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Asphodel & Edelweiss

iwe wokondedwa. .‫ بوبحم تنأ‬Vous ê ‫ هد هنیم هرس ا‬Ko bon tangiraki. .‫س اتس‬

yangi. .‫ دیتسه قشاع امش‬Тебя любят ewe unapendwa. Tiri Kmin. நீ காதலிக ርስዎ ይወዳሉ። Sen adamlar tarapyndan s iwe wokondedwa. .‫ بوبحم تنأ‬Vous ê ‫ هد هنیم هرس ا‬Ko bon tangiraki. .‫س اتس‬

ебя любят. 你是被爱的。 Unodiwa. ඔ min. நீ காதலிக்கப்படுகிறாய். Ol manme pyndan soyülyaň. .‫ ںیہ بوبحم پآ‬Siz se s êtes aimé. သင်ချစ်ကြသည်။ Anda dik ‫ هد هنیم هرس‬Wewe ni akaramata. ፍቕሪ

юбят. 你是被爱的。 Unodiwa. ඔබ ආද கப்படுகிறாய். Ol manmeri i laikim yu tru ‫ ںیہ‬Siz sevgansiz. Ndiwe wokondedw dikasihi. .‫ هد هنیم هرس اتس‬Ko bon tang

êtes aimé. သင်ချစ်ကြသည်။ Anda dikas ‫ هد هنیم هرس‬Wewe ni akaramata. ፍቕሪ ኣ

т. 你是被爱的。 Unodiwa. ඔබ ආදරය க்கப்படுகிறாய். Ol manmeri i laikim yu tr soyülyaň. .‫ ںیہ بوبحم پآ‬Siz sevgansiz êtes aimé. သင်ချစ်ကြသည်။ Anda dikas ‫ هد هنیم هرس‬Wewe ni akaramata. ፍቕሪ ኣ To the instructors and mentors who changed my life: Chelsea Gambles Stephanie Flores Russell Wrankle Kate Beaudoin Faye Bordbar Katie Englert Jayci Hacker Derek Payne Deb Snider Ben Kirkby Sam Davis Bill Tobler Meri Page

ඔබ ආදරය කර ඇත.

Wewe unapendw eri i laikim yu tru. እርስዎ ይወዳሉ። Sen ad evgansiz. Ndiwe wokondedwa. .‫حم تنأ‬ kasihi. .‫ هد هنیم هرس اتس‬Ko bon tangir ሪ ኣለካ። Kamu disayangi. .‫سه قشاع امش‬

දරය කර ඇත.

Wewe unapendwa. Ti u. እርስዎ ይወዳሉ። Sen adamlar tarapynda wa. .‫ بوبحم تنأ‬Vous êtes aimé. သင်ခ giraki. .‫ هد هنیم هرس اتس‬Wewe ni akara

Asphodel & Edelweiss

Lawrence "La Simmie Willia Lance Neve Steven Parris Jeremy Wagg Angie Zapata Nahkia Willia Gwen Araujo Tony Randolp Nizah Morris Nima Daivari Terrianne Summers Ruby Molina Sakia Gunn Melvin Whist Richie Phillips Lateisha Gre Nireah Johnson Taysia Elzy Brandie Coleman Michael Hunt Glenn Kopitske Nathan Runk Emonie Spaulding Caprice Curr Scotty Joe Weaver Efosa Agbont Daniel Fetty Branden McG Ronnie Antonio Paris Dummett James Maestas Michael Gouc Jason Gage Marc Bosaw Emanuel Xavier Josh Kehoe Kevin Aviance Bobby Danie Michael Sandy Carl Joseph W Andrew Anthos Justin Goodw Ryan Keith Skipper Patti Hammo Ruby OrdeĂąana August Provo Roberto Duncanson Dee Green Sean William Kennedy Jason Mattis Steven Domer Mariah Malin Nathaniel Salerno Myra Chanel Stacey Brown Amanda Gon Ebony Whitaker Toni Alston Duanna Johnson Dana A. "Cha Ashley Sweeney Sanesha Stewart

Clay Anderson Richard Delaunay Allen Schindler Brandon Teena Scott Amedure Chanelle Pickett, Roxanne Ellis Michelle Abdill Robert Allen Taylor Fred Mangione Kenneth Stern Steven Charles Julianne Williams Rick Hunter Lollie Winans John Hanson Nick Moraida Robert Altom Howard Efland Matthew Shepard Charlie Howard Robert Hillsborough Rebecca Wight Billy Jack Gaither Dick Button Gary Matson Claudia Brenner Harvey Milk Tommy Lee Trimble Winfield Mowder George Moscone John Lloyd Griffin Steen Fenrich Tennessee Williams Venus Xtravaganza Sissy "Charles" Bolden Terry Knudsen Arthur "J.R." Warren James Zappalorti Danny Overstreet Julio Rivera Fred Martinez Paul Broussard Gary Raynall Philip Walsted Rodney Velasquez

arry" King ams Jr.

Sandy Woulard sh "la Reina" goner Bryan Almonte a Brian Cepeda ams Victoria Carmen White Charlie Hernandez ph Hunter Stacey Blahnik Lee Dee Dee Pearson i Joshua Wilkerson Githe Goines Chrissie Bates Crain Conaway tlehunt Tyra Trent JaParker "Deoni" een Kevin Pennington Jones Chrissy Lee Polis Cody Rogers t Rosita Hernandez Tyrell Jackson kle CeCe McDonald Michael Hunter y Lashai Mclean Coko Williams taen Camila Guzman Paige Clay Gillvery- Cameron Nelson Eric Unger t Shelley Hilliard Max Pelofske cher Danny Vega Cassidy Nathan Vickers

Jipsta Britney Cosby Crystal Jackson Ahmed Said, Dwone AndersonYoung Taja DeJesus Ron Lane Mercedes Williamson Michael Phillips Ally Steinfeld Blaze Bernstein Ta'Ron 'Rio' Carson Amia Tyrae

Throughout human history, people who have

expressed themselves or loved differently have been subject to discrimination and violence.

