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==== ==== Discover some great ways of getting rid of your acne marks ==== ====

So you have acne marks which are left over from your severe acne condition, and you want to know how you can remove them safely without causing any damage to your skin? You also want to remove them using only 100% natural home remedies, because the over-the-counter products you've used in the past are useless, and do more harm than good! Good, you've come to the right place. I'm about to list some home remedies that will remove your acne marks in just a few weeks, if you consistently use the actions I'm about to give to you. 3 Home Remedies To Remove Acne Marks Lemon juice and rose water makes up an effective solution that can get rid of your acne, and the marks left behind by acne. And from my personal experience it's the most effective out of any other acne treatments. What you do is actually quite simple, you mix these two ingredients together, 50/50% each. Then you apply the solution to a cotton pad or sponge which you then apply to your acne marks. Leave on for 30 minutes or so, then wash off with warm water! Another home remedy that will remove your acne marks is fresh garlic. Get some fresh garlic bulbs, crush them up into tiny pieces then apply the crushed garlic to your acne marks, then wash off after 20 minutes. It's as simple as that! Orange zest is also a good home remedy used by people who want to get rid of their acne marks. If you use these 3 effective home remedies consistently, you will soon be rid of your acne marks forever!

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==== ==== Discover some great ways of getting rid of your acne marks ==== ====

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