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It is very common for there to be a picture/portrait of the artist on a cd cover. Even if it Is not a photograph as such, there will be some form of drawing or a cartoon on the front.

Again the most popular answer. Seeing as there is more than one person being in my video, I will have to think And research of album covers containing more that one person in them.

I thought more thank one person would of answered colorful because It is what grabs the audiences attention. The genre of music I am doing is a 50’s style of music. I imagine the band to be cool looking all in suits and such so I may use deep reds, blacks with a splash of bright color here and there to engage the audiences Attention.

Having the artists name and the album name on the CD cover is extremely Helpful. Some artists don’t do this which I find odd, how do you know what you are buying exactly? I was going to have both names on the album anyway, because having just a picture Is a tad silly.

Having all of these features inside the sleeves is a great way to connect with the fans and the Audience. Lyrics are easy to put in, My band isn't real, but maybe use the names who Helped make the video. I have pictures of “behind the scenes� so I may input those for fun. I wont have images from the video though, there is the actual video for that!

On the back of the album, I intend to have the list of “Other songs� included in the album. I haven't yet come across an album that just has a picture on the back, but I have seen one with just the text against a black background. It looked nice, but not my cup of tea.

You have to think about everything when designing an CD. The top left corner is where the majority of song lists go, one reason why this was a popular Answer to have. But having the song list in the middle of the page is very Odd, yet different.

I had no idea what I wanted the font to be like or what to expect from the answers. Although I was hoping for nothing to tricky. Number 5 was the most popular answer and the one that would probably fit The genre of music better than the others. I don’t have to copy this exact font style, it gives me a few more ideas.

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