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Summer Edition | Issue 7

July-September 2017



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Billboardgang // Magazine

Billboardgang // Magazine


Model: Courtney Instagram q.ueencourt


Billboardgang // Magazine

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SWBY STAYING FRESH AND FLY THE HOT LIST Only the hottest artist make the HOTLIST for Summer 17

HOW CYCLING CHANGED MY LIFE WITH CYCLIST (NAME) DONNELL TURNER EMMY AWARD WINNING ACTOR OF ABC’S GENERAL HOSPITAL PROPER WAY TO BUILD A RESUME A resume is a marketing document that professionally represents you, make it successful by keeping it professional.

#SWBY SMELL MY COLOGNE, PIMP C TONE by LeShaun “Big Yum” Johnson What it do mayne? Fellas, I was sitting next to a lady and she stated that I was smelling good. She asked me what scent was I wearing I told her 1 Million. She had a look of lust in her eye. So my questions to you fellas is what ya smelling like? What’s on ya dresser in ya room? You got to get ya scent game right so you can tell the ladies to smell ya cologneeeeeee! Here are a few scents you need to have in your collection fellas. Thank me later and keep it playa fellas.






A little expensive but definitely worth every cent(pun intended).

My personal fave and I also have heard the Late Great Chad Butler reference it numerous time. I knew it had to be something good about.




A proven winner with the ladies. Don’t panic it does not cost a million dollars.

Another Chad Butler reference that I had to try. Tell me something good. He did.


The name speaks for it’s brand.



Never got to wear this one but I have smelled it in Dillards. A-1.


All of Polo’s colognes have been known to make a few as moist as the cologne.

I’m guilty of spraying this on me in the store because it smelled that good.

Billboardgang // Magazine

LAURENT My twin put this bug in my ear. It is so playa.


GIORGIO ARMANI It just sounds fresh. Try it.










JEAN PAUL GAULTIER The Pruitt brothers put me on this long before I heard Kanye West say it filled the air. I don’t know about the naked body for a bottle though(laughs).

Billboardgang // Magazine



Billboardgang // Magazine

Billboardgang // Magazine



Model Jennifer Sims

odel Jennifer Sims, who goes by Pure Beauty @Purebeauty.87, is a proud mother from Lake Charles, La. She expressed goals of becoming a Registered Nurse and going on to become an OBGYN in the near future. “Because I’m fascinated with how the body reproduces, and can reproduce in multiples at times. It’s just interesting that women can bring other people into this world” says Jennifer Sims during her interview with Billboardgang Magazine. Jennifer Sims has been through a lot in the recent years. Throughout all of life’s ups and downs, Jennifer has never lost her will to push through. Having to quit working to care for her child who went into cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma as a result has been a very emotional experience for her and her family. Her upbeat outlook “Not knowing what was going to happen, i never lost faith. I never questioned why this is happening.

I know it’s for a reason, and I don’t even think I’m ready to hear the reason. Many didn’t realize what was going on, but despite what doctors ad experts have said he is making a full recovery. We are just putting everything into GOD’s hands, and the blessings have not stopped coming” is how Jennifer describes.

When asked about her future career in modeling Jennifer responds with a very calm “I can get with it”. Jennifer has a special skin pigmentation. which has a medical name of vitiligo. She noticed it appeared for the first time about 9 years ago. “I embraced it”, Jennifer says with a slight shrug. She takes it as it is, the comments and the looks, regardless if they are meant for good or bad. People tell her al the time she should be a model. Jennifer never really took it into consideration to pursue for a career choice, because she wants to deliver babies. Being a part of the blessing of bringing a life into this world was at the top of her mind. Speaking about vitiligo being a blessing in disguise she says it could be… “It might take me a long way. Who knows?” We asked if she would be interested


Billboardgang // Magazine

team around you and they are typing you up and motivating you to go for it all day everyday. Go for it. You have people that really support you and want to see you do good for yourself. Surround yourself with positive people. Family, because my support team is my family. Big ups to them. I wouldn’t be here today to be bale tell you this story. I would tell myself at thirteen…Don’t change nothing you did. Go through it all because its a reason why I went through it that long. I have a testimony to tell. Without the faith in GOD i wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.

