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Here's some useful information on best age to get pregnant. Age plays a crucial role if you want to get pregnant naturally. However there are cases of young women who do not conceive despite age being on their side. At the same time there are older women who manage to get pregnant naturally. In the present age most women take their careers seriously. Women want to be financially secured and well settled in their jobs before starting a family. Lot of thought and planning goes into the entire process of preparing for parenthood. However the decision to get pregnant cannot be postponed indefinitely. There is an age limit which must be taken into consideration while planning for a baby. As you age your physical capacity reduces. You become less fit to be able to carry a child in your womb. When you are young you are physically more capable and fit for conceiving a child. However young women are often immature emotionally to handle the responsibilities of parenthood. Scientific research has indicated that the most fertile years of a woman are from the age of 18 to 24. This does not mean that women over 24 will not be able to get pregnant. It only implies that the chance of conceiving quickly and effortlessly is best during this period. As a woman approaches her 30s the fertility starts declining. Again this does not mean that such women will not be able to have kids. It only means that the entire process becomes a little difficult. There are many advantages of having a baby at this stage of life. Most women are financially secure and emotionally mature enough to handle a baby at this age. Trying to have a baby when you're 35 and older can be a problem. As we age our chance of having healthy baby and safe birth decreases. However in terms of emotional capacity this is the best time to conceive and have a child. Biologically, the best age to get pregnant is between 24 and 35 years of age. Research has proven time and again that women in this age group have the best chance of a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Complication during birth and chances of birth defect goes up as you age. Women in late thirties or early forties can conceive naturally. The risk of complications and birth defects is higher when you conceive at this age.

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