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DELL - Purely You Wall Street’s darling had a problem. Michael Dell had built his company on manufacturing efficiency, the ability to deliver cheaper than the other guy. But the other guy went offshore and Dell’s value proposition collapsed. Along with sales. We won $600 million in Dell billings with a simple insight. Because Dell built the computer you spec’d, ‘you never paid too much or settled for too little’. There are a lot of computers in the world but only one is YOURS. In essence, we took a fading business model and turned it into both a rational (didn’t pay too much)and emotional (built just for me) value. We also hipped up the brand with cooler spots, infectious pop music, and innovative marketing ideas. On the social media front, we made Dell an innovator again, by building a virtual store in Second Life. And long before Microsoft rebutted Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertising, we launched a clandestine viral video program that cost pennies and landed millions of eyeballs.

Click here to view spots, then select Factory, Tour, or Ride.

CAPITAL ONE - Pushpins When it purchased NorthFork Bank in New York, Capital One quickly went from a credit card provider to one of the biggest bank chains in the city. And, as in real estate and fastball pitching, the name of the game in retail banking is location. Using the red pin iconography of mapping programs like Google or Mapquest, we literally marked Capital One branches, with only minor carnage, showing exactly how convienent they were. We covered the city with pushpins, using them as directional signeage, in iphone apps, and even as a showstopping street level installation (below).

Check out the launch spot here, then click Pushpins.

COCA COLA - Pop Culture Few brands have been as intertwined with pop culture as Coca Cola. Over time Coke has amassed a vast library of content, over 125 years worth, ranging from Santa Claus to the Beatles, NFL stars to Polar Bears. We decided it was time for the world to see it. Pushing the boundaries of SEM, we presented a ‘pop up’ e-commerce window that blended Google search-generated images with relevant Coca Cola content. From there, people can order Coke branded products ranging from posters to playing cards. It’s a self-funding ‘brand love’ experience for fans of Coke and pop culture.

CAMPBELL’S SOUP There’s not much news in chicken soup. But in a project for BBDO/NY, we were able to spark a bit of buzz with a simple guerrilla installation in supermarkets. We literally repositioned the product from comfort food to cold medicine. We also converted the idea into posters that won recognition at several shows including D&AD. Turns out, chicken soup is not only good for the soul, it’s good for the book.

REGIONS BANK - Fancam How do you speak to a captive audience of over 70,000 fans? Ask them to say ‘Cheese’. Regions Bank is a major sponsor of the SEC Championship football game. To gain maximum exposure, we introduced the Regions Fancam, an integrated fan experience incorporating data collection, SMS, in-venue video, a teaser microsite, digital signage, online advertising and social sharing. Minutes before kickoff, we took a massive 360 degree high-resolution photograph of the entire stadium. By allowing fans to ‘find their game face’, we created a type pf digital bragging rights and drove social expansion. To extend the experience, we rolled out a series of hidden prizes and contests. In the end, a point in time was transformed into an engaged fan platform.

EMBASSY SUITES HOTELS Few categories rely on peer reviews as much as Travel. Embassy Suites Hotels have such loyal and vocal fans that we began to ‘skim’ their online reviews and drop them into banner ads in real time. From there, we created a social media aggregator, that rounded up all ESH reviews from TripAdvisor, Facebook and Twitter, and posted them with complete transparency. We took the existing consumer behavior and straightened the path, using earned media to create content in paid media that drove traffic to our owned media site.

MITSUBISHI When BBDO pitched Mitsubishi Motors, they were at a ‘make or break’ point in the US. They were getting confused with and undercut by cheaper Korean imports. My insight was to reestablish their ‘Japanese-ness’. Cars from Japan still had cache, and Japanese fashion, anime, and manga, was becoming cultural force. Yet, the other Japanese brands were racing to be as ‘American’ as they could manage. So we invented the idea if J-Cool, Japanese cool. And built a campaign injecting the work with Japanese music, style, and symbols, like the ancient tribal tattoo art shown here in print. By turning Japanese, we won the business and helped launch their most successful new model in years, the redesigned Eclipse.

