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Contents 3 Dieting to Build Muscle By:Clifton Pape 4 Stay Fit & Healthy with Katherine Painter 7 L i f e i s B e t t e r W h e n Y o u ’re Fit B y : J u d i D i a m o n d W a l t h our 8 What i s C o r e Tr a i n i n g ? B y : K a t h e r i n e P a i n t e r 10 Dr. S a r a S o l o m o n F i t n e s s X . c o m C o v e r M o d e l Fitnes s a t i t s F i n e s t 12 Everyt h i n g H a p p e n s f o r a R e a s o n B y : H a r o l d Bryant 13 A Pill a D a y t o S u p p l e m e n t a H e a l t h y L i f e s t y l e By:Mi k e M a s s 14 Simple W a y s t o B o o s t Y o u r N u t r i t i o n B y : M a r c Davis 16 Make Y o u r F u t u r e Gr e a t e r Th a n Y o u r P a s t By:Ro b y n B a l d w i n 17 How to F i n d Ou t I f a S u p p l e m e n t R e a l l y W o r k s By: Ry a n C o i s s o n Ph otograph ers Arthur Arsenik Kwiatkowski C over Photographer D avid M. Parker E v olution J t photo Photography F a cet Photography


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Dieting to bu i l d mu s c l e B y: c l i f ton pape Unlike the strategy most people take when losing weight, muscle building requires you to eat a lot. The body needs energy to build the extra muscles you desire to have. This can only happen when you supply it with enough calories. You must therefore eat more than your average daily intake, for the body to have a calorie surplus, which can then be used to build muscle. If you consume only what your body requires, it will all go into accomplishing bodily functions, leaving nothing for building new muscle. Remember also that diet alone will not build muscles. You must combine it with heavy training, including variable resistance exercise. This strains your body a lot, leading to tissue wear. To repair the worn tissue, your body needs an extra supply of calories beyond the norm, which brings another aspect of the diet into focus - not all types of calories are good for muscle repair and building. You need lots of high proteins in particular. High proteins are the only nutrient known to repair worn tissue and build new muscle. Take only h igh protein diets as low proteins will not help you much in your quest for building muscle. For every pound you weigh, take 1 gram of high protein. Minimize carbohydrates and fats intake. You can take carbohydrates in small amounts to keep your body in constant supply of energy, which you will need to exercise. Take only healthy fatty acids that have nutritional value. They are important for preventing muscle break down, increasing the levels of good cholesterol (HDL), and testosterone; and helping in hormone production. If you do not take any fats, the body will store a portion of what you eat as fat. Omega 3 & 6 and flaxseed oil are good sources of unsaturated fat. You must also eat more often. Because you are seeking to consume more calories than usual, the best way to do so is by reducing your meal size while incr easing the frequency of your meals. Stuffing all your calo ries in the three regular meals is not advisable because the body cannot assimilate them all into the system. Only half of the meal will be absorbed, the rest is done away with. Smaller meals prevent this wastage and ensure that all nutrients are absorbed into the body. Take multi-vitamins to ensure that your body is well supplied with all necessary vitamins. Muscle training places high demands on the body so it has to be constantly supplied with vitamins. Take plenty of water to keep your muscles hydrated and to quicken healing. Combining all the above dieting tips will make your muscle building exercise a success. Clifton Pape is a Houston Personal Trainer, who can help you achieve all of yo ur fitness goals, all while keeping it fun and exciting. Cliff will develop a custom routine for you based on your own fitness goals, and he is always a phone call away for support. So what are you waiting for, call Cliff today! Article Source:




