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==== ==== Are you claiming all you solar rebates? ==== ====

Research into available funding for green energy government incentives around the world yielded some amazing information showing just how much emphasis is now being placed on implementing green energy programs. In some cases solar energy projects ranging from extremely small to vastly huge ones are being used to provide energy in areas that have unreliable sources to none at all. I found fantastic examples of small entities building solar panel systems in India where they have historically experienced ongoing power outages and I read a report about a project in Ho Chi Minh city that has been able to provide energy to 172 rural households that have never before had the luxury of having household electricity. In almost every country in the world there are solar projects being implemented, either at government level where the average household income does not allow individuals to invest personally, to government incentives and rebates that encourage home owners to take the first step toward reliance on a renewable, sustainable energy sources. In Australian the government has pledged that 20% of all energy will come from green energy sources by the year 2020. They have now implemented a tax credit program but until 2009 had offered up to $8,000 in tax rebates. In the UK where we most people assume it rains for the majority of the time, the largest manufacturer of solar panels has just added 300 new jobs at its plant, an almost 40% increase in staffing. At every turn I found that there is a serious investment by governments to convert from fuel fossils to green energy and in most cases rebate or incentive programs for homeowners and businesses alike. The variety of incentive programs in the UK are impressive and include tax credits for energy assessments and considerable tax rebates for the implementation of green energy options outlined in the assessment. In Canada there are incentives at a federal level, but there is a huge variance at provincial level. in some provinces there are currently no green energy rebate programs at all while in others there are very generous rebate or incentive offers. In some provinces there are generous loan structures in place specifically for the installation of green energy projects while in others there are tax credits available. Likewise in the United States, it appears that each individual state has their own initiatives and in some cases there is an additional variance between cities within States making the gathering of information quite difficult. There are however some fantastic websites that offer easy to access information some of which

are listed on my website. Additional information is being gathered on an ongoing basis. The best advice I can give is, do the research BEFORE embarking upon any solar energy project and follow the rules to the letter to ensure that you are eligible for the highest possible return on your investment.

Learn more about government programs in your area and even find out how you can start implementing solar energy into your own home easily and affordably!

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==== ==== Are you claiming all you solar rebates? ==== ====

Worldwide Solar Panel Rebate Programs  

There are many different rebates available for you to claim if you purchase energy efficient equipment. For more information please go here...

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