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EMERGENCY INFORMATION For Emergencies Dial 9-1-1 Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222 Police: _____________________________ Fire:


Cell/Work Phones Mom Work: _________________________ Mom Cell:


Dad Work: _________________________ Dad Cell:


Relative/Neighbor Name: _________________________ Phone: _________________________ Family Information Name: _________________________ Address: _________________________


Phone Number: ___________________

Stark County

Job & Family Services Children Services Division 300 Market Ave. North Canton, OH 44702 Child Abuse/Neglect Report Line: (330)455-KIDS Foster/Adopt: (330)451-8789

Child Supervision

Child Support Division 122 Cleveland Ave. N.W. P.O. Box 21337 Canton, OH 44701 Customer Service: (330)451-8930 Payment information:

Human Services Division 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, OH 44702 Cash, Food & Medical Assistance Customer Service: (330)451-8861 Customer Service e-mail:

New Applications: (330)451-8500 JOBS/Child Care: (330)452-4661 SCJFS Mailing Address & Executive Offices 221 3rd Street S.E. Canton, OH 44702 (330)452-4661

Child Abuse/Neglect Report Line:


Teach your child proper procedures. Keep these important numbers in full view of the telephone.

Job & Family


Job &


SCPUB 402 4/13

Family S E R V I C E S


Children require adequate supervision. Their safety and healthy development depend on it.

No specific laws define the age at which a child may be left alone or in charge of younger children. However, parents are responsible for the safety and protection of their children. Use common sense before making this important decision. Think about the following risks your child could face while left unattended: • Quarreling with siblings • Overlooking an emergency situation • Ingesting poison • Playing with matches • Wandering into the street • Peer pressure • Playing with guns • Falling from a window

Supervision Guidelines The guidelines below are not absolute. Any decision about the supervision that a child requires depends upon the situation and the maturity level and dependability of the child. However, these guidelines are probably not too strict for any child:

Age 6 and under- Children age 6 and

Parent’s Safety Checklist ____ Establish House Rules ____ Allow No One Else In the House ____ Post A “To Do” List ____ Guns Are Unloaded And Locked Up

under should never be left without direct supervision, even for a short period of time. They should never be permitted to cook.

____ Post Important Phone Numbers by the Telephone

Age 7 to 10- Rarely, if ever, should children

____ Flashlights Have Good Batteries and Are within Reach

from 7 to 10 be left unattended. Those that exhibit greater maturity and dependability may be left alone for a very short time, usually 20 minutes or less. Generally, a child under 10 should not be permitted to cook while unsupervised. Age

11 to 14- Children between 11 and 14 generally do not need a sitter if the parent is absent for a few hours. However, if the parent is gone regularly for long periods, as in the case of a regular work schedule, adult supervision is advisable. Age 15 and up - Most children do not

need a sitter by the time they reach age 15. Some children in this age range still need direct supervision, however, particularly if they exhibit developmental delays or require specialized care of any kind.

____ Discuss What To Do in Case of a Fire ____ Medications and Other Dangerous Chemicals/Liquids Are Locked Up and Out of Reach

REMEMBER: If you have difficulty

deciding whether or not your child can function safely without supervision, then he or she probably can not. Decide in favor of supervision.

Scpub 402 supervision  
Scpub 402 supervision