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Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Celebrates 30 years in the Insurance Business

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers celebrates 30 successful years in the insurance business. For three decades in the industry, they have been helping out clients with personal insurance, commercial insurance and aviation insurance. Apart from regular insurance needs, they have been serving clients for Professional Indemnity Insurance, Home insurance, Landlord Insurance needs. They have been providing a complete insurance cover for professionals, who require professional risk insurance due to the critical importance of their professional roles. If anything goes wrong while someone is at the helm of the affairs in their respective jobs, then their Professional Indemnity Insurance will cover the liability. Their personal insurance like home and contents insurance cover events such as fire, theft, storm, liability and malicious damage. Their home insurance offers the complete peace of mind to the owner as insurance cover will help in case of any damage caused to the home and content. They also offer landlord insurance which insures any possibility of loss of rent or even malicious damage to the landlords’ property. They offer specialized landlord policies which provide extra cover for the loss due to damage done by tenants, rent default from the tenant’s side or any sort of loss of rent due to natural calamity.

About the Company Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd is a licensed insurance broker from Cairns, with a highly qualified team, who serves their clients by helping them to identify the risks they are exposed to and by proposing ways in which to transfer their risks to the commercial insurers. Their expert knowledge of

insurance markets enables them to offer professional advice and the highest standards of service.

Bill owen insurance brokers celebrates 30 years in the insurance business