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Executive Summary Stealth Design Bill Trammel 1049 Morro Ave Morro Bay, CA 93442 E-Mail: Cell: (805)712-2137

Overview Stealth Design will streamline the way computers are integrated into the professional work environment. We will provide executive desks with stealthed computer peripheral systems. The market that will need this solution the most are high-net worth, image-conscious customers. We will begin with a low-volume, high-quality business model to establish a luxury brand identity, then begin optimizing popular designs for greater volume production.

Product and Value Proposition Currently a typical work desk has a great deal of computer clutter on it: keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), speakers, etc. This is not pleasing psychologically or aesthetically, particularly to high-powered people in a complex and time-crunched environment. A stealth desk has all of the customer-specified peripherals hidden below the surface of the desk. This includes LCD monitors, keyboard/mouse configuration, audiophile speakers and a projector setup. When needed, the peripherals are smoothly and quickly brought into active locations via electronic actuation at the push of a button. When inactive, the peripherals seamlessly disappear into the desk leaving a clean, clutter-free workspace.

Market and Marketing Strategy The market will be high-net worth and image-conscious customers. The business model follows the same model as a typical +$50,000 luxury product. We will begin by building very high-end custom stealth desks for select well-connected clients. Once word-of-mouth and smart positioning establishes high-end brand identity, which may take 2-3 years, we will begin limited edition production runs of highend designs optimized for volume production. Pricing for the custom designs will vary according to the client, but are likely to start at $30,000. The mainstream designs have yet to be priced. In order to reach these customers we will be marketing to the interior designers and architects who serve them. Due to the deeply personalized nature of this particular market segment, this will require direct, handshake marketing. In conversations with interior designers and architects in San Luis Obispo and San Diego, we have heard that the commissions made off of the high margins of this product will be a benefit to them rather than a detriment.

Competition The current competition is a company called NovaDesk that has entered this market with modularized, high-volume designs. They have established distribution channels and functional designs. They are, however, a low-end, cost-driven brand. We are striving to capture the high-end, quality-driven portion of this market.

Current Status and Funds Required We are currently in the seed stage of the company and need capital to build the first prototype in order to prove the concept and do targeted market testing. We need $20,800 to buy the high-end peripheral and automated motion equipment. In order to fit my college curriculum more in line with my plans, I have switched majors to be a pilot member of the brand new LAES major at Cal Poly. This major will be run much like a start-up company, and is very project-centric. I, and possibly a few team members, will be getting this prototype built with the advising and networking help of the two directors of the major. We will do the design and tech work, then subcontract the structural fabrication to a local custom cabinetmaker. Below is a rough break-down of how the money will be spent.

Subtotal X Murphy’s Law Factor

Cost $4800 $5600 $10400 X2



Peripherals, Lift, Mechanisms Custom Desk Fabrication

Next Actions After this prototype is built, we will begin the next phase of development. If market testing returns positive results, we will begin the planning and launching of the company. Thank you.

Stealth Design Bill Trammel 1049 Morro Ave. Morro Bay, CA 93442 (805)712-2137

Executive Summary Stealth Design  
Executive Summary Stealth Design  

Bill Trammel 1049 Morro Ave Morro Bay, CA 93442 E-Mail: Cell: (805)712-2137 Cost Peripherals, Lift, Mechanisms...