KFC – Today’s Bucket List Serving a healthy family dinner is an important point of pride for busy moms. KFC is perceived as a wholesome alternative to most fast food options. Supporting mom has long been part of KFC’s DNA. SapientNitro proposed to take that support to a whole new level with a content hub named, Today’s Bucket List. Today’s Bucket List is a daily source of snackable content tailored for busy moms. Each day if offers a simple idea for making mom’s life a little better. The daily content ranges from ways to have fun with your kids, to how to be a better friend. The content is designed to be shared and there are points for participation. And KFC is positioned as a supporter and advocate for our most important segment, Mom.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS+CINGULAR/AT&T We launched Cingular as something different than just another mobile phone company, we created it as a platform for self-expression. We were constantly looking for interesting and inspiring answers to the question, “What do you have to say?� Cingular sponsored the Special Olympics and it was a natural place to find beautiful and emotion filled moments of expressiveness. View the spots here. I had such a positive experience that we went on to create a series of print ads directly for Special Olympics (following pages).

GEORGIA PACIFIC -Realtor Click here then Realtor to play spot.

ING -Your Number For many people, dealing with their financial future is scary and confusing. In the face of this, people often freeze, choosing to ‘deal with it later’. For ING, we broke through the paralysis by giving them a simple place to get started. It begins with Your Number. Your Number isn’t what you have, it’s what you’ll need to retire. It’s like the finish line to your financial race. Once you know where you are going, getting there becomes easier. We started by making an award-winning website to gently help find Your Number. Then we created a branded icon, giant orange dollar amounts, and worked it into all sorts of media, from online calculators to event sponsorships. We even placed runners in the NY Marathon carrying their Numbers. The effect was immediate, armed with their Number, people called ING’s financial planners. They found the first step so easy, they were eager to continue. Watch the spots here. Select Armour, Intro or Nurture.

As a PR stunt, we are co-writing a book of financial advice. The title, Our Two Cents: A Complete Financial Guide From The Experts At ING. The idea is to sell the book for literally two cents, and based on volume, break into the NY Times bestseller list. Imagine a two-hundred page branded ‘advertorial’ sitting on desks across the country.

JARDEN - Eastminster Kennel Club Holding company Jarden was looking for ways to create marketing efficiencies across their multiple pet grooming brands. SapientNitro conceived The Eastminster Kennel Club, a content platform, based on the idea that ‘every dog deserves to look their best’. Finding the sweet spot between the Dog Show frou-frou pets and backyard ‘outside dogs’, the EKC is designed to appeal to the emerging Pet Parent segment. By ‘sponsoring’ a hub for content and interactivity, the EKC changes the relationship between the Jarden brands and the consumer- moving from selling to advocacy.

DELL - To Be Connected... When Dell prepared to launch the Inspiron line, the world was on the cusp of a change. Computers were no longer number crunching machines, they were now devices that ‘Connect’. They could connect us to our friends, our passions, and our ‘stuff’. We repositioned Inspiron by demonstrating how we are all connected. We left room for the consumer to be part of the story by changing “to be continued” into the themeline, “To Be Connected...”

See the viral prelaunch film here. Select Connect.

CINGULAR/AT&T - Raising the Bar When Cingular merged with AT&T they instantly became America’s largest wireless carrier. But they were still getting killed where it mattered most: network quality. They were neither the biggest nor the best. But we discovered that where they had coverage, it was stronger than anyone else. Creatively, we found the perfect symbol to represent the network, a symbol that was always right at your fingertips - the five reception bars on your phone screen. I then wrote the themeline, Raising The Bar, to suggest a culture of continuous improvement (the line was judged on of the top 25 themelines of all time by the 4A’s). The five bars icon proved to be incredibly flexible, from sports sponsorships (basketball players lined up from point guard to center) to regional (see following pages) to retail. People even began to send us their ideas. This ad linked to an online contest for readers to find all the hidden five bar icons. (There are 58)

For expert analysis on Cingular/AT&T, click here.

Cingular/AT&T - Road Trip Click here and select “Road Trip”

REI - Find Out Nobody knows more, or cares more about the outdoors than the staff and patrons of outdoor retailer REI. But they wanted more people to share the love of outdoor experiences. For lots of people, the outdoors are scary and foriegn, and outfitters are filled with arcane gear and uberfit rock jocks. So we set out to open the doors by recruiting the millions of registered REI ‘members’ into an online community, a place where they could share their knowledge and experience. We launched the Find Out campaign as an invitation to discover the outdoors, but also to position REI as a friendly place where experts can answer any question. With a series of quirky questions (Do whales bite? Find Out.) and some radical outdoor installations, we made it clear, when it comes to the outdoors, ‘Newbies welcome’.

Mountaintop View

Street Level View

CAPITAL ONE - Astronaut Click here to play spot. Select Astronaut.

