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==== ==== Have you got acne and would like some help with it? ==== ====

At first, all pimples may look alike. Upon closer inspection however, one will realize that pimples come in different shapes and vary in severity. There are small and big pimples. There are also red, brown, white, and black pimples. Pimples start out when a hair follicle undergoes blockage. As more oil is poured into the blockage, the comedo reaches bursting point and manifests as a pimple. Acne which is not inflamed, or involves a closed comedo is regarded as a whitehead. The follicle stays beneath the skin, and acne is visible to the naked eye as a small white hill on the skin. On the other hand, blackheads occur when the comedo bursts through the skin layer and builds up melanin. Blackheads are commonly known as inflamed acne. A papule is another kind of inflamed acne, and it resembles a pinkish hill appearing during acne outbreaks. These pinkish hills are painful when touched, and can evolve from mild to severe inflammation. Pustules, on the other hand, are similar to papules, except that they are larger, and manifest as circular lesions. Pustules are usually accompanied by pus, and appear as a red hill with a yellow or white center. Pustules are brought about by irritation due to sebum. Nodules are the most serious among all kinds of acne. This type of acne is brought about by pus-bearing lesions affect the skin. It usually involves an immune system reaction to the spilled contents of a comedo. The immune system compensates by making the affected area produce pus. Acne conglobata is a very rare kind of acne, manifests by spreading pustules and nodules along specific areas of the body. Chest, back, and buttocks are usually the targets of this kind of acne. Acne cosmetica is a minor kind of acne triggered by topical drugs. Such drugs can come in the form of cosmetics. Acne cosmetica usually displays itself as small pinkish hills on the chin, forehead, and cheeks. In order to resolve any kind of acne, it is highly important to consult your skin care specialist.

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==== ==== Have you got acne and would like some help with it? ==== ====

An Overview on the Different Kinds of Acne  

Nearly everybody gets some form of acne in their lifetime, but getting rid of it is usually the prolem. For information to help please go h...

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