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son Jr. na Qualls Ical nzalez-Andujar

anel" Larkin

Kardin Ulysse Mollie Olgin Kristene Chapa Tracy Johnson Tiffany Gooden Kendall Hampton Deja Jones Kyra Cordova Janette Tovar Sondra Scarber Mark Carson Gabriel Fernandez Matthew Fenner Sasha Fleischman

Fish Fudgepacker Janus Marimacho Queer Nancy Rug muncher Bender Nelly Sissy Brownie Pansy Sodomite Bugger Pillow-biter Cola Poofter Deviant Fag hag Fairy

Banci Bencong Cuntboy Dickgirl Hefemale

HeShe Hommasse Ladyboy Bakla Bardash Mahu Batiman Okama Pondan Daffodil Dorian Fairy Shim Faggot Fjolla Tranny Flam Transtrender Flikk Transvestite Flit Trap Fruit

The vernacular has changed as civilizations have transformed,

y a Greek mer Jocker Machobรถg ker Lizzie Moffie Flata Nola Queen Goudou tcake Ponce Shirtlifter Tapette Gouine Tonk Bofe Poove Sod Bollera Lesbo Steamer Viado Bislut Wonk Fauxbian Caminhoneira Swish Lug Dyke Woofter Switch hitter

but many of us have

heard similar sentiments.

“And I, God, created man in mine own image, in the image of mine Only Begotten created I him; male and female created I them.”

“Thou shalt not lie with “And likewise also the mankind, as with womankind:

men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one them. Look how that was the end of the wrongdoers." toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.” “But from the beginning of the them male and female. For this leave his father and mother, an

"And we let rain fall on it is abomination.”

“If a man has sexua with a man as one d woman, both of the done what is detes They are to be put t their blood will be o own heads.”

“Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men” “We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine.” e creation God made s cause shall a man nd cleave to his wife;” “Do you lustfully al relations approach men does with a instead of women? em have No, you are an stable. ignorant people.” to death; on their

“I understa this insane towards ‘un restrooms done to hel who think t “There are women (an versa) but w multiple bathrooms can’t they j throughout the restroo the sex the schools. Make one they are?” set your “I won’t accept anyone being bullied or discriminated transgender against — and that absolutely includes my classmates bathrooms experiencing gender dysphoria. They deserve our love and keep the and support. Even so, my privacy shouldn’t depend on other ones so everyone has what others believe about their own gender.” an option.” “It’s those who will abuse this policy if it’s put in place and then my child is no longer safe in a place she should feel safe.”

and e move nisex’ is being lp men there nd vice why just use oms of “Because children should not be questioning ey think their sexual behavior. Gender is the gender you are born with and no one should try to confuse you into thinking you are a male on the inside of a female body or vice-versa. This gender thing needs to die. It’s pure insanity.”

“Boys and men already have too many advantages over young girls participating in sports. There is absolutely an inherent advantage that boys and men have, and we simply cannot compete. I just want us to keep the playing field fair.”

“I don’t want it in the

“Gender is a term

that was created “Penis or Vagina, bathroom with my child.”

“If people are transgender then they should make schools of transgender and people that are Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Bisexual.”

Only 2 genders. within the last 50 I don’t care about years. Biologically, there are only two people that say they are a gender options - male and that is ridiculous.” female. To claim that sex is fluid is insanity.”

“You can’t know you’re gay if you’ve “My home isn’t open to people “If you ever come around, I’ll never slept put two bullets in your head.” with a woman. like you.” This isn’t the “I don’t know what advice a father we could have done normally for God to have given gives his son, us a fag as a child.” but there are places on the “You know you way to Reno wasn’t born where you can that way. You pay a woman know damn to sleep with good and well you. No strings “That’s not good. you made that attached.” At least not for me.” “Wel choice.” “Since you have chosen that decl “Don’t expect any further conversations With path, we will not support you own. “I’m saying me. No communications at all. I will not come any longer. You will need to Beca you’re lying, to visit, nor do I want you in my house. You’ve move out and find wherever just saying to made your choice though Wrong it may be. you can to live and do what get a grip of God did not intend for this unnatural lifestyle.” you want to, because I will yourself. Do not let people believe that I what you want, condone what you do.” I don’t fucking care anymore.”

“We should just round up all the faggots

ll, I am done with you. As of right now, you are yourself independent. You are on your . Please don’t contact us or your siblings... ause you disgust me” “You’re a damn queer. You’re fucking sick… You’re a disgrace.”

and shoot them.”

Sadly, this hatred for Gender and Sexual Minorities isn’t a thing of the past.

Akyra Monet Murray Jason B. Josaphat Luis O. Ocasio-Capo Alejandro Barrios Martinez Cory J. Connell Juan R. Guerrero Amanda Alvear Luis S. Vielma Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz Anthony L. Laureano Disla Gilberto Ramon S Stanley Almodovar III Enrique L. Rios Jr. Christopher J. Sanfeliz Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez Juan Chevez-Mar Leroy Valentin Fe Jonathan A. Camuy Vega Tevin E. Crosby Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan Mercedez M. Flor Oscar A. Aracena Frank Hernandez Jean C. Nieves Ro Angel L. Candelar Darryl R. Burt II

Silva Menendez rtinez ernandez

Miguel A. Honorato Jerald A. Wright Jean C. Mendez Perez Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado res Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera a-Montero Juan P. Rivera Velazquez z Kimberly Morris odriguez Luis D. Conde rio-Padro Javier Jorge-Reyes Antonio D. Brown Paul T. Henry Simon A. Carrillo Fernandez Edward Sotomayor Jr. Brenda L. Marquez McCool Christopher A. Leinonen Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon Franky J. Dejesus Velazquez Deonka D. Drayton Joel Rayon Paniagua Martin Benitez Torres Eddie J. Justice Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala Shane E. Tomlinson

In 2016, a man open-fired

inside an LGBTQ nightclub, slaughtering 49.