Cingular/AT&T - Viral Videos When things go horribly wrong, you are going to want a video cellphone handy to catch it. These experiences unfolded from TV teasers to viral videos to mock fan websites (like the band’s homepage, blazeofthunder. com). See the virals videos here, Select Band & Mascot.

CIGNA – The Wellys Healthcare giant Cigna’s customers are primarily other Fortune 1000 companies. Cigna engaged SapientNitro to develop ways to strengthen those B2B relationships. We answered with The Wellys, a competition to find the Healthiest Company in America. Companies compete across an array of factors from ergonomic seating to the availability of salads in the commissary. And employees can set and track health goals as well, like climbing the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Points add up and social challenges keep the interest high. Participating employees receive a special two sided trophy that lists the team level achievement son the ‘WE’ side and personal accomplishments on the ‘ME’ side. The winning company gets more than bragging rights, they receive special pricing from Cigna, a PR generating celebration, as well as a unique badge that is valuable to attracting the best talent. And employees learn to live healthier. So in addition to saving money, The Wellys truly save lives.

PEACE CORPS -How Far Will You Go? Joining the Peace Corps is not for everyone. Few are cut out to leave everything they know for two years, to selflessly help others. But for those special people, it can be an incredible life experience. We heard from countless returned volunteers that their contributions were far overshadowed by the rewards they received. Which led to our insight: ‘The more you give, the more you get’. We built an award-winning campaign which shared both the hardships and the friendships that are part of the PeaceCorps experience. And we wrapped up the work with a line designed to challenge and inspire, “Peace Corps. How Far Will You Go?” View the commercial here.











PEACE CORPS -The Hard Corps We are currently developing a reality television series depicting actual Peace Corps volunteers. It combines the exotic locations of The Amazing Race, with the positive volunteer spirit of Home Makeover.

BAYER ADVANCED INSECT SPRAY Click here to view spots, Bug and Sleepless.

Piedmont Park Conservancy -The Green Concert Who better to lead the green movement in Atlanta than a park? But a movement needs a flashpoint, something for people to rally around, so we created The Green Concert, and invited Dave Mathews (and this year, Paul McCartney) to perform. The entire event reinforced eco-awareness, from valet parking for bikes, to trashcan art, to a tree seedling giveaway for every fan. We even created concert posters with wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. The idea: steal the poster, then bury it for an instant garden.

Watch the video here.

Piedmont Park Conservancy - Expansion When the park needed funds to expand, we raised awareness, money, and eyebrows by taking the park to the people.

new trees, fresh grass. what we’re saying is,


Just thinking about all that work can make you really tired. Luck-


ily, and not coincidentally, we’ve also installed about 70 new park

Demystifying saliva.

benches to rest on.

This little haven of bliss has been in existence since 2002 when the Piedmont Park Conservancy

A simple guide to enjoying joy.

dedicated the land on behalf of our little four-legged friends and their two-legged masters. Landscaping,


Edge all paths, sidewalks, and curbs. Clean debris and leaves at all paths, walkways, contact points, bridges and sidewalks. Core aer-

water, fencing, trash cans, plastic bag dispensers to help with the proper disposal of you-know-what, and

Which brings us to the part of the ad where we explain who’s

ate all park lawns, including Oak Hill, the Mayor’s Grove, athletic

responsible for the ongoing restoration of this beautiful park. We

fields, and the Meadow. Manage all weed control and herbicide

call ourselves the Piedmont Park Conservancy. Where the city of

applications. Water and fertilize all newly planted trees, orna-

Atlanta stops, we start. Through private donations and fundrais-

mentals, and perennials. Maintain off-leash area, including trash

ing, we’ve been able to make all the improvements noted earlier.

a second fenced area for smaller dogs inside the dog park soon followed.

cleaner,PLACE greener, newer, more MIND enjoyable park than ever. . Because no matter what STOP IT.It’sTaHAT YOUR IS GOING

a perfectly watery palate. The anticipation of a great meal. A textbook

That’s right. Next time you visit, you’ll find the

And there could have been more. But for those beautiful 600

be carrying in-OUT your new $500,000 irrigation systems. Plant and maintain all beds,baggage it might NOW COMES THE HOLDINGaround -OUR-HANDS PART.mind, the word saliva has

case of proper digestion. And of course, the sight of dozens of slobbery-

paths are even narrower. Two feet less asphalt in

newly planted trees.

urns and planters with seasonal colo. Maintain all landscaping

mouthed happy dogs at play.*

Here at Piedmont Park, we’re paving the way. By unpaving.

amounts to almost 3 million square feet.

removal, mulching, spraying herbicide and mowing. Procure and install over 1,500 cubic yards of mulch. operate and manage five

most places, three feet less in others. edge. This provides a habitat and food for our wildlife friends.

parking on driveways? We’d rather you do anything but drive.