fi t & h e a lt h y B y: K at Pa i n t e r I have dedicated the past 10 years of my life as a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. I made the choice to switch careers, from corporate to the health and fitness world and don‘t regret it! I love my job and believe it was my calling from God to help others live a healthy lifestyle! From the age of 6 to 18, I was heavily involved in dance, cheerleading , and gymnastics. I remember my parents riding their bikes with my younger sis ter and I to the park. At the playground, we would challenge each other with an obstacle course and do a ton of calisthenics. For fun I also was heavily involved in recreational sports. Once college came around, I found excuses to not be active like I onc e was and adopted bad eating habits. I was hooked on caffeine and processed food to get me through the day and noticed my health going downhill fast. After college, my cor porate career, caring for my sick husband, new marriage, social life, etc took an additional toll on my life. The extr a 24 pounds of weight (5 dress sizes) I had gained affected my health and self esteem. In 1998, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and also suffered lower back pain due to inactivity over 7 years. A year later, I had disappointing miscarriage and suffered from mild depression. Through the support of my family and faith in God, I realized that I had neglected myself and was ready for a life-changing journey of self-improvement. In 2000, my life changed for the better. After watching the Fitness America Pageant on ESPN, I saw incredibly fit adult women performing amazing, high energy, athletic routines. Their physiques and self confidence inspired me to get fit and healthy! My motivation was to live a long, healthy, balanced life. I was ready for the exciting journey to good health and fitness! At 26 years old, I had never even stepped into a gym and knew that it was going to take a lot of discipline and willpower.

I started taking group exercise classes at the local Gold’s Gym, but did not want to do much weight training. Although, I lost the desired weight, I did not achieve the toned look I wanted in my upper body. I loved doing cardio, and as a result, became the “skinny-fat” girl. I learned that strength training and eating healthy balanced meals would give me the firm physique I wanted. A couple of years later, I hired a personal trainer to run me through an intensive strength training and nutrition program. I immediately saw my body transform in a matter of a few short months! All the hard work was paying off and I regained my self confidence. From then on, I was hooked on incorporating proper nutrition, supplementation, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and plenty of rest! My new found passion was teaching group exercise classes and personal training. In 2003, I decided to represent Alabama in Fitness America Pageant and placed 1st runner-up in fitness. I loved the routine round the most because I could use my skills in dance, cheerleading, gym nastics, and theatre and it was challenging enough for me to display new elements in my strength moves, possible through intense resistance train ing, proper nutrition and supplementation. Since then, I have entered other competitions in fitness modeling and figure, placing in the top 10 and top 5, and just recently won overall female lifter in two power lifting meets with a 230 lb dead lift, almost 2.5 times my body weight. I love the ultimate challenge in all types of athletic sports. Outside of competing, I had the opportunity to film a fitness infomercial in 2006 called “American Bunkai” with Greg Comeaux, Fitness Trainer to the Stars who starred in the reality TV show, “The Swan”. We demonstrated a fitness product using self-defense moves. I am planning on filming more fitness infomercials and exercise DVDs very soon! In 2008, I made the cut in Los Angeles for the American Gladiator as a finalist for the contender. I didn’t expect making the fin als. I was sick with bronchitis, but did not want to miss out on working at the LA Fitness Expo and was de termined to try-out for one of my favorite shows since childhood. I made the cut and was asked to do a 10-minute video of myself in my hometown, Huntsville, AL and send it back to Holl ywood in 2 days. Unfortunately, my video slipped out of my Fed Ex package and was immediately eliminated as a finalist. Oh well, that’s life and it was a won derful experience! There are always other amazing opportunities in life. My last competition was Memorial Weekend at Muscle Beach International in Venice Beach, California, May 2010. It was fun since it was outdoors!


fi t & h e a lt h y B y: K at Pa i n t e r I placed 4th in Bikini. I haven’t competed in figure or fitness since 2006, so I was ready to get back on the stage with a new physique at 36 years old. I am focusing on shows that promote natural athletes. Outside of competing, I will continue personal training and instructing my boot camps, working on my website and an exercise DVD, doing more fitness in fomercials, get involved in health & fitness shows (TV & Radio), participating in more fitness and wellness expos, more f itness modeling shoots, land product and supplement endorsements, working with childhood obesity organ izations, and opening up my own fitness and wellness facility. You don’t have to be a fitness competitor or personal trainer, but I challenge you men and women to adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise (strength training and cardiovascular exercise) so you will reap the benefits of enjoying a longer life with family and friends ! Remember that your body is a God-given temple. Be responsible and treat your body well, because no one else will. You can afford to be fit and healthy! My training philosophy is to never give up! There are no limits to what you set your mind to! Just do it and you will accomplish and experience great things in your life! Most of all, believe in yourself! Photography: Evolution Fitnezz & D. Parker Memorial Weekend at Muscle Beach Inter national in Venice Beach, Calif., May 2010