“No other group is so in your face about their cause. A good amount of LGBTQ people shove pride “In my honest opinion, parades in everything in their are extremely annoying and it’s “I’m all for you people get all lives and into others pathetic. So are they gays. Most “Pride m equal rights and everything, too. It’s beyond but not all shove opinions down normal but you are just becoming a annoying. Equality is our throats and bother us to feel normal nuisance already. I respect great and everyone “There is nothing to be bad for them.” all of you that live your lives should support “I have no problem with gay about the founding mem without disturbing the lives it, But this is just people but gay parades are contribute nothing to so of others. There’s no need attention whoring ridiculous. No one cares than heterosexuals eve AT ALL to be so noisy about it.” with how it is now.” what gay people do in private homosexuals, It goes a “I agree that homophobia is extremely but the fact that people are wrong, and do not at all disrespect bringing children to these “Gays sh LGBTQ people, but is it really gay pride parades is immoral with ‘fab necessary to promote homosexuality and wrong. Everyone should nothing f the way it is being done today? These be allowed their own beliefs parades are extremely awkward but shouldn’t feel the need for straight people as they cannot to run around in public acting publicly state disliking without being indecent.” shamed as ‘homophobic.’” “I support gay rights. I support gay marriage. I support the right of folks to do what they want. But I am so damn tired of having an agenda shoved down my throat at every turn. To be frank, The longer that this continues the less and less tolerant I am becoming.”

As flamboyant groups parade through

town every June, it can be easy to think Queer people have achieved equality.

month just irritates citizens and makes the homosexuals look bad.” proud about. LGBT+ people have nothing to be proud mbers of their movement were pedophiles, They ociety, They spread diseases, They abuse more children en though there are far more heterosexuals then against the Gods of not only Christianity but Islam as well.”

hould not be affiliated bulous’ because there’s fabulous about it.”

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong.

“I couldn’t care less about the sexuality of a group of clowns dancing with half naked children whilst wearing ball gags, Pride is just obnoxious and a waste of time. If being gay is the defining trait of this many people, It shows that humanity’s going on a downward spiral. These people should something productive - being gay isn’t that special.”

“If you are gay and have pride keep it to yourself and stop being annoying.”

17.303994, 17.126822, 12.056223, -21.139676, -175.197263 15.308396, -13.850902, -171.748247 13.160226, -21.211684, -159.780483 14.009858, 18.01825, -76.810618 13.104697, 6.801942, 14.714967, 13.454602,

-62.721016 -61.846441 -61.749168 -61.381794 18.080175, -15.974867 -61.223888 9.643590, -13.564309 -60.98752 8.465879, -13.223944 -59.602731 6.316844, -10.806029 -58.150852 33.975973, -6.845608 -17.463099 5.606746, -0.191105 -16.579727 6.130419, 1.233623 36.734282, 3.100831 9.070501, 7.386033 0.415535, 9.465354 36.810745, 10.181026 3.843996, 11.499446 32.889707, 13.191253

12.141665, -22.557355, -1.288091, -15.384348, -3.356783, -17.821667, -26.30488, 30.018475, 4.863414, 15.502163, 0.354226, -13.963037,

15.071858 17.080746 26.806113 28.316954 29.369095 31.036179 31.129627 31.240264 31.569615 32.565023 32.577132 33.765236

31.76736, 33.895768, -6.162689, 33.517702, 55.852309, 8.986211, 15.321138, -11.715402, 15.381545, 33.320552, 2.053705, 24.739118, 29.377257, 35.694329, 25.289953, 24.471596, -20.159422, 37.959627, 23.611444, 34.564697,

35.21756 35.50411 35.742917 36.286311 37.637481 38.734179 38.910528 43.250391 44.205705 44.366819 45.321063 46.684885 47.982896 51.388375 51.521532 54.406107 57.497802 58.310641 58.404361 69.20178

41.305989, 33.700388, 4.175257, 6.888254, 27.470338, 23.814500, 19.766373, 3.143296, 1.367528,

69.221624 73.046211 73.509223 79.912606 89.633327 90.412549 96.081194 101.678729 103.871631

In over 70 countries,

expression of sexuality and gender is illegal.

-6.209194, 4.905796, -9.447655, -9.444475, 1.329007, -8.498115,

106.84866 114.947355 147.177192 159.969852 172.978846 179.193941

“In our country, people are tortured and killed in prisons, schoolchildren are intimidated only because “I wasn’t afraid. The they oppose police have not scared Putin’s regime.” me for a long time.” “They split my eye, my lip, broke my ribs, they electrocuted me ... they put metal clips on my ears. Electrocution is unbearably painful. It felt much worse than normal voltage. The shock makes you want to jump to the ceiling.” “At first, they were just beating me. They punched me and then they hit “He was taken out in handcuffs, me with electric shock. They did forced into a car waterboarding, which was the worst. trunk and taken I really thought they were going to away. The same kill me. They said it would be better day, I quit work, if I was a terrorist than gay.” “It is considered that homosexuality b shame on the family that there is only packed my stuff, the shame away - to kill the person. So everything I are released from prisons because the could carry and know they are going to be killed by the left Grozny.”

