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The HP TouchPad tablet is a relative newcomer on the tablet market today, but is quickly moving up in the rankings because of its ease of use and several things that are not offered on other popular tablets. The most important of these seems to be the use of Flash, which makes it easier to move through your browser and easily plays video and anything to do with pictures. The HP Pad has this, and that is what people are looking for in a touchpad. The HP TouchPad tablet is available in 16GB or 32GB, depending upon how much memory storage you're going to need. It has a 9.7" diagonal backlit LED touchscreen. Actually it's considered multi-touch, meaning that you can touch, flick, etc., and the digital tablet treats your finger like a mouse, it knows what you want. Some of the best features of the touchpad HP are: uses flash - so you can watch movies, move through the internet easily, listen to music, read books. Flash is a browser-based system that works on videos and content, working best on mobile devices such as the TouchPad and personal computers. easily multitasks - move easily from one task to the next, and groups activities together that are related. Have more than one screen open, so you can work on multiple tasks at the same time. This computer tablet uses the HP webOS 3.0 to making multi-tasking an easy task. hp synergy - for calendars, appointments, email all synched together from Google, Facebook, MS Exchange. You can have more than one email account open at once, and see all of your personal and work email separately or together. video calling - use this for video chat. You have a fullscreen full-color shot of the person you're talking to, and a smaller screen of yourself! snapshots - this sends you a snapshot of what's coming into your tablet. If you get a new email, message, or calendar events, you don't need to be interrupted. You just get a mini reminder of what's happening, and you can choose to deal with it now, or you can deal with it later. Some of the apps are limited on the HP Pad, but this is because it's new, and in time, there will be a huge assortment of apps to choose from. For now, the basic amounts of apps will have to do. Those who have bought the TouchPad HP have some amazing reviews to give it. It's rated 4.3 out of 5 stars among users, which is really high. If you want a good, competitive, flash-using PC tablet,

the HP TouchPad tablet may be a good choice for you.

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