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==== ==== Have you got acne and would like some help with it? ==== ====

Your world has been rocked with the nasty acne, and your doctor is trying to tell you there are different kinds of acne, so treatment can be done only after diagnosing the root cause. You might heard of a few of them, the more common varieties such as acne vulgaris or acne rosacea, which you must have seen on the news or surfing the net. When you do realize what you have is not just a boil, but a full blown acne, you need to find out what kind it is before trying to solve the problem. Just like having a cold doesn't necessarily mean it is a common cold, it could be an allergy, or viral infection. The person needs to consult their doctor, to identify the type of acne, the causes for the same before taking medication or applying any anti acne ointment. If you are an adult, who has suddenly seen an outburst of acne, it could be due to various reasons. Some of them being hormonal imbalances, pollutants in air, stress or adverse reactions to certain medications you have been taking for other ailments you have. These are just a few of the kinds, research and study shows that there are various others factors, although the main are hormones for men and women alike. Another kind of acne is the Acne Cosmetic, a funny name for acne, but it was probably christened so because it is related to the kind of cosmetics the person might be using that perhaps does not suit their skin type or they are allergic to certain particles that go into the making of the product. Talking about this kind of acne, a person's skin and the pores react adversely and so the cosmetics being used need to be analyzed and maybe the brand should be changed. This is probably why doctors advise patients to do an allergy patch test before using any product that could have chemicals in them. Some of the other interesting kinds of acne are Acne Congoblata, which occurs due to hereditary reasons and there is no explanation why a person gets this form of acne. Unlike other acnes, this appears on the face and back, leaving behind visible scars. And there is no complete cure for this acne, so one needs to let nature take its course and pray the scars are not deep. A kind of acne caused due to heavy usage of soaps and detergents, or due to an ingredient in the soap a person uses is Acne Detergens. For this, people need to stop using that particular soap, and switch to alternative brands. This might seem all too overwhelming, but there are few more varieties of acne going around the world, which goes to show how big a problem these little zits are. And finally, Acne Pomade, is what happens when oil or creams used in our hair enters our face, or typically our forehead which causes skin irritation and clogging leading to acne.

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==== ==== Have you got acne and would like some help with it? ==== ====

Different Kinds of Acne and Treatments