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BROW STATION SET U P: • Brow Buddy Tool • White Pencil • Spoolie Brush • Pencil Sharpener • Scissors • Strips • Eyebrow Applicators • Tweezers • Cotton Rounds • Aloe Vera • Post Treatment Oil • Hand Mirror • Brow Powder • Brow Gel • Brow Duo Pencil • Brow Brush • Smudge Brush



“The Most Genius Eyebrow Tool Ever! Seriously! It Gets You Perfect, Totally Symmetrical Brows!”


FIN DING YOUR STA RT Place the Brow Buddy flat against your face IN THE CLOSED POSITION with your nose in the center. This is where your brow will START. Using the white pencil, draw a thin line on the inside of the tool.


FIN DING YOUR ARCH Look straight ahead and extend the prong until it lines up with the outside corner of your iris (the colored part of your eye). This is your ARCH. Using the white pencil, draw a thin line on the inside of the tool.


FIN DING YOUR EN D Extend the prong until it lines up with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow will END. Using the white pencil, draw a thin line on the inside of the tool.


ESTABLISHING THE TOP OF YOUR BROWS Once you have your start, arch, and end points, you can now connect the lines. Following your natural brow line, draw a line to connect the start, arch and end points on the bottom of your brow.


ESTABLISHING THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BROWS Following your natural brow line, draw a line to connect the start, arch and end points on the top of your brow. This will create an outline that should look like the photograph to the left.


TW EEZE AN D APPLY MA K EU P Use this outline as a guide to tweeze anything that falls above or below the guidelines you have created. From here, you can also apply brow powder or pencil inside the outline. Once you are happy with the look, wipe away the guidelines and any excess pencil. VoilĂ , Billion Dollar Brows!

STEP 2: TRIMMING • Take your spoolie brush and brush the brow hairs up. • Now take a look at your white lines so that you have a clear view of which hairs fall outside your white lines showing you where to trim.

• Trim on the angle, and only trim in small sections.

STEP 3 : WA XI NG • Using your white lines as a guide, start with the top of the brow. • Apply a thin layer in the direction of hair growth directly over the white lines. • Apply wax and strip in two separate passes. • Repeat the same process under the brow. • Wax between the “A” starting points. • Repeat same technique and order on the opposite brow. • Remember to never wax the same area more than once. This can irritate the skin. Any stray hairs that were not removed by waxing can be removed in the next step, tweezing.

STEP 4: TWEEZING • Begin by tweezing the stray hairs that were not removed by waxing. • Next, using your spoolie brush, comb the brows up to find the “B” point to determine which hairs need to be tweezed in order to create the arch. • Remember, by using the white lines as your guiding points, you can safely prevent over-tweezing. • Apply the same technique for both brows, top and bottom. • Remove any hairs between the “A” starting points. • Remember that less is more with trimming, waxing, and tweezing.

STEP 5: COOLING ALOE VERA GEL AND POST TREATMENT OIL • Using the cotton rounds, apply the aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and prepare it for the makeup application. • To add to your client’s experience, gently massage the client’s temple and brow using the post treatment oil. • This is a soothing experience and will also remove any white lines that may remain. • Wipe away any excess oil with a tissue. • Now your client’s skin is prepped and ready for makeup application.

STEP 6: APPLYING THE BROW DUO PENCIL • Using your Brow Duo Pencil and Smudge Brush, apply the concealer end above and below the brow line as well as any areas you notice redness from tweezing. • Use the smudge Brush to blend in the concealer. • Now flip the Brow Duo Pencil over to the highlighter end and apply on the brow bone following the arch. • Use the smudge brush to blend in the highlighter to the brow. • This will define your brow shape and add a pop of color.

STEP 7: APPLY ING T HE BROW POWDER • Choose the appropriate color for the client. • A little bit goes a long way, so dab your brow brush into the powder and tap off excess powder. • Following the brow shape, apply in small, hair-like brush strokes. • Using the spoolie end, be sure to blend in well. This will create a natural beautiful finish.

STEP 8: APPLYING THE BROW GEL • Using the wand applicator, brush the brow hairs up and into the arch so that you accentuate the arch. • Repeat on both eyebrows.

STEP 9: T HE “WOW” MOM E NT The big reveal: Hand the client a hand mirror, allowing them to admire their new Billion Dollar Brows.

STEP 10: RETA IL CONSULTATION Advise the client on what products you used on them, which additional products they may need, and how they should apply them at home between appointments to enhance their brows and recreate the look.


BDB Training Protocol  
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