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A church ceremony, an elegant reception and a ride in a limo are usually the components that make up a good wedding. Many brides and grooms, however, want their nuptials to be unique and memorable for years to come. One easy way to do this is to travel and have the wedding in some exotic location across the country or even the globe. Travel Destination Wedding Favors are available in many varieties to satisfy any engaged couple's wanderlust, and you don't have to worry about busting your budget to get them. Travel wedding favors and destination wedding favors don't necessarily have to be in the shape of an airplane or of the specific locale, but it's really fun if they are. For example, if the ceremony and reception are going to be somewhere tropical, some great favors for your guests could be flip flop shaped candles or beach themed candles. If you have a wonderful fairytale location like an old castle in Scotland, then a carriage shaped candle reminiscent of Cinderella is just the ticket. The key is to look around for creative and unique favors that will fit your situation. There are so many available on the market that with enough patience you'll find exactly what you need. A romantic beach wedding in Jamaica and a poetic garden ceremony in Ireland are just a few examples of wonderful destination weddings. An occasion so special deserves to be accompanied by travel wedding favors just as unique. What's great about this is that all of the different showers, parties and the reception are also going to be in an exciting location, so all the gifts and favors should complement the destination.

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Travel Weddings Are Not Like Traditional Weddings