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2013 Reporter of the Year nomination Idaho Statesman reporter Katy Moeller Some reporters are good feature writers, yearning to write fun stories about unusual and oddball happenings. Some reporters have a hunger to break news, to never get beat. Some reporters have big hearts and want to write stories about people affected by events out of their control. Some reporters love animals and want to watchdog the people and institutions charged with their care and protection. Some reporters want to hold the powerful accountable for the way they run their public institutions or spend public money. Some reporters want to see injustices righted and the powerless given a voice. Some reporters have a broad and insatiable curiosity that makes them interested and engaged in almost any subject. And then there is Katy Moeller, one of very few reporters about which you can say: All of the above. Katy’s diversity and curiosity is on display every Sunday, when she serves as the Statesman’s lone reporter/editor: Watching breaking news, preparing for the print editions and keeping the Statesman’s website, Twitter and Facebook feeds busy with lively news, links, observations, questions, photos and videos. For that alone she would be worthy of nomination for the way she juggles formats and platforms and weaves the work of herself, her colleagues and the wider world together on our digital news sites. But it’s the enterprising approach she takes to even the most routine assignment that makes her overall work masterful. She combines the latest digital tools with oldfashioned shoe-leather reporting. She is dogged without being rude, insistent and persistent without losing people’s cooperation and trust. She doesn’t take no for answer, and her sources respect her for that. When news broke of two suspicious fires in the tiny Idaho hamlet of Emmett, Moeller got to the scene for a compelling first-day story. But she stayed at it, even when other reporters had moved on to other stories, traveling back to bug the courthouse personnel for documents and to chat up reluctant residents for a story about the arson suspects. When a Valley women’s crisis shelter stopped paying its staff, Katy dug deeper rather than accept bland explanations of cash-flow issues. She wrote about the Idaho Humane Society’s plans for a massive new shelter and clinic that would bring the nonprofit new clients and new revenue — and then reported about efforts by local veterinarians worried about competition who asked lawmakers to limit how the charity’s shelter can operate and expand. In telling the stories behind missing persons, people who won’t stop looking for lost loved-ones, the wife of an Idaho pastor jailed in Iran, the battles of a small city with the powerful owner of a new concert house – Katy always finds the right details, sources and

back story. It’s a true honor to be able to nominate Katy Moeller as Idaho’s reporter of the year. Respectfully, Bill Manny Idaho Statesman Local news editor

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