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Eczema Shampoo -- What Kind Of Eczema Shampoo Should I Use As Well As Why? Eczema on the scalp is excruciatingly uncomfortable and can cause shame due to the white flakes appearing on the shoulder blades. If the scalp eczema is left untreated oftentimes it will not heal and may become worse. Firstly, you should go to your physician to be diagnosed to find out whether it is, in fact, eczema on the scalp, your doctor will give you suitable treatment. This may come in the form of a steroid lotion or tar residue based formula. However, it is always best to use steroid, eczema treatment very sparingly and when there are more natural alternatives , unless the scalp is very severe, using the more natural methods tend to be more beneficial. Most people don't realise that everyday shampoo, even the "good ones " and the those which are created to eliminate dandruff and so on. All contain a chemical called sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), that is included in the ingredients to facilitate lathering. You may find that some shampoos lather more than others. It might shock you to realise that the SLS's are used in car engine de-greasing and other activities that need a harsh chemical mixture are also used in eczema shampoo and other medicated shampoos. The actual inclusion of SLS's in shampoo happen to be reported to cause severe eye, skin irritation and hair loss with the follicles becoming damaged as well as a very dry and scratchy scalp. If you find your scalp sensation tight and scratchy after washing hair this could be because of these harsh chemicals. The next step is to change you hair shampoo to that of an natural structure. Back within the day it was difficult to find any organic shampoos on the market, now, however , most high street chemists will stock them. You will find with organic shampoo slightly less of a lather forming, however, they are more than sufficiently able to clean the hair as well as scalp without any damage or irritation. SLS's do not cause discomfort in everyone, or else non-organic shampoos wouldn't sell, however if you are prone to eczema on the scalp and have delicate skin, this is something to look out for. There are many natural techniques to heal and maintain great scalp health. To find out the methods that can be implemented quickly and easily for an eczema-free and comfortable scalp, still remedy for Scalp Eczema.

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Eczema Shampoo -- What Kind Of Eczema Shampoo Should I Use As Well As Why_