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FIFA 14 Versions of Next-gen to Release in November with Upgrades

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is scheduled to ship on September 24th in North America and worldwide 27th across current generation consoles mainly including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC; FIFA 14 demo released last week and the discussion among fans is still in a full swing. EA Sports makes a big announcement off the heels of this hot news that some of the various next-offers available for its sports title, FIFA 14 are listed. Numerous retailers are offering opportunities to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers to upgrade their experience when the new consoles launch in November. Various retailers such as Gamestop, Best Buy, Amazon, and Future Shop that offer Microsoft Xbox One have released distinctive pre-order and upgrade promotion activities. GameStop offer a $50 trade-in credit to gamers who place an order of FIFA 14 within the first month of Xbox One release and upgrade to the next-gen version; gamers who pre-order with Best Buy will get a gift card from the retailer with a $40 value whose validity is last at the end of the year; Amazon give away $25 bonus credit to games when trade-in and upgrade FIFA 14 from Xbox 360 to Xbox One; Games who trade in FIFA 14 version of Xbox One with Future Shop are able to get a $60 credit. Future Shop offers the same promotion for PlayStation 4 gamers as well. EA Sports eliminated fans' worry about if they would have been wasting all-year-long time to craft their own unique squads by announcing that they are able to share and transfer their FIFA points and Ulitemate Team content from current generation versions to the next generation of console after Xbox One and PS 4 versions release. EA Sports affirmed that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team's full-roster, in-game items and ingame currency FIFA coins will be accessible between both the Xbox 360 and Xbox

One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Both current- gen and next-gen consoles will appear all changes made in FUT 14. Later EA Sports declared that gamers would be allowed to have a one-time transfer for the FIFA Points. Now there are more next generation carry-over confirmation that has been made, such as Seasons Progress, Trophy Room, Virtual Pro Look and Accomplishments, Career Pro Boost's and etc. More detail please go to EA Sports' official website or futhead news. Microsoft has announced that its Xbox One will kick off on Friday, November 22th; Sony has confirmed PlayStation 4 to be arrived in North America on November 15th and Europe on November 29th. Cheap FIFA coins: By Zoe

Fifa 14 versions of next gen to release in november with upgrades