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Time to manage Discover the ultimate MIS toolset

A fresh approach Innovative MIS products for independent schools Independent schools today face an array of management challenges that involve academic, finance, administrative and development staff. At WCBS we provide the innovative management information systems (MIS) that help you excel in each of these areas, every day. This brochure introduces our market leading products and the real competitive edge our fresh approach offers your school. New times, new products

We may have been in the independent schools sector for more than 25 years, but at WCBS we’re firmly focused on being at the leading edge of the market. Our uniquely integrated and comprehensive software products free you to access, organise, manage and share information quickly, efficiently and accurately. We are delighted to announce our exciting new generation of solutions – 3Sys. This new generation of software offers you a truly impressive range of capabilities, all designed to meet the specific challenges of independent schools.

WCBS software suite Whether you are looking for a software solution to manage a specific aspect of your school, or an integrated approach that covers all operational areas, WCBS can help. The key product groups within our MIS software portfolio include: 3Sys Academic 3Sys Administration PASS Finance webALUMNUS Each of these product groups includes wide ranging, optional specialist modules. These enable you to build a solution shaped perfectly to your school’s requirements.


Fast and friendly Software developed for you

Creating the fastest, most user-friendly products on the market isn’t easy, but we’re determined to continue doing it. Our dynamic and experienced team includes ex-teachers and other ex-school professionals, but we’ve gone much further than this to ensure our software meets your needs. Our Academic Consulting Group (senior academic and IT staff from leading independent schools) has been instrumental at every stage of development, and our latest software sets new industry standards as a result.

WCBS put together a representative body of people (the Academic Consulting Group) to determine what was needed – then delivered it.

Legendary service to match

The WCBS promise goes beyond the provision of leading edge MIS software products. We’re renowned for our outstanding training, implementation and support services – and our active programme of customer workshop and networking events – that help ensure you get maximum value from our solutions.


Introducing Seamless, smart, supportive 3Sys is the name of the new generation of WCBS software products, built for the specific needs of independent schools – so that you can manage even more effectively and efficiently. Genuinely cutting edge, our new 3Sys products reflect our total commitment to developing solutions that meet your needs. This means new levels of usability, flexibility and power, so your school benefits from faster, easier to use, more accurate and accessible management processes.

3Sys Academic… will make a huge difference to classroom teachers.


Easily share information, automate tasks & maximise productivity. Smart

Manage your workload & get jobs done – 3Sys works with you. Supportive

Enjoy legendary system implementation, training & support.


Let your teachers teach Make academic management easier Teachers are teachers, not administrators. So how can you free them to complete vital administrative duties like taking the register or completing mark books, without eating in to valuable teaching time? WCBS offers a new, high performance MIS product that re-writes the rules of academic management.

Keep track of pupils and tasks

3Sys Academic is the ultimate teachers tool – it transforms the challenge of balancing teaching and non-teaching commitments seamlessly. As a result, actual teaching time is maximised. With 3Sys, tracking classes, pupils and academic trends is straightforward. You have instant access to a huge range of data, including the reports, meeting notes and general communications that enhance meetings with parents. Uniquely user friendly

Web based and uniquely user friendly, 3Sys Academic features a host of ground-breaking new customisation features to help staff work quickly and intuitively – in exactly the ways they choose. The system frees staff to access information when it suits them, and uses smart notifications and alerts to select and present key information at the right moment.

3Sys Academic will ensure that teachers can concentrate on the classroom; computerised admin should be fast, efficient and stress-free!


Make administration count Raise accuracy, build confidence and improve communication School administrators play a crucial role in the success of your school. 3Sys Administration supports them, eliminating inaccuracies – like the duplication of a pupil record – to build everyone’s confidence and improve communication. And by providing a lifetime view of each pupil, planning and fundraising efforts can be maximised, too.

