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The Plain Truth

About brows Everything you need to know about brows, but were afraid to ask.

Natalie Plain, Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Brows with Carolyn Ann Smuts

SOME EYEBROW RAISING FACTS! Here’s the low-down on looks: The very first thing a person notices about you is your face. Faces express our joy, our sorrow, our happiness, our confusion, and every feeling in between. Now, imagine trying to express any of these emotions WITHOUT eyebrows. It is almost impossible! Iconic comedian George Carlin once noted that the reason humans think dogs have personalities and cats do not is because dogs have eyebrows. It’s worth a thought. Brows allow our faces to maximize their emotional potential AND their beauty potential. Its our mission to unleash the power of your eyebrows! We know that people want simple, easy-to-follow instructions and advice that will make a difference in their appearance and their life and that’s why we offer you THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT EYEBROWS. PAGE 12

CHAPTER 1 // why eyebrows?

The Plain Truth is that we could begin here by telling you that your eyes are a window to your soul, but we won’t. While there may be some truth to the old adage, the fact is your eyebrows play a bigger role than you think and they are more important than some clichÊ might indicate.

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces and yet they are often the most neglected. This is not just a book about beauty and glamour; our aim is to help you put your best foot forward and, Plain and simple, the best place to start is with your eyebrows. Achieving brow bliss is the simplest, most inexpensive, and most amazingly effective way to change the way you look and feel. It is true you cannot achieve the highest levels of beauty or glamour without a well-shaped brow.




WHY ARE WE SO PASSIONATE? We want you in-the-know! It is so easy to neglect your brows and so simple to change the way you look and feel by bringing out their beauty. It is our mission to teach people to maximize their beauty potential by mastering their brows!

Our credentials are impressive and you can trust us to guide you. We know what we are talking about! The professionals at Spa Nordstrom, Regis Salon, Color Salon at Caesars Palace, and Amp Salon at the Las Vegas Palms Hotel have all trained to shape eyebrows the Billion Dollar Brows way. We have been featured on T.V. numerous times, most notably on The Doctors, E! News, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and we have also been highlighted in many national magazines, including Self, Redbook, Vanity Fair, and New Beauty. Industry professionals and celebrities have known about Billion Dollar Brows for a long time but there is simply no reason why every person who wants to look their brow best should not be in-the-know.

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Megan Fox



Brooke Shields

Lucy Liu

CHAPTER 2 // what’s in a face?

CELEBRITY BROWS The Plain truth is, most of the time celebrities become famous because they are genuinely beautiful. On top of that, let’s face it, they have the money to maximize what nature gave them AND they have constant input from multiple high-end, professional stylists that most of us never get. The result is that they usually look FANTASTIC and ooze polished, cutting-edge beauty. We expect celebrities to look their best and act as our style icons; it is safe to say they are unlikely to sport straggly, unkempt eyebrows that would detract from their allure. Look at the faces walking down the red carpet at the Academy Awards Ceremony. Each face is gorgeous, each is impeccably styled, and not ONE face shares the same eyebrows. Celebrity stylists know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eyebrows. Every face is unique with distinct features, nose width, and eye shapes, and every face deserves to be treated like an individual.

Pop Quiz :

Can you guess whose beautiful br ows these belong to? PAGE 25

ANSWER: Kim Kardashian

The brow artists at our Beverly Hills salon cater to celebrities, musicians, and style icons of every sort giving them a unique perspective on eyebrow “trends.” While it is the Billion Dollar Brows philosophy to uncover each person’s unique natural beauty, many clients visit looking to replicate the look of a famous person. In recent years, some of the most often-requested eyebrows belong to Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Eyebrow “trendiness” is a fad to be avoided. Yes, different celebrity “looks” can epitomize the look of an era, but the bottom line is your face is your own and going to extreme lengths to copy someone else’s eyebrows is simply not a good thing. Look at these photos of Penelope Cruz and Jessica Alba with their own eyebrows and then with each other’s. It is amazing how a beautiful woman and an equally beautiful set of eyebrows do not necessarily look good together.


CHAPTER 2 // what’s in a face?

IT’S AN UNDENIABLE TRUTH THAT WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON ONE PERSON WILL NOT NECESSARILY LOOK GOOD ON ANOTHER. Real Hollywood glamour and beauty come from honest assessment of individual faces.

Penelope Cruz

with Jessica Alba’s brows

Jessica Alba

with Penelope Cruz’ brows



The Plain Truth About Brows // Sample  

The Plain Truth About Brows // Sample