L o s A n g e l e s N P C B o d y b u i l d i n g , F i t n e s s & Figure

Championships 2006


L i fe i s b e t t e r when you are fit b y: J u d I D i a m o nd Walthour I used to think that anyone who said they were addicted to exercising and working out were full of crap. I figured they were lying just to make themselves sound good. But I was wrong. I know, because now I’m one of them. About four years ago, I weighed 200 pounds and was having nightmares that being fat was going to kill me. I’d been heavy my whole life. My story was that of a typical fat chick…never had a boyfriend, didn’t go to any dances, and pretty much stopped caring about my appearance. To be honest, I didn’t care about myself at all. I had given up. I hated the way I looked in the mirror…hated shopping for clothes because, let’s face it; n othing is cute in a size 18. When a friend asked me to join a weight loss group with her, I was less than enthusiastic. I had dieted in the past and lost some weight, but like most people, I put it back on and then some. The truth is I was a food addict. I loved food more than I loved myself. The thought of exercising made me cringe. Even climbing the stairs at home winded me. But I knew I had to lose weight, so I joined, hoping that paying mon ey to get on a scale in front of a stranger every week would some how give me the incentive I needed. Attending those meetings taught me everything from portion control, how to understand nutrition labels, how to identify the triggers that cause over-eating, and most importantly, that no one can do the work for you. It’s like everything else in life…How bad do you want it? Over the course of seven months, I lost 70 pounds. It was seven months of cold, hard determination, keeping track of every bit of food that went into my mouth. I real ized that putting my health and my needs ahead of everyone else’s was the smart thing to do, because if you’re not good enough for yourself, you can’t be good for anyone else. As the weight came off, my activity level incr eased. I learned that pushing yourself, even just a little bit, isn’t such a bad thing. The more I pushed, the better I felt. And the better I felt, the more I pushed. I started out just walk ing, and eventually added short bursts of running into my walks. I hired a personal trainer who taught me how to use the weight machines at the gym and showed me the benefits of strength training.

I took yoga classes and Pilates classes and became addicted to Plyometics. Pretty soon I was running without taking walk breaks. At some point, I signed up for my first half-marathon and was able to run the entire 13.1 miles. These days, run ning has become my passion. March 2010 I ran my fourth full marathon and hope to do an ultra-marathon before the end of this year. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how much better my life has become since I adopted a healthy lifestyle. I’ve learned that balancing good nutrition and exercise is what it takes to stay on track. Simply put, life is better when you’re fit, not only for you, but for your loved ones as well. I take pride in knowing that I’m doing something good for myself and my family. For me, I’ll take being “fit and healthy” over “fat and happy” any day! Live Wise, Judi Diamond Walthour


W h a t i s c or e Tr aining? B y: ka t pa i n te r

What is Core Training? - It’s not just about getting flat, ripped abs! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say how they want to get the coveted six-pack. I was one of those people over 10 years ago. I had no idea what the secret was to get it, but over the years I read how many were overcoming the battle of the bulge. With the weather warming up, many people become desperate to work on the extra weight that has been taking up residence around the midsection since the holidays. People tend to place a very high standard when it comes to attaining instant results. Americans spend millions of dollars a year on fitness equipment and diet pills that promise you that you will look like the fitness models on TV and magazines with the ultra trim waistline! While men are interested in how to get a rock hard, r ipped sixpack, most women just want to lose their stubborn tummy fat and get a tight, sexy stomach. Women often avoid weight training being afraid that heavier resistance will bulk them up. They tend to make the mistake of choosing slow cardiovascular exercise and very light weights or doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups hop ing that they can spot reduce their belly fat. Many men also spend too much time exercising their abdominal area in their efforts for a long desired six-pack and neglect their larger muscle groups. However, this kind of strategy is doomed to failure and unfortunately so many men and women waste their time with it.