Easier task fulfilment

3Sys Administration helps schools undertake every type of task with the minimum of fuss – from admissions to managing mass mailing communications. At the product’s core is a single database that provides a comprehensive repository for all your staff and pupil data, including infrequently used but vital information like medical records and emergency contact numbers. With 3Sys Administration, your team can maximise efficiency and accuracy, speeding every single information update.

3Sys Administration is an integral part of so much that we do. It is a huge advantage to all of our administrative staff.


Financial management that adds-up Gain real time transparency over school finance Managing a school’s finances requires instant transparency across multiple revenue and expenditure streams: like the school shop, pupil fees and staff payroll. And when you’re basing management and investment decisions on financial reports, the information has to command everyone’s confidence. That’s where PASS Finance makes the difference.

Easy, flexible and powerful

The ease of use, flexibility and power of PASS Finance have made this product the leader in its field. PASS Finance provides the integrated, real time financial picture that underpins successful financial management, helping you to avoid unnecessary expenditure and ensure effective budget control. Billing continues to be a key strength of PASS Finance, and our constant product development and upgrade programme ensures you are equipped with the market’s most complete range of financial applications.

PASS Finance is very user friendly and has certainly made us more efficient as a Bursary. We are able to do more with the same number of people.


The alumni advantage Ease the management and correspondence challenge Unlocking the potential of your school’s alumni can add more than just financial value – like providing pupil work placements, mentoring and guest speakers. But without the specialist tools to grow and manage alumni provided by webALUMNUS, your school risks missing out.

Build your community

The first challenge is to quickly track down and add former pupils to your database, including transferring the details of current pupils when they leave. Then you need to make sure that you keep accurate, up to date contact details as time progresses. With webALUMNUS to help, these primary tasks are straightforward. You benefit from a secure, easy-to-access database that drives all your school’s development activities. Powerful friend and fundraising tools make communication easy and fast, and you can set targets, track progress and flag items for action quickly and easily.

WCBS’s approach is based on their specialist commitment to independent schools. In short, they understand us and what we need.


A supporting promise Expert, friendly and dedicated to you Your school’s management information system is crucial to your success. But at WCBS we’re experienced enough to know that great software alone is not enough. The expert, friendly support we provide completes the service jigsaw, ensuring that you gain maximum value from your system.

Dedicated to your success

A smooth transition to your new MIS system is paramount – we know that. Our dedicated team includes highly experienced project managers and technical experts, all focused on the successful implementation, data transfer and configuration of your system. This is the start of your WCBS service journey. Once your system’s up and running, our highly regarded helpline means you’ll get the help you need – the moment you need it. Great service is about more than just troubleshooting, though. Training to suit

WCBS provides flexible, convenient, high quality training: at your school, our offices or one of our regular regional workshops. From introductory and refresher courses, to advanced skills and bespoke services that meet your specific needs, we’ve got it covered. Share experience

Regular WCBS regional workshops and networking events give you the opportunity to share tips, extend your skills and get even more from your system. These events also provide valuable forums for you to feedback your experiences directly to us – so that we can build this knowledge into our product development process.

WCBS’s well-known quality of service is very good indeed.


About WCBS Here to stay WCBS is the number one provider of MIS for independent schools in the UK. Specialising in this sector for more than 25 years, and with an increasingly international client base, we’re here to stay. 2010

500 Schools

The launch of our new 3Sys product range takes us into exciting new territory. It also demonstrates our commitment to give schools the most useful, innovative and powerful MIS tools. Through our expert teams, Academic Consulting Group, and regular customer networking and feedback sessions, we put schools’ needs at the centre of our thinking.


400 Schools


300 Schools


220 Schools


100 Schools







WCBS: a company that more independent schools choose than any other






For more information contact: T: +44 (0)1458 833 344 F: +44 (0)1458 835 297 E: Somerset House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9EJ UK

WCBS Corporate Brochure  

Introduction to WCBS, market leaders in school MIS (Management Information Systems)

WCBS Corporate Brochure  

Introduction to WCBS, market leaders in school MIS (Management Information Systems)