If they aren’t attacked by civilians

first, Queers in Russia face steep fines for distributing ‘gay propaganda,’

“I haven’t had a single request on this issue, but if I did, I wouldn’t even consider it. In our Chechen society, any person who respects our traditions and culture will hunt down this kind of person without any help from authorities, and do everything to make sure that this kind of person does not exist “We don’t have those in our society.” kinds of people here. Take them far from us so we don’t have them at home. To purify our blood, if there are any “You cannot arrest and repress those who simply here, take them. They brings such a are devils. They are one way to wash aren’t in the republic. If for sale. They are not ometimes people there were such people in Chechnya, then the law people.” e authorities enforcement agencies e family.” “For us it’s crazy that wouldn’t have to worry about them, as their own someone among us relatives would have sent might be gay. Ask any them to where they won’t Chechen if there is a gay in his family, he will return.” punch you in the face.”

and in the Russian state of Chechnya, they’re actively facing governmentsponsored torture and genocide.

Ashley Daniela Martinez Hani Sana Khan Juliana Ferreira Marilin Andra Mora López Ciara Minaj Carter Frazier Valquiria Bailey Reeves Danielly Ferraz Litzy Hurtado Bee Love Slater Gabriela Ramos Menezes Márcia Rodrigues Pereira Victoria Santos Falcão Monse Jéssica Bracamonte Yuri Gabriel Castro Farias Janet Regina Denise Brown Denisse Hernández Rivero Ana Paula Nicolly Banks Carolinne Dias Lorrane da Silva Pitiele Edleuza Prado Valentina Herrera Guzman Nemer da Silva Rodrigues Melissa Brunely Ja’leyah Jamar Marisa Sánchez “Haitianita” Rogéria Paiva Shokir Shavkatov Dipika Uprety Sabrina Santos Vidal Luana Piovani Patricia Aylen Molina Devora Montolio Roberta “Xirrara” Rodrigues Jessica Gonzaga Mikinho Lima dos Santos Emmanuelle Agostinho da Silva Carol Machado Laura Muñoz Arcila Bruna Torres Laysa Fortuna Karoline Mendonça da Silva Carla Girón Lodoño Brigitte Escalona Escobar Mirna Antonella Di Marzo Gaby Reena Robertha Welmont Moraes Jehangir Dana Martin Elisha Chanel Stanley Yuri Vanesa Salazar López Ana Paula da Costa Ribeiro Hande Şeker Jessa Remiendo B. Alves Gonçalves Ellie Marie Washtock Robertinha Flávia de Oliveira Barros “Manu” “La Joha” González Leal Lorhany Kalarhary Karla Lopez Laureano Camila Diaz Córdova “Auro Sheila Brites Bodago Gabriella Torres Laly Heredia Escobar “Son Dja Santos Perlita de Guerrero Mellyssa Rodrigues dos Sa Maria Cecília Nahomy Alexandra López Orellana “La Pepita”Miriam Rivera Natacha de Oliveira Fábia Ju Dias Amy Griffiths Daniele Azevedo Ana Brenda Zarik Sifuentes Andrade Mikaela Africana Sanhes Sussy Montalván Fabi Cortes Morales Tha Estrella Rajni Jésica Benevidez “Nicky” Lolita Pam Elisângela Tydi Dansbury Yara Serena Camargo Miúda Ma G. Souza Rodrigues Duda Nashley Delgado Segovia Kayla Alves Lau Flávia C. Karliane Vitoria Rodrigues Sheilla Prado Meg Duran Bri Raphaela Souza Luisa Fernanda Hernandez Aysla Souza Samira Morena Ma Ruiva Nancy de Monza Quelly da Silva “Jeninha” Rajathi Pam Fanny Aguiar J.C. Pereira de Lima J. da Silva dos Santos Nathyelly Cruz Ma Karla Fernanda Silva Keanna Mattel “Kelly Stough” Alka V. Barbosa de Aquino La Kate Maikelly de Jesus Barbosa Jéssica Dimy Pamela Sandoval Ramírez Minerva Rubio Fla J. A. Cermeño Medina Victória Landeiro Per Verito Angi García “La Gata” Scarlety Mastroianyy Mirlla Vasques Arcanjo Ren Alondra García Manuel Luna Na Aghata Aylin Hernández Gómez Gabi Blak Pol W. Félix de Oliveira Scarlett Cedeño Zai Sara Miranda de Souza Cai Abril Navarro Salazar Ma Nathacha Ruby Flores Aline da Silva

There are fifteen countries that

criminalize transgender and non-binary gender expression, but even countries without these laws are unsafe.

Leandro Parra Hermosilla Médely Razard Bruna Surfistinha de Freitas Itali Marlowe Paloma Barreto Mhelody Polan Bruno Itzayana López Hernández Yoselin Martín Velasco o Chhaya Júnia Franco Alessandra B.J.P. ora” Lara nia Laly” antos Fabricia de Moura Lima W. Adalí Hernández Rápalo Junu a de Lima Celaya Méndey Yelada ais mela Arenceli Amma Hajjani axim Brizuela ura Gentle Argueta igitte Galván aylla dos Santos mela aria Paula Murillo Reyes Mariposa avia Santana rla nata Spencer zab Abid Shaikh llita Ruiz ira Betancur io Dantas Monteiro ara da Silva