Now, while there is no "magical formula" for attaining a flat, firm, and toned stomach, there is something you can do, that if done regularly, will get you the results that you are looking for. You can do abdominal exercises until the cows come home, but if you've got extra belly fat, you will never ever see your sixpack! The right formula for a flat stomach is in fact pretty simple and applies to both men and women: consistency with full-body strength training exercises and proper nutrition. With strength training the larger muscle groups of your body; this will significantly increase your metabolic rate not only during your workout, but also for about 24-48 hours after it. Additionally, this will promote the fat-burning hor mones and cause your body to burn more fat. How wonderful is that? I can’t stress enough the importance of developing a strong core, also called “the powerhouse”, in the body. So, what is the core? Many people mistake it to be just the abs, but the "core" actually consists of many different muscles. In general, the muscles of the core run the length of the trunk and torso; and when they contract they stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. It creates a solid base of support to generate powerful movement in the extremities. Core conditioning exercise programs need to target all these muscle groups to be effective. The muscles of the core make it possible to stand upright and walk on two feet. The following list includes the most commonly identified core muscles as well as the lesser known groups. The goal of core stability is to maintain a solid, foundation and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs. Muscles that accomplish this goal include: • Rectus Abdominis - located along the front of the abdomen, this is the most well-known abdominal muscle and is often referred to as the “six-pack” due to its appearance in fit and thin individuals extend and rotate the spine. • External Obliques - located on the side and front of the abdomen. • Internal Obliques - located under the external obliques, running in the opposite direction. • Transverse Abdominis (TVA) - located under the obliques, it is the deepest of the abdominal muscles (muscles of your waist) and wraps around your spine for protection and stability. • Hip Flexors - located in front of the pelvis and upper thigh. The muscles that make up the hip flexors include: psoas major, illiacus, rectus femoris, pectineus, sartorius • Gluteus medius and minimus - located at the side of the hip • Gluteus maximus, hamstring group, piriformis - located in the back of the hip and upper thigh leg.

8 • Hip adductors - located at medial thigh.

W h at i s C o r e Tr a i n i n g ? B y: K at Pa i n t e r

I learned the true value of developing a strong core about eight years ago, when I first attended my first Pilates class. Whether you’re a runner or tennis player, golfer or new mom, chances are you’ve heard someone talking about the benefits of Pilates. Here is a good analogy. Think of a tree. Does it have all its strength in its limbs? No. The tree is only as strong as its trunk and roots. Without a strong trunk, the tree would topple over. The same can be said with the human body. If we don't concentrate on building a good foundation and a strong trunk or core, we'll end up tight in some places and weak in others, injuryprone and susceptible to the pitfalls of our occupation or chosen form of exercise. I, quickly, discovered that strengthening my core cured my back pr oblems. I was able to restore my postural alignment, correct muscle imbalances, increase flexibility and range of motion in my spine, practice proper breathing techniques, reduce stress, relieve tension, and boost energy through deep stretching. I firm ly believe that a strong core saved me from serious injury and death two years ago from a 4-car ac cident when a large SUV hit my car from behind at a stop light. Core training is essential in building and maintaining a strong body. Add some variety like Pilates, balance and stability exercises, kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights, cables, and machines. While some exercises to get a flat stomach may work better than others, no exercise will work if not properly performed and done regularly. You should decide which exercises you are both capable of doing and also what you can do for an extended period of time. Start with simple exercises. If an exercise is too complicated, takes too much time or can only be done on a special type of equipment, you may not be able to stick with it long term. Remember, getting a strong core (or that flat stomach) will not happen overnight, it takes time, dedication and patience, regardless of the exercise used.

K a t Painter

K a t Pa i n te r h a s d e d i c a te d th e p a st 1 0 ye a r s o f h e r l i f e a s a c e r ti f i e d p e r so n a l tr a i n e r a n d g r o u p e xe r c i s e i n str u c to r. S h e i s a w r i te r & m o d e l f o r F i t n e ss X. c o m Ma ga z i n e .



