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The Raleigh Racquet Club Newsletter

4th Quarter 2012

Special Edition During 2012, our there were many special achievements by RRC members, both on and off the tennis courts. This newsletter is a special edition to recognize some of these achievements. Most of the recognitions are from the latter part of the year and we apologize, in advance, for anything that was missed. We would like to continue recognizing members for their tennis related accomplishments and will do so with a quarterly edition of the newsletter. Please submit items for recognition to the General Manager at

USTA NC Award Winners Several members of the Raleigh Racquet Club family were honored at the North Carolina Tennis Weekend Jan 25 – 27 in Pinehurst having been selected for awards. Our winners included: Barbara Kelley Senior Player of the Year (Female) Carolina Blouin Player of the Year (Female) Savannah Taranto Junior Sportsmanship Award (Female, 16’s)

Jim Chavasse National Champion In October, RRC member Jim Chavasse won the USTA National Men’s 90’s Clay Court Doubles Championship in Pinehurst. Jim partnered with Bob Sherman of Santa Barbera, CA to capture the title. Jim is no stranger to national competition. This is actually his 3rd national doubles title. He was also a finalist in the men’s 90’s singles competition two years ago. Earlier this year, Jim won the Men’s 90’s singles title at the North Carolina State Games.

Sullivan Morgus Junior Sportsmanship Award (Female, 12’s) Congratulations to these award winners. We are proud of you! RRC Newsletter, 4th Qtr 2012

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Rose Gabbard Represents Southern Section

8.5 Combo Team Advances to Semi’s of State Playoffs

Rose Gabbard was selected to represent the Southern Section in the 2012 USTA National Women’s Intersectional Team Event held in San Antonio, TX in November.

In September, the RRC 8.5 Combo Team, captained by Lisa Ihly, advanced to the semifinals of the State Playoffs in Wilmington. Members of the team included; Lisa Ihly, Donna Seligson, Susan Cook, Sue Greer, Cathy Brawner, Becky Proctor, Barbara Kelley, Jennifer March, Abby Presson, Felita Clark, Catherine Reid, and Nancy McAbee.

Rose played in the 80’s division along with three other team members. The Southern 80’s team won the Bronze Medal competing against 15 participating sections in the U.S.

Congratulations on a great season! Partnering with Dorothy Maloney, Rose won all four of their matches quite easily with scores of 6-0 6-0, 6-0 6-2, 6-1 6-2, and 6-2 6-4. Congratulations Rose!

Mixed 8.0 Super Seniors Capture State Title Congratulations to the RRC 8.0 Super Seniors Mixed Doubles for winning the State title in September. Captained by Becky Proctor, the team consisted of (pictured below) Oriana Scott, Rosa Morrow, Judy Corey, Larry Purdue, Paula Hale, Charlie Jamerson, Don Benjamin, Rich Eller, Becky Proctor, Mike Rhaney, Ruby Turner, (not pictured) Steve Clark, Tom Irby, and Lee Horne. What a great finish to a great season.

RRC Newsletter, 4th Qtr 2012

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3.5 Ladies 60’s Team Competes in the Super Seniors Sectional Championship

3.0 Ladies 70’s Team Competes in the Super Seniors Sectional Championships

Liz Archambault’s 3.5 60’s Team competed in the Super Senior Sectionals in Columbus, GA. The team did well, coming in 2nd place within their group. Team members include Margaret Smith, Liz Rickner, Debbie Carrington, Jeannette Congdon, Emily Monika, Carolyn Edwards, Jackie Terrell, Nona Alvis, Nancy Creasman, Carol Ganas, Delores Bluestone, and Martha Herlihy.

The RRC’s 3.0 70’s team also competed in Columbus, GA in the Super Seniors Sectional Championships. Team members included Carolyn May, Sylvia Lorenz, Angie Martinez, and Captain Lois Eli. Burgy Winz was also on the team, but could not make the trip to Columbus. Our ladies were joined by Sue Sellers from Seven Oaks and Betty Ann Groff.

The ladies had a great time and made a great showing for the RRC.

Senior 8.5 Combo Team Advances to State Playoffs The RRC Men’s Senior 8.5 Combo Team completed a great season with only one loss during their regular season matches. They also advanced to the state playoffs where they did well, but fell short of making the finals. Captained by John Bruckel, team members consisted of Calvin Dobbins, Craig Pleasants, Terrence Burroughs, Wes Talton, Mike Aldish, Gary McGrath, Greg Cooper, Bob Kent, Lee Horne, John Faulkner, David McLeod, Mike Rhaney, Ken Brody, and Warren Ludwig.

The ladies competed hard, had some very close matches, and had a great time playing together.

Senior 8.0 Mixed Doubles Team Advances to State Playoffs Becky Proctor also captained an 8.0 Mixed Doubles Senior Team which won the local title and advanced to the state playoffs. Her team consisted of Rosa Morrow, Judy Corey, Ruby Turner, Mike Rhaney, Lee Horne, Barbara Kelley, John Faulkner, Joan Faulkner, Steve Clark, Tom Irby, Joyce Killinger, Andy May, Larry Purdue, and John Miller.

Star Power Did you know there is a star amongst us? RRC member Judy Barton is featured in an award winning documentary called “Granny’s Got Game”. The film is about the Fabulous 70’s Women’s Basketball Team that she captain’s and is set to premier this year.

RRC Newsletter, 4th Qtr 2012

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RRC Newsletter Q4-2012  
RRC Newsletter Q4-2012  

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