Marisol Montenegro Ashanti Carmon Paty Santos Layleen Cubilette Polanco Xtravaganza Patricia Rafaela dos Santos Rosinha do Beco Camargo Rose Claudia Vera Johana Medina León (“Joa”) Jazzaline Ware Chynal Lindsey Crysllaine Guedes da Silva Fabiola Eduarda Albuquerque Miranda Pilar Ruiz Barbara Mayte Castro Anay Shalu Cecelia Cranko Sandrielly Vasconcelos Chanel Scurlock Kasandra Solórzano Romero Shakira (La Moy) Brenda Plaza Vallejos Pamela Marqueza Alex Milkovich Malaj Islas A. A. Silva Costa Zoe Spears Juju Alana Ferreira Nahara Ainee Khan Angela Paola Fajardo Maycon Clebes dos Reis Sabrina Muhlaysia Booker Dafne Yilmaz Kenia Hilton Michelle ‘Tamika’ Washington Pollyane Weneck Claire Legato Thaylla Rodrigues de Lohane (Jasmine) Nina Surgutskaya Moura Monica Devain Tamara Gala Estefanía Perea Doris Hernandez Becky Reva Desai Brooklyn Lindsey E. dos Santos da Rosa Paris Cameron J.P. Moreno Jessica Gómez Rúa (Pajarita) Britany Maya Natalia Delgado Rubio Jesusa Jessica Haji Noori Elaynne Marques Antonia Laínez Larios Rica Reyes R. Adelso Rodriguez Alonzo Santi Rayssa dos Santos Jahy Bianchini Shakira Fernandez de la Hoz Catalina Casquete Holguín (Cata) Bessy Michelle Ferrera Yaritza Angélica Millones López Carly Jasmynne Fontile de Brito Lucia Barrera El Choco Angie Digiacomo Melissa S. Medina Larissa Rodrigues da Silva Denali Berries Stuckey Heart Pontanes Sandy M. Dantas da Silva Bubba Walker Yara Souza Muskan Luana Nadia Talia Silveira Pacheco Santos Tracy Single Gökçe Naz Saygi Kiki Fantroy Natalia Jordan Cofer Dulce Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Bibiu Doe Rosalinda Pérez Berigüete Gabriele Oliveira

At least 330 trans and gender-

diverse individuals were murdered in 2019. Most of these were from Brasil, México, and the USA.

“Our current penal law is limited. It only criminalizes the act. We want it made clear that anyone who is even involved in promotion and recruitment (of homosexuality) has to be “(He) will be wrapped in a shroud, criminalized. Those that bound with ropes and then buried up do grave acts will be given to his waist… Once immobile, he’ll “You wake the death sentence.” be pummeled with stones the size of neighbors, tangerines, specially chosen to inflict nice old lad maximum pain—but not too big so he by the side won’t be knocked out. His ribs will you’re hum snap and break into pieces, lacerating his liver and kidneys and liquifying his spleen. And if he’s lucky, his lungs will fill up and he’ll drown in his own blood. But if not, he could be conscious for up to two hours as his body is pushed to the human limits of agony.”

In twelve countries, homosexuality

caries the possibility of the death penalty.

“We don’t Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia,

have gays in Yemen” up and realize that your does not recognize “If you’re homosexually inclined, your family or even that me as a human, but Nigeria is not a place for you.” dy that sells prawn fritters [as] a curse and a e of the road doesn’t think sin. I cannot walk man, or is okay with stoning.” to the city center to interact with others because people will start shouting ‘Makonda.’” “My government Sudan, and Yemen still use it.

“I tried to end my life one night after having a wonderful funfilled evening with friends... I had a plan in place for months. “Suicide is not caused because of Not one person had any idea what I was planning to do.” their LGBT identify, but rather by how “Watching the world reacts to their identity.” my son be a pallbearer for “The entire his best friend plane ride just about I had been undid me.” telling myself, “But after a certain point, when you feel like this is it. I’m you’re burning alive, all you can think of is so done. I’m how to put the fire out as quickly as possible.” done with all “...at that time of this. What I just felt like: better place What’s the point to take my anymore? There’s own life than just no happiness. New York.” I don’t see an end game. I don’t see this getting any better.” “I was screaming and I think at tha know what life w my own self-wort it, and if I meant

Even in countries where LGBTQ

expression is legal, queer people often face discrimination and violence,

“I wish people knew just how bad things were in my head when I was about to jump, or when I rammed pills down my neck. A lot of people call suicide a coward’s way out, but they don’t realize just how bad you are until they have lost someone close or they are in that position themselves.” g and panicking and crying and shaking, at time I had just had enough.I didn’t was for me anymore. I really questioned th and if I was going to be able to make something to myself or anyone else.” “It’s like a dandelion. “The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender You pull up the flower, people aren’t treated the way I was, they’re treated like not realizing the humans with valid feelings and human rights.” roots are deep and have spread far. You survive, but the call of the void never quite goes away. But you learn to not answer it.” “I wish that love alone could be enough to keep someone here with us.”

so it’s no surprise that Queer youth are five times more likely to

attempt suicide than their peers.

“You got your son dressed like a girl? Your son is gonna be a faggot!” “I came out to my dad. He says I’m not his son. His loss.” I came out to my family last week. They all hate me now and call me scum. It hurts but I can’t help the way I am. They should love me regardless.” “My family doesn’t “It’s like your dad cheati hang out with gay are not going to scream i people, so I’m not You can live a happy life going to hang out “I told my mom I was with you anymore.”lesbian. First she pretended “...she called me a stupid young boy it was a stage. Then she that knows nothing. She said she pretended I never came out. wanted to put me up for adoption.” Then she then told me I can’t “They say the come out to the rest of the truth will set you family and I should quickly free. Well, when try to fix my problem.” “I resent my mother for telling I told my family I everybody when I came out a was gay, I wound had no right to share that. It w up in the hospital.” and she chose to make it abou “I hope you’re ready to disappoint your father.”

Because when your parents evict you from your home,

ing on me. We it to the world. in secret.”