Photog raphy by: Ar thur Kwi a t k o w s k i @ ARSENIK . C OM Trainer : Lyzabeth Lopez @ www. LY ZAB ETHLOPEZ . COM H air : T im McClean @ OSKARONS COLLARD. CO M M UA : K ar olina Sliwinska @ m o d el m ay h em . co m / 1 2 3 5 8 0 6 Bikini: Christy Wolfe @ Faceb o o k . co m / ch r i s ty. wo l f e1


Dr . Sa ra Sol omon F i tn e ss X. c o m C ove r Mod e l D r . S a ra Solomon truly epitomizes the Fitn e s s X c u l t u r e o f h e a l t h y living, education, personal respon s i b i l i t y a n d g o a l s e t t i n g . We are absolutely delighted to hav e S a r a g r a c e t h e J a n u a r y 2011 cover of Magaz i n e . S a r a was born i n 1978 and was rais e d i n a s m a l l r u r a l community in Ontario, Canada. She obtained h e r B a chelor of Science degree in Phys i c a l T h e r a p y i n 20 0 1 from the world-renowned McGill U n i v e r s i t y i n M o n t r eal, Quebec. While training t o b e c o m e a p h y s i o therapist, Sara discovered a passion f o r f i t n e s s a n d b e c a m e a certified personal trainer in 1999 . S a r a ’ s desire to interlace science and a r t i s t r y l e a d h e r t o pursue dentistry. She obtained h e r D M D ( d o ct o r o f medical dentistry) from McGill U n i v e r s i t y i n 20 0 5 . Sara currently practices dentistr y i n d o w n t o w n T o r o n t o, Canada. A f t e r graduating from dental school, S a r a b e c a m e a S P I NNING instructor, teaching wee k l y c l a s s e s t o e a g e r Torontonians. During this time, S a r a m e t P R O f i t n e s s model, Lyzabeth Lopez, who b e c a m e h e r m e n t o r and personal trainer. Since meeting L y z a b e t h , S a r a h a s b e come a gymnast and a jump rope inst r u c t o r . L y z a b eth encouraged Sara to enter a f i t n e s s c o mp e t i t i o n. In November 2009, Sara co m p e t e d i n h e r f i r s t fitness competition, and placed f i r s t i n h e r c a t e g o ry! Sara is a WBFF Fitness Mo d e l a n d w i l l b e c o m p e teing for he r PRO status this sprin g . S h e i s d o c u m e n t i n g her compe tition preparation, train i n g a n d n u t r i t i o n w i t h a series of informative and entertainin g v i d e o l o g s t h a t c a n b e accessed on her facebook fan page. S a r a ’ s goal is to motivate others to b e c o m e h e a l t hi e r , h appier and more productive thro u g h t h e a d o pt i o n o f a healthy lifestyle. Sara teaches e v i d e n c e - b a s e d l e c t u r e s to professionals, addressing p r e v e n t i o n a n d t r e a t m ent of work-related musculoske l e t a l i n j u r i e s , p r o p e r exercise prescription, as well a s h i g h - e n e r g y n u t r i t i onal strateg ies to ensure long and h e a l t h y c a r e e r s . S a r a i s not just an academic and an athlete . S h e a l s o s t u d i e d p i a no to the gr ade 10 level with Toron t o ’ s R o y a l C o ns e r v a t ory of Music. What can we learn f r o m S a r a ? T h e g r e a t e st reward for doing is the opportun i t y t o d o m o r e .

