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e h t n i o J Founded in 1956, the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry brings together professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts and educators to share, promote and advance the art of puppetry throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. The Guild produces events and workshops to entertain and educate performers and the general public. Professional Development Educational workshops on puppet construction, performance, filmmaking, and marketing. Public Performances The Guild produces Puppetzilla and participates in many Los Angeles puppetry festivals, parades, and celebrations. Puppet Life Magazine Your quarterly connection to people, puppets, and productions in our Los Angeles community.

Connection to World Puppetry The Guild is affiliated with the Puppeteers of America and UNIMA-USA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette), which provide opportunities for networking, travel, and professional development. Annual Member Directory Find collaborators and friends among the industry’s top talents.

Membership is educational, inspirational, fun, and affordable! CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR MEMBERSHIP PAGE

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