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There is no doubt that mobile phones are a significant part of modern living. These devices have taken over landlines and have changed the way we communicate. A billion dollar industry has also grown with the popularity of cell phones and the services that power them. Carriers and manufacturers have created devices and programs that are fitted for all ages including senior citizens. When the Jitterbug cell phone was released as a simple device designed for the elderly, the potential of senior citizens as a niche for mobile phone services became evident. In an effort to take control of the senior citizen market, mobile phone carriers launched programs and cell phones for seniors. It turned out that programs and mobile phones for senior citizens are also beneficial to disabled persons. After all, both groups often suffer from similar ailments such as frail limbs and diminished senses. Let me offer some information on devices for seniors and disabled persons. Let us begin with ideal mobile phones for seniors. The elderly usually require simple mobile phones because of their condition. They would normally prefer basic phones because these devices have no frills and are easy to use. A complicated handset will only cause problems for seniors and disabled persons because they require more instructions. Handsets that have large keys are also ideal cellphones for seniors. Senior citizens usually have frail fingers or weak eyesight so a device that allows them, to dial by feel will be suitable for their condition. The keys must also be easy to press so that weak fingers do not have to exert a lot of force. The keys should be also spaced wide apart so that the elderly will be able to choose the correct key more easily. A large screen is also an ideal feature of a cell phone for seniors. The elderly and disabled will be able to see any information on the device more easily if it has a large screen. Most fashionable or stylish phones have small keys so they may not be the best types of mobile phones for seniors. It would also help if the handset has large fonts that would help seniors see the numbers or letters in the screen. The size is also a good factor in judging if a handset is suitable for your grandparents. A very small phone would not be ideal; because seniors will have difficulty holding them and they might be dropped too easily. A very large phone would not also be good because it would be too heavy for the weak hands of seniors and disabled persons. The device should have the right size and weight that would be suitable for persons who are 65 years old and older. Durability is also a trait or attribute that a cellphone for seniors should possess. It should be able to

withstand the shock of being dropped several times. Seniors and si9sabled persons are prone to dropping objects so a device that can still function after being dropped would be a good candidate for a senior phone. Mobile phone service providers also offer services for senior citizens. For instance they offer plans that are designed explicitly for the needs of senior citizens. These mobile phone plans for seniors offer a special cheap price and enough monthly minutes to cover the needs of a senior. Long distance calls are free in these plans to allow seniors to contact friends and family all over the county. Those are the some of the basic information on mobile devices for the elderly. I'm sure more devices and services will be launched to cater to seniors in the future. If you are looking for a device for a senior member of your family, then you may use these tips to help you find the right handset.

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==== ==== Some very useful information for Seniors? ==== ====

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