And it seems to fit our color scheme quite well.

Your feet would probably agree. Exactly when was the last time

House, Park Drive Bridge, 10th Street and Piedmont Edge tri-

We’ve even created green medians next to the roadways.

1,000 bales of pine straw mulch annually. The net net of all this: happy people.

In the last five years alone, 67 acres of grass have been added or And extremely busy maintenance people.

itches, or something.

cool season grass in the fall. Purchase and install

free, off-leash, as completely idiots at play. Likewise, it’s one of the few areas where humans are equally

And as any little kid can tell you, grass itches a lot. You simply need to get over that word. Saliva. And while you’re at

Yes, let’s talk about the best kind of saliva. The

at the thought, you will never fully enjoy many of life’s greatest wonders without becoming more comfortable with certain realities like

Step 3. Fling joy from hand with sharp flick of wrist.

transformed into joy loving idiots too.

100% pure unadulterated canine joy kind.

it, get over the thought of it as well. In truth, as much as you might cringe Please donate via or call Piedmont Park Conservancy at 404-875-7275.

Step 1. Wipe away joy with clean dry hand.

Step 2. Hold hand away from body.

Today, Piedmont Dog Park remains one of the few areas in metro Atlanta where dogs may run

of all Piedmont Park visitors donate. Most don’t know how. Until

to the pile of now. other whims people prefer never cross their minds. We’re not asking you to give until it hurts. Just give until it

angle; including weekly mowing, pruning, planting, fertilization, and herbicide application. Overseed

your toes touched sun? Or freshly mowed grass, for that matter?

restored to the Park. 67 acres. At 43,000 square feet an acre, that

gotten a bad wrap. An underdog. accused, Seriously, we could use any donation Falsely you can muster. Only .04% convicted, then exiled

around 12th & 14th Street gates, in-park monuments, the Bath We’ve even planted water-based native plants around the lake

You’ve heard the old joke about people driving on parkways and

And so the fun began.

If you’re a regular who knows all the tricks, such as the best time to grab a spot in the parking lot, and how to find the little path on the hill that drops Just north of the Park Drive bridge is the Piedmont Dog Park.

you right by the gate to the dog park, then you understand. As does the neophyte, who has stood at the fence of the dog park once or twice and witnessed the

Several acres of green space where dozens of dogs run, play, and gener-

instantaneous gush of “ohboyohboyohboyohboy” canine instinct that takes place the moment a dog enters the park’s gate.

ally act out their ridiculously beautiful dog happiness fantasies. Saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva,

However if you’ve never seen it, then you’re simply not in the club and are in dire need of a quick initiation.

saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva, saliva.

Running, playing, drinking at the fountain, sniffing any-

Good. Hope that helped. Saliva - a failsafe

more, wagging tails, licking, barking, catching Frisbees,

thing and everything, chasing thrown balls, sniffing a little

signal of true happiness, despite the fact that it remains a poorly stereotyped biological necessity.

Think of all the good stuff that is related to *The saliva generally stays on the dogs. There is no need to bring your own towel,

So now that we’ve put any saliva issues you might have behind you, it’s time to grab a blanket, lunch, tennis balls, Frisbees, a stick, sunscreen, sunglasses, dog biscuits, rawhide toys, pork chops, whatever you want. Just get in your car and give it a try. For no other reason than it’s good to enjoy joy.

chewing on sticks, staring at rocks, roving in packs, rolling on their backs, basically being shamelessly honest and working themselves into a state of perfect dog euphoria.

Please donate via or call Piedmont Park Conservancy at 404-875-7275.

