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Are you like me and have acne prone skin?  Do you usually keep an eye out for the next product to clear your skin?  Stop your search and try using baking soda for acne instead.  Now don't think I'm crazy.  It's very cheap and it's readily available almost anywhere.  On top of that, baking soda for acne gets the job done!  I'm no dermatologist but I know results when I see them.  You don't need anything special to make this work.  All you need is soda and some water.  Nothing fancy, water from the faucet works just fine.  It's been argued that you need Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner and I'll go into detail later. All you need to do mix some baking soda for acne and water into a paste. You don't want it super thick, nor do you want it to runny. The reason behind this is the baking soda acts as a light (very light) exfoliator that clears away dead skin, unclogs pores, and deep cleans them. When you do make the paste, opt for more thick over runny as it will exfoliate better. You want the consistency to be so that the paste sticks to your face when you apply it, but it isn't clumpy. Don't stress over this to much as it will work pretty well no matter what. Gently apply the baking soda for acne paste to your face.  Personally I apply it using small circles as they help me maintain a very gentle touch throughout the process.  It may sting the first few times you use this on your face.  This goes away as your skin get's used to it.  If instead you find your face burning, make sure you're didn't use baking powder instead of baking soda.  They are two entirely different products and baking powder will burn like heck!  Anyways after letting it do it's magic, you'll want to rinse your face off pretty thoroughly. Now I mentioned before about using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner. I personally buy into this idea as the skin has to maintain a certain pH balance and baking soda is a strong base. So after you've cleansed all the baking soda off, you might want to take a 70% water/30% ACV toner and splash it on your face. You can just let that dry or you can rinse it off after a few minutes if you don't like the smell. Be careful as using baking soda for acne has the tendency to dry your skin out.  This is more so at the beginning at first until your skin gets used to it.  While you're skin is still adapting and even afterward, you'll want to make sure you're moisturizing.  Also, to avoid excessive drying, only do this 3 times a week at a maximum.  This provides a nice balance of keeping your face clear without drying it out to much. While I love how great this makes me look and feel, I love the cost even more.  The baking soda for acne option is less than a dollar if just using that and the apple cider vinegar can be bought for around $5.  Give this a try today; you really have nothing to lose and everything

to gain.

While the baking soda for acne method works great for acne prone skin, it along with other acne treatments, will never cure you. That's because they only work skin deep when in fact the acne problem stems from inside your body. Discover how to get clear skin the right way, from the inside, and you'll quickly and naturally become clear.

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