D r . Sa r a S o l o m on can be found on facebook at Sa r a S o l o m o n - Fitness Page


Everything happens for a reason By:Har o l d B r ya n t

Harold Bryant was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is no stranger to hard work and adversity. His motto in life is simple, "everything happens for a reason". Harold's cousin, Sean Davis, had just gotten out of jail and was eager to maintain his fitness level. He found a gym in the heart of Los Angeles with a leaky roof, minimal weights for the right price. Sean convinced Harold to join the gym, he had no idea what that first workout would lead to. Harold found his obsession with fitness and pushed his body daily to limits he didn't know he was capable of. Harold credits his cousin for everything he has achieved to this day. "If it wasn't for my cousin, that first day at the gym. I wouldn't be the man I am today. I owe him everything" When he began in 2000, Harold was 215 lbs with 40% body fat and now easily maintains 175 lbs with a 11% body fat. His workout is intense, a minimum of 2 hours per day, 6 days a week combined with a high protein balanced diet. His workout routine includes daily cardio of 30-60 min utes. His strength training is a routine that allows workout each muscle 3 to 4 times per week. His body, at this point, is a machine and allows him to push himself and see immediate results. Harold is a certified personal trainer and he specializes in nutrition and weight loss. He cur rently trains a variety of clients who all have had results and enjoy his method of working out. He strives to instill his determination and dedication into his clients and help them to achieve their goals as he has achieved his. In addition to personal training, he is an ex Because of hard work, dedication and love, Harold is proud perienced fitness model. In 2010 he did a phoof where he is, what he has achieved and what the future toshoot for his own calender. He also has an has in store for him. Everything happens for a reason. acting role in a pilot TV series, DeSean. Harold is currently expanding his resume in acting, modeling and fitness. He i s extremely motivated and driven at this point in his life and has been progressing towards his goals at a rapid pace. He will be competing in the very near future and is eager for this new experience and the opportunities it will bring. Harold’s life has been a series of defining mo ments, strung together in time. Because of his life experiences, he has learned to not let those moments define him, but how he chooses to live in those moments are what truly defines him. Harold Bryant


A Pi l l a Day to Supplement a Healthy Lifestyle By: Mike Mass For decades, much global interest has focused on the development of dietary factors and sup plements. As a greater number of people face the fast pace of life, they increasingly real ize the need for these multivitamins to help them cope with the demands of their pop ular diets. For the body to maintain its tip-top performance, it needs 13 essential vitamins: A, B, C, D, E, K, B12, and the 7 B-complex vitamins. The major source of these vitamins is the food we eat. However, certain diets for quick weight loss may not always give the balanced meal that covers our nutrient needs. We may grow deficient for some these essential vitamins, thereby making us susceptible to diseases. This is where mul tivitaminsupplementation enters the picture.By providing us with the vitamins we lack, these supplements ward off the risks of diseases brought about by such deficiencies. Even if we do get a bal anced meal, multivitamin supplements boast several health benefits that further boost our bodily functions. Multivitamin supplements cover all the vitamins and minerals needed for daily consumption. These may come in pill or liquid forms, but it has been established that taking the latter is more efficient. The body readily absorbs liquid nutrients up to five times better than it does with pills and tablets. Multivitamin supplements, first and foremo st, fill the dietary needs of individuals under certai n health or medical circumstances. For pregnant women in their first trimester, doctors highly recommend that they take supplements. Should the mother experience vitamin deficiencies, the child in her womb suffers a high risk of malnutrition. Thus, by taking supplements, the pregnant mother nourishes not only herself but also the child she carries. Another case is for individuals at the risk of heart disease; they need a sure supply of CoQ10 to prevent the condition. Furthermore, regular intakes of Vitamins C and E have been found to lessen the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease. Perhaps a condition that plagues the wellne ss of everyone is stress. With the demands of the day coupled with diets for quick weight loss, it is likely for individuals to neglect their nutritional needs. Thus, stress formulations can fill this void and boost bo th mental capacity and daily endurance. Other common conditions include old age, alcoholism, smoking, and exposure to excessive pollution. Multivitamin supplements can a id in meeting the nutrient demands. For those not in the position of nutrient deficiencies, regular intake of multivitamins has given them a sense of co mfort and well-being. Vitamin E, known to be fat-soluble with antioxidant properties, rids the body from harmful radi cals. Moreover, it keeps skin healthy and radiant as it improves the state of cell membranes, red blood cells, muscles, nerves, and the heart. Vitamin C, also with antioxidant properties, has been known to counter blood cell infections and foster iron absorption and wound healing. It also plays a role in the formation of collagen, teeth, bone, and blood vessels. Truly, adding these multivitamins to the diet contribute to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. However, you must understand that these do not treat any disease symptoms. Multivitamins are simply intended to supple ment the daily food intake. Mike Mass is a professional trainer offering free advise in his Free BodyBuilding Blog. He also keeps a Fitness and Diet Guide. Article Source: Twitter:!/BodyBuildInner

