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Information is key to providing a terrific customized senior shoot for your clients. By gathering the information suggested in this article you can better prepare yourself and help your clients prepare themselves for their senior photo shoot. Prior to the shoot, you should find out the following: Information for an Effective Senior Photoshoot What activities he or she participated in while in High School. The session is after all a way to remember high school. This information will help you personalize and customize the shoot. How the senior (and his parents) would like to display the images. If they are planning on one large portrait for the side of the wall than you can shoot and edit to accommodate this desire. If they would like to create a wall grouping you can shoot and edit so that you have images of a wall grouping that fit aesthetically together. If they plan on using the images mainly for digital distribution, Facebook, texting, blogging, etc., you can customize colors to match their blog or website or provide a variety of different looks for each image. Where the senior would like to have the portraits taken. Many photographers offer both a studio and on site location option in their packages. By asking about the off site location early, a photographer can encourage the senior to begin thinking of a location that will mesh with their personality. What props the senior would like to bring to the shoot. If this is asked early in the process a rush decision can be avoided and the session will be shot with props that have been given careful consideration. A photography business needs to customize its services to the seniors, their clients. This can be effectively done by gathering appropriate, relevant information.

Vanessa is an Orange County Senior Portrait Photographer who works with a number of Newport Beach Photographers. Stephen is a photography business developer and has published numerous articles relating to photography business tips.

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==== ==== Some very useful information for Seniors? ==== ====

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