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The iPod touch is new and a very handsome technology. It has many touch buttons, just remember to touch the screen before it turned black as it auto-locks! On your screen, the main menu buttons are: 1. mail 2. calendar 3. photos 4. contacts 5. YouTube 6. stocks 7. maps 8. weather 9. voice memos 10. notes 11. clock 12. calculator 13. settings 14. iTunes 15. music 16. videos 17. safari 18. app store If you touch your screen to the left, you have your iPod search! Then to the right, you have many game touch buttons plus the a note button, home budget, and flashlight! To the right most are more game buttons again, spell check button and Y! messenger, you can even have music album buttons, just remember that you can download your favorite games and more features from your mac or PC! For starting, it is better to navigate your setting button and study or read your manual. You can even set your clock right away from your clock touch button and select your time from the world clock! Or download your favorite tunes, you can download and install the latest version of iTunes! It has an included cable for connecting the iPod touch to the USB port in your mac or PC. Then you can start using it by following the onscreen instructions! Using your iPod means seeing the web up close! You can browse the web using wi-fi, you can double-tap any element, picture, text, or zooming in. Just double-tap again to zoom back out. Rotate iPod touch to see the web in widescreen. Just tap the multi-page button to flick between multiple web pages or open a new one. More from your web or PC, your app store is for browsing wirelessly tens of thousands of applications, like: 1. games

2. social networking 3. sports 4. travel Just browse by featured categories or top 25 or even more, search by name. To buy, just tap buy now and it will be downloaded directly to your iPod touch.

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