“I can’t help feeling uncomfortable g around you. I just don’t want to be as gay. She “I don't care if near someone who might be attracted was my life you're gay, just to me who I don’t fancy back.” ut her pain.” don't try to flirt with me.” “Miss me with that gay shit.”

and your friends want

nothing to do with you,

“Hopefully this initiative mitigate the LGBT cultu “Same-sex romantic behavior cannot lead to spreading into our socie “After a little more, uh, eternal marriage and is therefore not compatible “There is a falsehoo research into what had with the principles included in the Honor Code.” with an attraction to happened, my response was they can do nothing ‘Well, thanks. Somebody had ‘that way,’ and that i to do it, and it wouldn’t—and it destructive lie. It is wouldn’t be well for a General locked into that kind Authority to solve the problem “From our premorta in that way.’ Now, I’m not directed into a phys recommending that course to mismatching of bod you, my young friends, but I to become men—ma am not omitting it. You must— ultimately to becom You must protect yourselves.” No one is predestine “Just as a ‘fag’ fuels the fires of nature, so does a sodomite fuel the fires of hell and God's “Even those who ha wrath. They burn in lust one toward another.” wicked practices an unyielding habits ca

and when the preacher

tells you that God hates you,

e can ure from ety.” od that some are born o their own kind and that g about it—they are just is—that is a malicious, of the devil. No one is d of life.

al existence, we were sical body. There is no dies and spirits. Boys are asculine, manly men— me husbands and fathers. ed to a life of perversion.

“Homosexuality is an ugly sin, repugnant to those who find no temptation in it, as well as to many past offenders who are seeking a way out of its clutches. ave been drawn into It is embarrassing and unpleasant as a nd are bound by almost subject for discussion...” an escape.” “... it too often leads to grievous sin, even to that sin against nature, homosexuality. For, done in private, it evolves often into mutual masturbation – practiced with another person of the same sex – and thence into total homosexuality.” “...the evidence that Matthew Shepard is in hell is the fact that he was a practicing homosexual, who was trolling for anonymous perverted sex when he was killed. There is not one shred of evidence that he ever repented.”

and the bigots

tear you down —

Have you ever felt so scared that you wanted to run away to a place no one could find you? Have you ever felt so alone that you wished you would just die? Have you ever felt so unloved that after contemplating suicide, you prayed that there was no afterlife so it could all just end? Because I have. I came to peace with the idea of an eternal nothingness, with a void as empty as the hole in my heart. A place where I could feel no pain or sorrow or heartbreak, where no one could not love me because even that rejection couldn’t penetrate the darkness.

To me, it sounded amazing. A place where flowers don’t bloom just to die and get handed to a girl by a horny boy. A place where God doesn’t allow children to be beaten and starved and neglected. A place where even depression can’t reach. Coming ou put myself

It’s not hard to understand

There’s the It’s so hard to have hope that want to, bu everything will get better when it by people w never does. they’ll let t the fucking What scares me the most is how quickly people will move on. There’s an Those close to me will take until others in th summer but the people I work put up wal with, the ones I go to school cut my wris with, will forget about me by the time the next semester starts. I’ll just be one less person in their class. I don’t want the world to stop, but I don’t want my life—and death—to be so insignificant.

ut was supposed to fix things but when I f out there, I get rejected over and over.

why we consider taking our own lives.

e chance to express myself in any way I ut then I’m met with stares and judgment who are so focused on conforming that their religion choose everything down to g underwear they put on.

n option to be happy, to love myself and he most intimate ways, but instead I just ls and sob as the overwhelming need to sts or run my car off a cliff flood my mind. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell by now, the car crash was intentional.

“I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re an asshole.” “All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.” “Like racism a “This world would be a whole lot of prejudice, better if we just made an effort to transgender p be less horrible to one another.” deadly carcin “We should indeed keep calm in the face of pitted agains difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and order to keep wonder at the diversity of humanity.” each other as “Everybody’s journey is bonds of solid individual. You don’t know forged betwe with whom you’re going who respect e to fall in love. … If you fall differences a in love with a boy, you fall to fight their e in love with a boy. The We are the cla fact that many Americans the work of th consider it a disease says can revolutio more about them than it win true liber does about homosexuality.” “I do “I think being gay is a blessing, and it’s But I something I am thankful for every single day.” have “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

and all forms bigotry against people is a nogen. We are st each other in p us from seeing s allies. Genuine darity can be een people each other’s and are willing enemy together. ass that does he world, and nize it. We can ration.” on’t want you to love me. I don’t want you to like me. I don’t want you to beat me up and kill me. You don’t e to like me, I don’t care. But please don’t kill me.” “I wanted something that was so singular, a label that was so singular for me… All identity labels are umbrella terms to some degree, but this term bisexual is not only serviceable but it is sufficient. And yes, it brings together a bunch of people who are maybe shades different from one another. And maybe that’s the beauty of labels: that they force you to be with other people and see the difference.”

“You can argue that it’s a different world now than the one when Matthew Shepard was killed, but there is a subtle difference between tolerance and acceptance. It’s the chasm between being invited to a colleague’s wedding with your same-sex partner and being able to slow-dance without the other guests whispering.”

But despite the hardships we’ve been

“Please remember, especially in

times of group-think forced to endure, Queerthese people have and the right-on chorus, that no person is

your friend kin) who demands persisted throughout time and(oreternity.

“When all your silence, or denies your right Americans to grow and be perceived as fully are treated blossomed as you were intended.” as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free.”