Mik e M a ss @Bo dy B uild Inne r


Simple Way s to B oos t You r N u tri tion By: Marc Davi s Both men and women of all ages and lifestyles need to understand the importance of good nutrition for their health. The following simple tips should help you make better decisions about the quality of food you eat which will lead to a much healthier life. Eat Enough Fruit and Vegetables There are many different ways of getting the right amount of fruit and vegetables into your system. You can create simple and tasty salads that are full of color and freshness. You could also make fresh f ruit juice to accompany your meals or simply grab a piece of fruit as part of your packed lunch or s nack. What Mom has always preached still holds true. Eating fruits and veggies is the soundest advice anyone ever gave you. E at Whole Grain Products Nowadays you can find all kinds of baked products that use whole grains and still taste as delicious as their refined counterparts. It may take time to get used to wheat bread or any other whole gra in product so start small and increase your intake over time until you reach the recommended amount which is 6 to 8 servings of whole grains every day. Choose Lean Protein You need to consume enough protein for your body’s functions and of all sources you should choose foods like skinless chicken, fish, beans and other legumes as they are the healthiest sources of protein. These foods provide lean protein which is ideal for your body to process and absorb and when it comes to nutrition they can’t be beat. Drink Lots O f Water Water is very important in your body as it assists in nearly all bodily functions from cooling to eliminating waste from your body. The best way of keeping your water intake at its optimum is to always carry clean water with you everywhere you go. Have a bottle or two of water in your bag, at the office, in your car an d beside your bed when you go to sleep. Try to at least consume the recommended daily amount of 8 glasses of water per day and over time you will see your health improve as well. Do Not Give Up T he Foods You Love When it comes to diet and nutrition we all have our weakness as we enjoy some food products that are considered unhealthy. There is no need to give everything up to eat healthy but the key is to eat by keeping everything in moderation. It’s ok to enjoy the occasional chocolate bar, ice-cream or French fries as long as you promptly get back to your healthy diet. The problem only arises when we overdo the junk food so as long as you know your limits you can still eat the foods you crave or enjoy. Know Your Portions The amount of food you eat should contain the correct nutrients per serving. If you find it a bit difficult to measure your portions according to weight or calories you can buy plates that are segmented to indicate the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber that you should allocate for your m eal. These plates are widely available at most grocery stores and make it easy to institute portion control without having to measure. Portion control is very important if you aim to lose or maintain your weight and these little plates make it super simple. Get Some Variety In Your Food One of the ke ys to eating nutritional meals day in and day and making it easy is to spice it up with some varieties of foods. Why have plain grilled chicken every day when you can change it up by add ing different herbs, spices, vegetables or even fruits to your cooking method. Eating the same things every day can be mentally draining and can lead to you falling off the diet bandwagon. By adding a few new things to your meals each week it becomes much more interesting and also a challenge that keeps you interested in staying healthy. Article source:


