blows. Look at Verginica, my vessel, how many she suffered: how many burns, stings and blows! But I gave her power to be successful, for it was a commander (From Security, r.n.) who was crying to her that it horrified her. Sons, children, when you see the desolate city, I knock at your door. Which is the desolate city? Oh, it is faith, children. When the faith will grow cold, the evil one comes, is ready. Sons, on the whole world it is only smoke. Children, I have sown wheat and there on earth it is more tobacco. Where does this seed come from? It is from Satan; he has sown it. See that this taste may not come over you. See that you do not poison yourselves. Well children, do not care more about your bodies than to your souls. 07.06.1958 The Word of God … I have come down from heaven to earth but if you want Me to talk to you, tame your hearts. I look and see that your hearts have been hardened. There is no fiddler to play to you; it is none. If you have come for something like this, it is not, and if you do not believe that I am, once you will see, that the same way I descended once in a body to heal the bodies, the same way I have descended now in Spirit to heal the souls. Sons, I have not come to strike with the rod, rather to heal the sick souls. Today I am speaking gently to you, in the Spirit, but tomorrow I will come and speak to you with thunders and thunderbolts so that the earth will be shaken. … Behold My children, I detest coming down in a vessel, that this I found cleansed and washed, and at My word it will be cleansed. I became gentle after the man’s will. I pour out water with a bucket to the flowers with the crowd. … Here are the last days. Sons, come to Me, for I have where to take you; the gates are open to the hinges. Come to Me, for I have what to feed you on. Come all of you, for I have every kind of relishes. Oh, I see in your midst some infants. Well, come to Me, children! Sons, those fourteen thousands of infants who were sacrificed for Me, all have bugles and praise My name. See why it is so great joy on that day of Christmas; therefore I make bagels which are shared. The same way you rejoice, likewise those in heaven rejoice. … I am not scented as you use to be. I am not speaking of you all; I only speak about some of you. Leave luxury and pride, for they are greatly abhorred by Me. … I have come to seek the lost sheep. Here, you lose the sheep, the cow or the goat, are seeking it and say: “May the wolves eat you!” if you do not find it anymore. Oh, how about if I did the same to you and say: “Only if I find you no more!”…



…Son, you got upset because you did not have a job, but I had not coat, no money, no crop fields, no fortune and I lived too. Oh, of you have faith, you would have gold to sit on it, and you would have all you need to live with, the way I like, not as the world does, with pride and with rich food that spoil. … I have a Lamb which was sacrificed. Who is this? Jesus Christ was sacrificed for the whole breath and for the whole human kind, but few come to Him, few believe in his sacrifice without blood. 08.06.1958

Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor). You can see more documents containing the word of God here: The second coming of Jesus Christ: g#list The word of God in Romania: list Prophecies about New Jerusalem: #list




1958.06.07&08 - The word of God  

I suffer pain from this earth which is full of aborted and thrown away children! All creatures and animals, which live on earth, are wiser t...

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