More than 4,000 years ago,

Al-Mu Edwar Gongm Giovan David Filippo Jonathan Yu Xin Radu c Ruth Epaminondas Abu Nuwas Jacop Naomi Ling of Wei Hyegong of Silla Jing of Han Hadrian Xizong of Tang Horace Catullus Al-Hakam II Tiberius Antinous Hisham II Ai of Han Lucius Cornelius Sulla Trajan Hui of Han Ruan Ji Xi Kang Alexander the Great Pammenes of Thebes Pausanias of Orestis

an Ancient Egyptian tomb was constructed for Khnumhotep

and Niankhkhnum, whom many

historians believe to be the first recorded homosexual couple.

Babur u’tamid ibn Abbad Pietro Aretino rd II Benvenuto Cellini min of Goryeo Nicholas Udall nni di Giovanni Jacopo Bonfadio o Buonaccorsi cel Frumos po Saltarelli

Francesco Calcagno Shah Hussain Petru Cercel Felipa de Souza Francis Bacon André Gide Juan de Tassis Théophile de Viau Benedetta Carlini George Villiers Mervyn Tuchet John Atherton

Isobel Gunn William R. King Sergey Uvarov Filipp Vigel Karl-Maria Kertbeny George Byron Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Anne Lister José de Meneses da Silveira e John Smith Emily Dickinson Samuel Ditlev Blunck Nikolai Zverev Harald S Ralph Waldo Emerson Elihu Ve James Pratt Oscar Br James Henry Hammond Wladimi Luigi Settembrini Frederick the Great Emma Stebbins Grigory Teplov Charlotte Cushman Johann Joachim Winckelmann Mary Lloyd Giacomo Casanova Narcyza Żmichowska Mary Anne Yates Virginie Bovie Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben Gustave Flaubert Marquis de Sade Rosa Bonheur Anne Seymour Damer Johannes von Müller Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès Charles Coypeau d’Assoucy Benjamin Walker Cyrano de Bergerac William North Sarah White Norman Enderûnlu Fâzıl Queen Christina William Beckford Jean-Baptiste Lully Percy Jocelyn Aphra Behn Alexander von Humboldt Philippe I Matsuo Bashō Juana Inés de la Cruz Gian Gastone de’ Medici Charles Hitchen

Castro Butler Scharff dder rowning ir Meshchersky Walter Pater Aleksey Apukhtin Arthur Clinton Sophia Jex-Blake Simeon Solomon John Addington Symonds Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Julius Zeyer Guglielmo Rapinett Edward Carpenter Thomas Eakins Paul Verlaine Edith Simcox Anna Yevreinova Ludwig II of Bavaria Vladimir Lambsdorff Ebbe Hertzberg Kuno von Moltke Sarah Orne Jewett

Around three thousand years later, Mahmud of Ghazni fell in love with one of his slaves, Malik Ayaz, and their relationship became synonymous with selfless love.

“Society, in general, has started to accept us more. They know our way of living and now Muxe is a normal thing.” “The relationship with my father was very tough. I couldn’t eat at the same table as him. He had to eat alone before I could eat. If my mother was not on my side, he could have killed me or I could have left. One or the other. He never sat down and talked to me. I don’t have any good memories “The story starts when I was of him. Hone. I won’t forgive him. I can’t. I told about four or five years old. My him once: ‘you are dead to me.’ my mother just father used to be a fisherman wanted to help me, to understand what I really and he didn’t really get this. was. She helped why my father was beating me.” He didn’t get if I was a he or a she. From seven in the morning until two in the afternoon I was free. I could do anything I wanted. Since I liked to dance, one day I was invited to a party and I dressed up like a woman. Somebody took a photo and the next day the photo arrived at my house. My mother received the picture. I came back from work and my mother asked me, ‘who is this girl?’ She told me I was in big trouble if my father ever saw that picture.” One is born Both of my p everybody. but also said

For centuries, the concept of more than

two genders has existed in many cultures, such as the indigenous Mexican ‘Muxe.’

“My oldest brother scolds me and he hides my clothes so I don’t wear them. He doesn’t like to see me wearing women’s clothes. My sister likes it. Sometimes I borrow clothes from her.” “There’s still discrimination, but it’s not as much now and you don’t see it like you once did.” this way, not turned this way. parents knew, but they hid it from My mother was very supportive, d I could never leave home.”

In a moment of history, Estrella Vazquez became the first Muxe to appear on the cover of Vogue in December 2019.

“I’d like to see the gay revolution get started, but there hasn’t been any demonstration or anything recently. You know how the straight people are. When they don’t see any action they think, ‘Well, gays are all forgotten now, they’re worn out, they’re tired.’” “It takes some intelligence and insight to figure out you’re gay and then a tremendous amount of balls to live it and live it proudly.” “There will not be a magic day when we wake up and it’s now okay to express ourselves “Every gay and lesbian person publicly. We make that day by who has been lucky enough to doing things publicly until it’s survive the turmoil of growing simply the way things are.” up is a survivor. Survivors always have an obligation to those who will face the same challenges.” “In light of Jamey’s death, it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicl it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead o complete equality. Our society needs to recognize the unstoppable momentum toward unequivo for every gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender citizen of this country.” “I’ve been em new community happens when honest about you find othe

These stories, which have historically been the exception, are becoming part of the

mainstream dialogue with each passing day.

“Openness prejudice, b

ly acknowledging on the road to ocal civil equality mbraced by a y. That’s what you’re finally who you are; ers like you.” “It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.” s may not completely disarm but it’s a good place to start.”

And as we become more visible worldwide, we move closer to acceptance.

“I’ve seen people I went to sch I haven’t seen for many years a say ‘this is my first Pride, I cam week,’ ... or I meet people who support like ‘my son’s gay, so I him and his boyfriend.’ I love t for people to really show their “I think Pride will always be important because queer people are still heavily marginalized whether thats with regards to stigma, or bias, or access to services. In some countries it is still illegal to be gay.”