Q: hHow did you faith help you make it through.

in writing a book about all of the experiences.

Jennifer replied with a definite “Yeah! Because I really have a story to tell. Being able to write my thoughts down has been the best therapy ever. Sharing my thoughts and not having them judge me back on life’s decisions” she added, followed by a deep exhale.

“Nothing is going to tear me down. Criticism doesn’t get to me. Some people think I have been burned, and wearing make up, but i take it as a compliment. I’m not big on make-up so i don’t see where i would be helpful with that, but as far as fashion I’m down with. Q: What would you say to your #1 fan?

A: “Go for it. If your believe in yourself. It’s your life. Live it. Whatever makes you happy do it.” Q: What would you say to your 13 year old self?

A: Basically the same thing I would say to my number 1 fan. I wouldn’t say i regret some things because I have gotten blessing from them, so. Just go for it. Especially if you have a good support

A: Sitting there looking at my sons in the hospital witnessing what I thought and saw to be his last breath. I always felt that if GOD didn’t want my baby to still be here he would have taken him that night in the hospital. My faith since then has been not to question GOD. Q: Fo you have any last words for our audience out there?

A: I appreciate all the love and support that I have gotten. The feedback on all. Thanks to Billboardgang Magazine for allowing me to be able to tell my story. At times i felt like a ticking time bomb that was ready to explode, so be careful when approaching others because you never know what someone is going through. Other than that I’ll be going back to school and pursuing modeling until I can make it and bring all of my team with me. Q: Do you have any desires to do fashion?

A: I would do a clothing line named Heartless. Heartless sums up everything that i have been through. You can connect with Jennifer on instagram @Pure. Beauty87 or via www.Billboardgang.com Model: Jennifer Sims Instagram pure. beauty87 Mua: Christal James Owner/ Founder of Painted Babes Hair Stylist: Ashley Alfred Owner at Ashlee Live Beauty Co.


Billboardgang // Magazine

Model: Jennifer Sims Instagram pure.beauty87 Mua: Christal James Owner/ Founder of Painted Babes Hair Stylist: Ashley Alfred Owner at Ashlee Live Beauty Co.

Billboardgang // Magazine



Billboardgang // Magazine


ello my name is Santana Mitchell and I am a proud mother, wife to the most amazing and loving husband. I am very creative with styles and I try to recreate styles on a budget. I enjoy experimenting with different types of fashion, from DIY’s to creating my own styles. My love for fashion started when I was a teenager. I remember going shopping for all of the latest trends in fashion and just trying to create a look of my own. Fashion can define you as an individual based on the colors you put together, combined with accessories to give you that finished unique appearance. Fashion is away of art it’s like a blank canvas starting with one piece of clothing at a time. I decided to start this lookbook based on the daily request I receive from my humble followers, friends and family.

I love everything pretty and fabulous. I love shopping, but most importantly I opt for bargains at reasonable prices. You to can shop on a budget without breaking the bank. Shopping off-season is one way to save a lot of coins. Good Things come to those who wait, don’t you know?

Fashion is away of art, it’s like a blank canvas starting with one piece of clothing at a time. -Santana M. FashionKlon

Billboardgang // Magazine


Model: Gabrielle Bryant Photo Credit: El Grande Papiratzi

Billboardgang // Magazine


QUEEN OF THE PALETTE D elana McKinney is a prominent licensed professional makeup artist and beauty model based out of Houston, TX.

After years of honing her makeup skills on friends and family, Delana decided to start up her makeup business, Queen of the Palette.

Queen of the Palette specializes in makeup applications for weddings, special events, photo shoots, fashion shows, video shoots, commercials, and models. She also shares her expertise by providing private and group consultations and lessons. Delana works closely with many talented photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, fashion designers, and well known modeling agencies. She continues to work passionately, creating exquisite and sophisticated makeup looks on faces helping her clients to feel confident and look their best! Delana is known for traveling between Texas and Louisiana meeting the makeup and beauty needs of her clients. The love that she has for her family and her creative vision as a makeup artist is what drives her every day. Whether parenting, or applying makeup, Delana’s authenticity, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for women always shines through to reflect her artistry. Delana often states, “Being a makeup artist is a ministry in itself. I strive to make everyone feel more beautiful and confident than ever before. God has blessed me with amazing gifts and talents, He has allowed my profession to be a positive force in my life as well as others. Makeup is my passion, my calling….”