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Make Your Future G reater T han Y our P ast B y: R obyn Baldwin Was an active child busy with dance class and swimming lessons. I didn’t find fitness until I moved into my 1-year residence at McMaster University. T hey placed me in the “athletes’ residence” for some reason. A fter watching others g oing to the on campus g ym I g ot myself a membership, tried my hand at cardio and some weight lifting. I had no knowledg e but ke pt myself in shape. I ke pt myself active with dance club and in my 4th year became a H amilton Tig er Cats Cheerleader and was around like minded women who enjoyed staying fit. After g raduating with honors with a Bachelor of Commerce. I moved to Toronto to star t my career in adver tis ing as a media planner. I cheered for the Toronto A rg onauts for the 2006 season and continued to stay fit. In the winter of 2008/2009, I realized my metabolism had chang ed. I was no long er able to eat whatever I wanted and, forg oing g ym dates was causing me to become skinny fat. I had a multitude of dig estive issues but never really thought much about it. I received the Januar y 2009 issue of Oxyg en Mag azine in my Christmas stocking with A shley Har rison on the cover. She was a Tig er Cats, cheerleader the year after I was on that squad, so I felt a connection with her. S he definitely g ot me thinking “ If she can do it? W hy can’t I?” So I did. I decided to re-vamp my fitness, educated myself on nu trition and workouts and train for my ver y first fitness competition. I star ted reading all the health and fitness mag azines. I went online and watched videos to g et ideas for exercises. I joined Lyzabeth Lopez’s Hourglass Workout in May 2009 and took her Fitness Model Workshop in the summer. I competed 5 times in 2009 and had a g reat time. I also competed 2010 in WB FF. I lear ned a lot about myself, the industr y and the lifestyle I’ve taken on. I love clean eating. I love the energ y that I have to take on my day. I love that I’ve solved most of my dig estive problems. I feel healthy. I feel happy. I’m fascinated with the sci ence behind nutrition and how it affects my body. I am constantly lear ning and that’s what I fin d so interesting about fitness & nutrition. I love ste pping foot on stag e. Being on stag e in the spotlight as a dancer and cheerleader is in my blood. I g et such a r ush and have found the same r ush with fitness competitions. I love meeting like minded peo ple in the industr y and have g ained some g reat friend ships. I have been able to balance my adver tising career with my love for fitness. I am ambitious and want to have careers in both media and fitness modeling. I like the balance and challeng e that they bring to my life. Make your future greater than your past. Make your contribution bigger than the reward you seek. Make your enjoyment bigger than the effort. Make your gratitude more important than your success . Make your purpose more important than the accumulation

E n joy staying fit, Ro byn Baldwin

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H ow to Fi n d O u t I f a S u pp l em e n t R e a l ly Wor ks By: Ryan C o i s s o n I t s eem s like new supplements kee p popping u p ever ywh e r e. I t m i g h t b e a s u p p l em en t to m a ke yo u f eel h e a l th i er, build more muscle, or even a male en h a n cem en t s u p p l em en t . M a n y o f th es e m ay b e h el p f u l to s o m e extent. T he difficult par t is deciding wh i ch o n es wi l l wo r k a n d to wh a t d eg r ee. Her e a r e s o m e ti p s to help choose a supplement. Yo u wi l l want to star t out by doing your resea r ch . T h i s ca n ea s i l y b e d o n e o n l i n e. Yo u ca n d o s ea r ch es f or th e supplements that interest you and read a n y i n f o r m a ti o n th a t yo u ca n f i n d . It m ay b e i nf o r m a ti o n o ff o f a seller's pag e, a blog, or an ar ticle. To s o m e d eg r ee yo u m ay wo n d er i f s o m e o f th e i nf o r m a ti o n i s b i a s. It may be a g ood idea to read over any r e v i ews th a t o th er u s e r s m ay h ave l ef t. T h i s ca n h o p ef u l l y p rov i d e an unbiased opinion of the product. Yo u c a n visit a supplement store and g et in f o r m a ti o n f r o m th e em p l oy ees. M o s t l i kel y th ey h ave r e ceived s ome training and can hopefully expla i n th e b e n ef i ts o f th e p r o d u cts yo u a r e co n s i d er i n g. M a g a z i n es a nd other literature can also be benefici a l . I t c a n a l so be helpful to find others that have u s ed th e p r o d u ct. I t m i g h t b e a f r i en d o r even a cowo r ker. T h i s f eedback can be invaluable from a sour ce th a t yo u tr u s t. U l ti m a tel y, th e o n l y r ea l way to f i n d o u t h ow wel l it works is to jump in and tr y it ou t f o r yo u r s el f. Af ter tr yi n g i t yo u ca n d eci d e i f i t i s wo r th th e hyp e and also let others know. Arti c le S ou rce: Ryan Coisson http : //ezinea rticles .com/?e xpe rt=Rya n _ C oi s s on




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