In Venezia, Photographs by Giorgio Ventola

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In Venezia By Giorgio Ventola

Venice is mystical, magical, secret. I listen to the seawater splashing against the Gondola’s side The Gondoliere’s pole cutting trough the waves firmly confident While embracing the steering night like the strange world of flowing dreams Obscure canals that give the impression of walking in someone’s psyche A Neptunian spirit dancing in the narrow streets without age Insinuating the presence of past mysteries and intrigues Under the watchful presence of an unstable, emotional Moon Imprisoned in an atmosphere of jealousy, murder and intrigue And the sinister high-tide suddenly unfolding in a theatre of human faces forever celebrating Casanova style. This is Venice! gv

In Venezia By Giorgio Ventola

In Venezia By Giorgio Ventola

Giorgio Ventola

Photographer, Producer and Filmmaker Graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography/Film Born in Genoa, Italy Lives in Chicago, US


photographed Carnivale during a trip to Venice in the 90s as I was going trough a turbulent divorce. I used an old 5x7� Pentax camera with black and white film. The color photographs were made with a 35mm camera and Kodachrome film. My intention was to capture each representative costume and mask without the overwhelming crowd present at every moment.

In Venezia

By Giorgio Ventola