Delana brings a balance of creativity and dedication to her work and is incredibly passionate about delivering a personal and professional service to clients to achieve their desired results. As a beauty expert and educator she possesses an innate ability to lead with humor and class. She is continually inspired by her clients and the creative collaborators that she has the pleasure of working alongside her business partner Two Lees Photography, a leading photographer based out of Houston, TX.


Billboardgang // Magazine

Delana says “I strongly believe that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself, builds one confidence, and self-esteem. Everyone’s idea of beauty is different and individual to them, whether that is all-natural to full glamour. Your face is the first thing others see when connecting with you for the first time. Creating a positive first impression of oneself is so important and easy to achieve. Each and every application I do is specifically tailored to that persons’ personality, image, skin type, and style. I thrive on my clients feeling as beautiful and unique on the

outside as they do on the inside”.

To book an appointment and stay on top of the latest makeup trends be sure to like and follow Queen of the Palette Makeup Artistry via Facebook https:// www.facebook.com/ QueenofthePalette/ and Instagram page @queenofthepalette. Also be sure to follow Two Lees Photography on Instagram @ twoleesphotography and Facebook. Model/Makeup Artist: Delana McKinney, Queen of the Palette Photo credit: Two Lees Photography

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bout 3 years ago, I decided to do something about the excess weight I was carrying, the loud snoring, and the growing list of health issues I was compiling. I’m a pretty active person. I ride motorcycles and visit the gym periodically, but I needed a new hobby. With the need for speed in my heart, I visited the local store, and bought myself a Schwinn bicycle. Since that day, my life as never been the same. Not many African American men explore the world of cycling, but I was determined. After visiting the local bicycling shops, studying the craft, and watching countless YouTube videos, I discovered that cycling can not only change my body but my mind as well. “Cycling gives an immediate return on health and confidence. By the time you are finished with a ride you are amazed at how many miles you have done, and will want to go back and do more,” he adds. “Once you invest in it, it gives back years and years on your life. To the average person, 20 or 30 miles may sound daunting. To a cyclist, it’s really pedestrian,” states


Billboardgang // Magazine

Jonathan. “Once you’ve gone quite a distance, you have to return!” Going into the sport in my mid-40s had its advantages as well as disadvantages. Uncomfortable streets, fear of traffic, scorching hot summers, and a national culture that sees bike transportation as odd are a few reasons so few AfricanAmericans don’t bike for transportation. One of the bigger fears among people just starting out is being on the road riding with the flow of traffic. Being in traffic makes some people very hesitant to get out there with the cars, but that anxiety reduces with experience. “Nothing is 100 percent safe, but once people learn how to ride on the road and then try it, they gain more confidence to get back out there,” says Jonathan.

Reasons most don’t bike much: Cycling is too dangerous Ride distances are too far The seats are uncomfortable I don’t know how to ride Good bikes are too expensive.

Do your research.

Cycling is a growing trend across the globe.The cycling community is always willing to share information about how to make affordable purchases, make costefficient repairs, and ride with proper technique. The most important thing to do is to start somewhere. Local bike shops provide classes on riding, bike safety, and bicycle care. There are plenty of cycling groups on social media that schedule weekly group rides. The real cost of cycling is not in the monetary value, but in something else: your health and mental state of mind. “The real obstacle in cycling is getting over the mental hurdles of distance and wind,” says Jonathan. You will improve after much seat time, and will want to reinvest in your improvements. “Get a bike and get started!” Jonathan Shadrach Cook Age: 43 Birth city: Dallas, Texas Photo Credit: Faces of Fantasy Photography LLC

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April 13 years old www.Deviantart.com


Billboardgang // Magazine

Billboardgang // Magazine


Model: Demi Bowtie: Eauxte Prices Starting at $10.00 Like us on Facebook and Instagram: @Eauxte

GQ (Gentleman of Quality)


Unshakeable faith, you’ve got to possess that (or what are you doing).”

