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13th July 2012 MESSAGE FROM THE HEADTEACHER Wow! What an exciting week at Ashwood Park. We have had a Fabulous Finish in Years Three and Four complete with Oompa Loompahs and some very interesting outfits. The Olympic torch paid a visit to Years One and Two and there are rumours afoot that it may even return again next week if enough good persuasive writing has been produced. Year Six have been re-enacting The Apprentice with a whole range of different bread companies set up, products designed and pitches delivered as well as all of the costs being   calculated.   On   top   of   that   Mrs   Lister   and   myself   were   taken   back   to   our   teenage   years   as   Hagley   RC’s   Ska   Band     stormed the KS2 hall yesterday. The Y6 play was an overwhelming success and last night we were impressed by the musical talent that the school has to offer at the music evening. A huge thank you to all of the teachers for helping to design and deliver so many exciting learning opportunities! There was also the small matter of the Ofsted Inspection. Obviously the report is not yet finalised, but I can say that the inspectors enjoyed their time in the school and have noted the way it has moved on. Also please observe that although extremely tired, the staff are smiling! S Hudson

PRAISE ASSEMBLY Children who gained badges and certificates in Praise Assembly deserve our special congratulations:w/c 2.7.12 Key Stage One RN Foxes Jack Powell RS Hedgehogs Lily May Grigg 1/2M Squirrels Abbey Skidmore 1/2W Badgers Niamh Sidaway 1/2N Moles James Baker Key Stage Two 3/4 SL Oak Faye Pearson 3/4W Elder Alicia Moss 3/4M Chestnut Hugh Thomas 5/6P Rowan Louise Yarnall 5/6J Holly Lucas Kent 5/6D Beech Ryan Mason

CLASS POINTS w/c 2.7.12

Foxes Hedgehogs Squirrels Badgers Moles Oak Elder Chestnut Rowan Holly Beech



10 Points 6 Points 6 Points 7 Points 6 Points 8 Points 9 Points 10 Points 9 Points 10 Points 10 Points

Tel: 01384 818545 Fax: 01384 818546

WEEKLY ATTENDANCE AWARDS W/C 2.7.12 KS1 Class certificates to:-

1st 2nd 3rd

1/2N RS 1/2M

99.15% 98.24% 96.67%

KS2 Class certificates to:1st 2nd 3rd

5/6P 3/4W 3/4SL

98.40% 98.18% 97.58%


To reward children for good behaviour and being helpful during lunchtime the following pupils have received certificates and had their photograph on display: w/c 2/07/2012 Abbie Millard (RS) Jacob White (1/2W) Lorna Doherty (5/6D) Lewis Dixon (5/6P)


Kurt Grainger (1/2M) would like to thank all his friends for coming to his 6th Birthday party on Saturday at Chilly Kiddies and also a big thank you for all the presents and money he received. He hopes you all had a good time.


Report written by Haroon Ethasham:On Friday 29th June all the children in Year 5 went to Merry Hill in a minibus. We arrived there and sat on a bench. We were waiting for Colin Jackson & Greg Rutherford. I was excited & interested. We watched Dudley College students trying to do the long jump. Then Colin Jackson & Greg Rutherford came towards us. I was amazed because they are famous Olympic athletes. First a man with a microphone talked to Greg Rutherford. Then we could ask questions. I asked “How do you practice?” Greg said, “Six hours everyday.” I think I would like to do hurdles. Next Colin Jackson talked to us. He said he ran too & did hurdles. Colin Jackson was a winner & he had 45 medals. Both athletes gave us a picture card with their autograph on. A man came to photograph us for the newspaper. On Friday 27th July Colin Jackson & Greg Rutherford are going to London. I had a brilliant day. I will watch Colin Jackson & Greg Rutherford on television. E.Mail:


Please find below the dinner menu for next week (week 1) :Spicy Monday Chicken Curry, Rice & Naan Bread (V) Cheese & Onion Lattice Salmon Bites Love Joe Wraps, Salad & Jacket Wedges Jacket Potato, Salad and Fillings Served with creamed potatoes, peas, baked beans

SCHOOL DINNERS Just a little note to say that there will NOT be a roast dinner available on the first day of next term i.e. Wednesday 5th September!

Fruit Ice Cream Tasty Thursday (NEW) (V) Vegetable or Meat Lasagne Love Joe Wraps, Salad & Potatoes Jacket Potato, Salad and Fillings Served with potato gratin/potato dice, sweetcorn, peas Mandarin Cheesecake

* SPECIAL LUNCH ON FRIDAY * Lunch in a Box—£1.85 (includes drink)


Leavers’ Party,  6-8pm


Leavers’ Assembly  for   Year 6 Parents, 9.15 am



September 5th Children back to school (Tuesday 4th is an INSET day) October 22nd—26th Half Term

30p 30p 25p 15p

KIDS FITNESS CAMPS Mondays & Tuesdays throughout the summer holidays 9am-3.30pm


Congratulations to Anna Hall (3/4M) who has gained her Brown 2nd Kyu Belt in Karate.

KS1 Hall

Members of the School Council have asked if anyone has any board games (complete) they could donate to the school for use during wet playtimes. Please label them for the attention of Mrs Alison Webb. Thank you in anticipation!

breathe the beat =================


Tickets Advance £3 Concessions £2 On the day £4 Concessions £3 To order tickets go to:

@ The Dell Stadium Aqua Juice Cups Milk Shakes Fruit Juice Cuplets Fresh Milk

£2 for first child, 50p for second child

Just turn up on the day and you will be made very welcome!

Wallace & Gromit’s Pasta Tuesday Pasta King Spicy Meatballs (V) Quorn Cottage Pie Love Joe Wraps, Salad & Paprika Wedges Jacket Potato, Salad and Fillings Served with bread of the week, sweetcorn & mixed veg

Traditional Wednesday Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding (V) Cheese Omelette/cheese & egg Love Joe Wraps, Salad & Roast Potatoes Jacket Potato, Salad and Fillings Served with roast & boiled potatoes, cabbage, carrots, coleslaw

Parents, Grandparents, aunties & uncles, childminders etc are all welcome

Adult refreshments provided, (children to bring their own)

Baked Apple Sponge & Custard

Oaty Cherry Crumble & Custard

Next session TUESDAY 11th September, 9am-11am at Ashwood Park Primary

£15 per day per child Multisports/Multiskills/ team etc Tele Sally-Ann on 07879 695698

Join Brook, Roxy & the Breathe the Beat team for an exciting day of dance,  where  you’ll  have  the   chance to watch, take part & even perform! Any style goes, just come down & get involved.

ROADSHOW DATES: Saturday 21st July // 12pm-5pm Telford CultureFest 2012 Telford Town Park

* Spectacular free dance performances from some of the UK’s leading  street  dancers  &   music by DJ Moyma *

Ashwood Park Newsletter  

July 13, 2012 Weekly Ashwood Park Primary School Newsletter

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