So when you see rainbows soar

through cities and social media in June,

hool with who at Pride who me out last o want to show I’m here with “Pride will always be relevant but hat. It’s a place I still think the relevance needs to support.” grow. It’s easy to forget when living in the UK that there are still death penalty charges for being gay. A lot of the world is still very anti us even sometimes in the UK, so Pride isn’t really for us—it’s for the people that can’t openly be who they want or have a voice.” “It will always be important to have spaces were LGBTQ+ people feel like they are not just tolerated, they are just not accepted, they are celebrated. It's also vital that we do not forget Pride started as a protest and we should continue to use the platform to air our thoughts and feelings, particularly with regard to political legislation.” “Being active and visible in the world creates conversations, understanding and support. Sadly, it also creates negative reactions. It can be exhausting, complex and, sometimes dangerous, but it’s essential. Pride is only part of LGBTQ+ representation. There are large sections of the community and culture that are often under/unrepresented at Pride, for example families, older adults, bi/pan sexual people, disabled people, People of Color. Many wonderful individuals and organizations, are working hard to change this.”

remember that those parading down the streets aren’t just trying to flaunt their bodies or make you uncomfortable—

“A decade-plus later I’ve come a long way. Today, I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about my sexual orientation. This is my life. Come along or don’t, but this ride isn’t stopping for anybody.” “I know what it feels like to be called names and spat on and beaten for being different, and every day those memories inform how I treat others. “What and wh In hindsight, I’ve realized that many people lack are is incredi compassion and empathy because they’ve neversomeday, peo known what it feels like to need and want it.” going to see t “For me, I’m here to celebrate a few of my own p family, friends, and graduating class today to sa am not broken. I am loved and important in the “I’m tickled that our culture “Early on if you is now one on being able have asked me to hear trans voices, and make a choice, eventually being able to would’ve chose accept trans people in not feel differen every part of to be like the ot the world.” boys. But that’s not what the wo needed; there a plenty of ‘other There’s only on though – and fo I’m thankful.”

They are proclaiming that they will never turn back,

“I think there’s a simple power in being unapologetic and open about who and what you are and not letting it prevent you from getting what you “My place want. In that way, I think I’ve made in life was a statement. My wish is for gay to never quite ho you become less of a label, and more of clear, now ble, and just one of many great colors in the it is fully ople are collective box of humanity. I’m not a queer.” that.” separatist. I’m all inclusive.” personal victories… I stand before my ay that I am proud to be a gay son of God. I plan of our great creator. Each of us are.” u’d “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider to being gay among the greatest gifts I God has given me.” en to nt, ther s orld are r’ boys. ne me or that

that they will never stop loving themselves.

bwino. .‫ نسحتي هنا‬Ça ira mieux. ဒါဟ A na raoraoi bwai ni kabane. .‫ش یم رتهب‬

lebih baik. .‫ اگےاج وہ رتہب ہی‬Тебе полу

තට හැරේ.

Inakuwa bora. Bai em i k ውን ኢዩ፡፡ Hemme zat gowy bolar. এটা ভাল ‫ نس‬Ça ira mieux. ဒါဟာပိုကောင်းရရိသွားတ wai ni kabane. .‫ دوش یم رتهب‬Ubugīngo k

‫ اگےا‬Тебе получится. 情况变好了。 Zv

akuwa bora. Bai em i kamap gut moa. இ mme zat gowy bolar. এটা ভালো হচ্ছে। Ya ပိုကောင်းရရိသွားတဲ့။ Pasti akan semakin b ‫ دوش‬Ubugīngo kuba agaheta. የተሻለ ይሆና

лучится. 情况变好了。 Zvinobva zvava n i kamap gut moa. இது மேலும் சிறப்பாக xshilanadi. Zimakhala bwino. .‫سحتي هنا‬ n semakin baik. .‫ يږیک هښ اد‬A na raora

ဟာပိုကောင်းရရိသွားတဲ့။ Pasti akan semak ‫ دوش‬Ubugīngo kuba agaheta. የተሻለ ይሆ

учится. 情况变好了。 Zvinobva zvava n

kamap gut moa. இது மேலும் சிறப்பாகிற লো হচ্ছে। Yaxshilanadi. Zimakhala bw တဲ့။ Pasti akan semakin baik. .‫یک هښ اد‬ kuba agaheta. የተሻለ ይሆናል፡፡ Ianya aka This book was written and designed by Billy Clouse in Cedar City, Utah, during 2020.

It is typeset in IBM Plex Sans by Mike Abbink. Twenty-five copies were published. This is number ___________________.

vinobva zvava nani.

එය හොඳඅතටහ

இது மேலும் சிறப்பாகிறது. ዝሓሸ ክኸውን ኢ

axshilanadi. Zimakhala bwino. .‫حتي هنا‬ baik. .‫ يږیک هښ اد‬A na raoraoi bwai ni ናል፡፡ Ianya akan jadi lebih baik. .‫تہب ہی‬


එය හොඳ අතට හැරේ.

Inaku கிறது. ዝሓሸ ክኸውን ኢዩ፡፡ Hemme zat gow ‫ نس‬Ça ira mieux. ဒါဟာပိုကောင်းရရိသွာ aoi bwai ni kabane. .‫ دوش یم رتهب‬Ubug

Profile for Billy Clouse

Asphodel & Edelweiss  

I grew up hearing stories about the value of uniqueness, but I quickly learned that the ways in which I was different weren’t okay. Traumati...

Asphodel & Edelweiss  

I grew up hearing stories about the value of uniqueness, but I quickly learned that the ways in which I was different weren’t okay. Traumati...


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