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Category Index Actors Misty Rosas

Designers - Product Bill Weber

Awards & Trophies

Casting - VO MJ Lallo

Directors Joe Annabi Sean T. Cawelti Alex U. Grifn Chris Heady Michael Paul Mark Royston Jack Venturo

Character Design Schunn Cheng

Directors - VO MJ Lallo

Cinematographers Alex U. Grifn

Educators Sean T. Cawelti Robert Guthrie Chris Heady Alissa Hunnicitt Sherrie Rossi

Booking Agents

Composer Stephen Cohn

Actors Puppet Builders Performers Joe Annabi Alexandra Busby Dan Garza Alex U. Grifn Robert Guthrie Chris Heady Alissa Hunnicutt Erik Kuska Elizabeth Luce Annett Mateo Stevie Anne Nemazee Leah N. Olbrich Christine Papalexis Sherrie Rossi Mark Royston Jack Venturo Gregory Paul Williams Performers - Motion Capture Misty Rosas

Composers and Musicians Union ListenLA

Educators - VO MJ Lallo

Concept Art Schunn Cheng

Educational Consultants Paige Desjardins

Consultants Bill Weber


Costume Performance Misty Rosas

Museums Center for Puppetry Arts

Promotional Products

Plastics Fabrication

Props - Graphic

Printing - General

Puppet Builders Joe Annabi Alexandra Busby Sean T. Cawelti Dan Garza Robert Guthrie

Costumes Leah. N. Olbrich Dancers Misty Rosas Designers - Graphic Bill Weber

Performers - VO MJ Lallo

Plastics Fabrication

Printing - Large Format

Designers - Publications Bill Weber

Photographers Alex U. Grifn

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