365 days a year. Rain or shine.

unless the sight of so much joy makes you salivate to the point where you deem one necessary. The city agreed to lease office space to the conservancy in a build-

pole and head over to the newly renovated pier and brand new fishing

ing next to Magnolia Hall. Then it was time to start knocking on

docks at Lake Clara Meer. Then you can play angler and match wits

doors because the necessary improvements were going to take

with the thousands of fish that stock the lake.

a lot of money, from a lot of people. From the tiniest of individual donations to giant gifts from corporations, the funding

Which brings us to the 22 grills that didn’t used to be part of the park.

that has made the park’s resurgence a reality is a perfect example

Ahem. We’re kidding about that segue. We provide the grills, but the

of how an entire city can come together.

park is strictly BYOG (bring your own goodgrillingstuff). There’s

Today, all you have to do is spend five minutes in the park, and

trees on Oak Hill, every single bench in the park, all the plants and

also the Meadow’s 15 new acres of green space, the hundreds of new the changes are obvious. Take a run on the professional crushed-

flowers, and we’ll stop at the flowers because that’s about as mellow as

granite jogging track that encircles the Active Oval. Or play

it gets and we’re running out of space. In this ad, not the park itself.

volleyball, soccer, or softball on one of the brand new fields. Then, once you’re all sweaty, have a drink from one the snazzy

In reality, with the North Woods expansion, we’re actually adding 50

The little buggers are all over the place. On the grass, under trees, in the

A few of those concerned citizens held a strong belief that the park

new water fountains that you’ll find all over the park. And bring

acres of parkland, which will increase the park by more than 40%.

playground, on pathways, on the docks, everywhere. All sizes. All playful.

should be the people’s park, that it should be the kind of place that’s

your dog because the fountains have spouts on the ground for

Included in the project will be bicycle and walking trails, formal and

All happy.

filled with visitors representing all of Atlanta. And it should be fun,

them too. Then head over to the dog park and oh yeah, that

community gardens, children’s playgrounds, a skate park, athletic

happy, safe, beautiful, and countless other adjectives that would attract

wasn’t there 15 years ago either.

fields, and woodlands. Again, something for everyone.

This never-ending carnival of boys and girls hasn’t always been found in

crowds by the thousands on any given day. These visionary citizens got

Piedmont Park. Nor have the goings on of their parents or grandparents

together and formed the Piedmont Park Conservancy. And everything

or distant cousins. But they are all here now, and it’s a beautiful sight.

started getting all visionary.

infestations, they include everyone. So for the kids, parents,

and now all you have to do is look around to see it for yourself. Just

grandparents and distant cousins who are in the mood for some-

join right in.

The idea was to establish an independent organization whose sole

thing a little more mellow, a good way to start is to grab a fishing

For whatever reason, this hasn’t always been the case. Twenty years ago Piedmont Park was a much different green space than it is now, or than

purpose was to maintain and improve the park. The potential was clearly

it was in its earlier years. Its long history is rich with wonderful times and

there, the park just needed a little push to get going again. As it turned

many changes, but in the early ‘80s the park was simply a place many peo-

out, that push started something that’s exceeded even the wildest of

ple thought could be better.


You’re probably starting to see the picture. But like all good

The idea of a people’s park has been festering for quite some time,

Please donate via or call Piedmont Park Conservancy at 404-875-7275.

REI - GoPlaylist To promote outdoor retailer REI’s winter snowsports push, we created branded content called the GoPlaylist. We commissioned ten hot bands to write new songs inspired by skiing, boarding or snow. From rap to rock, the idea was to create a must have ‘soundtrack for winter’ downloadable to ipods. From there, we custom built music videos for the tracks, then paired each band with a vendor partner, like The North Face. By co-oping the content, we were able to pay for the whole shebang. We pushed the music and videos out using our site, vendor sites, and the band’s own fans. Then wrapped in an instore contest leading up to a mountaintop concert featuring fan favorite REI bands. Thanks to the GoPlaylist, cold became cool.

Watch the music videos.

CINGULAR/AT&T - Silence Your Cellphones Rarely does a client commission an ad asking people NOT to use their product, but that’s exactly what Cingular did. We set out to teach cellphone etiquette in movie theaters by introducing the world’s worst offender, The Inconsiderate Cellphone Man. We designed the work to echo the low-production values of a SNL skit, with an eye toward creating a pop cult character that folks would know and quote. And that’s exactly what happened, we got people talking, just not during the movie.

Click here to watch the in-cinema short.

CAPITAL ONE - Bringing Banking Out Of The Dark Ages Capital One made it’s name taking the hassles out of credit cards. Most famously by using plundering Visigoths to represent credit card fees. But with a move into retail banking, they needed a campaign that kept the hard won memorability of the Visigoths, but was relevant to a new category. Our insight: that with it’s rapacious fees, tortuous paperwork, and abusive customer service, retail banking hadn’t really changed in years, in fact, it was practically stuck in the dark ages. With villains as odious as ‘bankers’, we positioned Capital One to shake up the category as a heroic newcomer with a fresh approach to banking.

Click here to watch the commercials.



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