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Planning a wedding is an exciting but sometimes complex undertaking for both the bride and groom. Simply trying to decide upon a wedding location alone can be overwhelming when you first began to explore the vast amount of choices available to you. If you've narrowed your options down to a California venue, you may want to explore the prime wedding locations situated around the alpine town of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California and is home to one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world. Many of the ceremony sites in Tahoe are outdoors in forest-like settings or on the sandy beaches along the lake. There are many first-rate chapels available as well for those who prefer an indoor wedding, somewhat of a more popular choice in wintertime. Outdoor Wedding Locations Some of the trendy outdoor wedding locations around the lake favored by wedding planners and couples alike include Emerald Bay, Kiva Beach, Camp Richardson Resort and Marina, Regan Beach, Lakeside Beach, Round Hill Pines Beach and Marina, Zephry Cove Resort, and Logan Shoals. The latter three venues, Round Hill Pines, Zephry Cove, and Logan Shoals, are located across the state line in Nevada. Chapels and other Indoor Wedding Venues If your preference is an indoor setting, the highly recognized wedding chapels on the south shore of Tahoe include Lakefront Wedding Chapel, Chapel of the Bells, Timber Cove, Valhalla Grand Hall, The Fantasy Inn, and Harvey's Wedding Chapel located in Harvey's Casino Hotel. The Montbleu, a casino across from Harvey's, also has a wedding chapel that offers an aerial view of Tahoe as it is located on an upper floor of the hotel. Each outdoor wedding location and each of the chapels all have an atmosphere unique to itself. The wedding location at Emerald Bay, for example, is situated on a secluded bluff on the west shore in California 300 feet over the water overlooking Lake Tahoe. It is perfect for a sunrise wedding. In contrast, Logan Shoals is located on the Nevada side on the east shore with the actual ceremony site situated on a rocky embankment that gives the affect that you're hovering over the water. This wedding site is perfect for a sunset wedding and superb for after-ceremony photography. If an indoor location is desirable, Lakefront Wedding Chapel consists of a modernized lakeside chapel adjacent to the water with a terrific view. There is also a terrace connected to the chapel providing the same fantastic view of the lake should you opt to go outdoors. Reception hosting is also available at Lakefront in their banquet rooms. Alternatively, Chapel of the Bells is just down the street and provides a small but quaint feeling in a cottage-styled edifice. Small receptions can

be hosted there as well, but they would take place outside in the garden area. The available options for a choice Lake Tahoe wedding location are plentiful, each offering its own charm and diversity. If it's an indoor chapel with a view or an outdoor beachside setting you favor, Tahoe can definitely provide what you're looking for and accommodate most any couple's aspirations. With each venue having its own distinctive appeal, the selection may be challenging. But, rest assured your special day will take place in unprecedented beauty no matter where around the shores of Tahoe you designate to commemorate your event of a lifetime.

Explore the beauty of the many Lake Tahoe wedding locations around the lake and check out photos of local chapels and other Lake Tahoe Weddings being performed in various outdoor settings.

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==== ==== Do you need help choosing where to hold your wedding? ==== ====

Choice Wedding Locations Around Lake Tahoe  

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