I believe I’m a winning lotter ticket I’m just waiting for somebody to pick it.


So, I can kick it on stage ……….or, on screen I have to have at it As if I were an addict or a feen …..you know what I mean.

FAME and FORTUNE and LIVING THE LIFE It’s all I think about …with every work filled day and dissatisfied night. I’m glad it’s my fight, for now I have a target in sight …to which I aim for But, often I ask myself does the risk outweigh …THE REWARDS.

Ignored by a career that does appear elusive Revered by peers, not clear to who’s sincere ...I feel some are conducive ….to my winning numbers I must silence the mumblers …and hurdle the stumblers. Take on all I can handle …and, burn both ends of my candle. See, I believe I’m a winning lottery ticket …that means my life is a gamble. Donnell Turner

Show-stopping classic man style, selfless compassion and effortless charm are just a few things that personify Emmy award winning actor Donnell Turner of ABC’s General Hospital. In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, Mr. Turner (ambassador/ advocate for Autism Speaks) joined the crew at Day Time Prime Time to discuss autism (neurodiversity), its impact on family and mainstream society, health tips, spiritual insight and daily inspiration. Gifted in the art of poetry, he also performed an original spoken word piece entitled, “Lottery Ticket”.


“I pretty much have a quote for every situation. My grandmother and mama were all big on quotes, there’s a limerick …there’s a quote for everything. And, between that and the good book…the Book of Proverbs, wisdom from that…little nuggets, those keep


Billboardgang // Magazine

“(Autism) it takes a community, I hate to sound cliché but I don’t think we can do this alone. The people I know that have a child on the spectrum, they find great comfort in talking to others. And, sometimes listening (being a sympathetic ear). Exercise helps serotonin levels, endorphin levels (also) a proper diet. A good network around you, a good church home, a good support system. No person is an island.” me going, those empower me.” “I think the one I find myself leaning on and quoting the most is, ‘iron sharpens iron’. It’s important for us to be strong for each other.” Turner also mentioned Proverbs 27:2 Let another praise you and not your own mouth; a stranger and not your own lips as a daily spiritual guide. In his words, “don’t trust your own success or brag about yourself, let others do that for you.”


“Years of kickboxing, years of basketball, years of eating right and taking it seriously, I believe that our body relies on us now when we are able and capable and youthful because later we are going to rely on our bodies to get us up out of bed to get us (where we need to be).”

I’ve always taken it (diet and exercise) seriously, I’ve always been one of those guys (kids) you tell me broccoli is good for me, I just eat it, forget what it tastes like. And, I never had a taste for candy and junk food, so that makes (the) whole process easier because I love to eat.”


“One of the things I speak to kids about and the young people when I’m blessed with the opportunity is unshakeable faith.

“I know it’s a financial burden as well, that can make you really feel like you are alone and add to your stress levels which is why I say work out. If you combat that stress, you are more likely to make level headed decisions and deal with things with more patience and tolerance. And, so that could all help with coping.” For more information on autism go to the website autismspeaks.org. For the full interview go to youtube channel Day Time Prime Time.

Mr. Turner also serves as an advocate combating human trafficking, mbassador for NOMORE.org (an organization committed to ending domestic violence) and dedicated volunteer for projects feeding the homeless. You can see Donnell Turner as “Curtis Ashford” weekdays on ABC’s General Hospital. Follow him on social media Instagram @donnellturner twitter @ donnellturner1

Diann Lewis-Charles, a native Texan is an entertainment host for Day Time Prime Time and All Access with Sarah and Diann, playwright, author of soon to be released novel, “Cornbread, Mustard Greens and Sweet Potato Pie”, poet (Kingdom Poetry), blogger and coordinator with Alliance of Fashion and Beauty Professionals, Inc (FAB). Her mission is bring positive vibes, awareness, education, hope and inspiration. Diann promotes healing of humanity through creative expression.

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THE PROPER WAY TO BUILD YOUR RESUME A resume is marketing document that professionally represents you. It serves as your “sales sheet” it is the first impression you will ever make with a potential employer when it comes to career opportunities. Building and submitting resumes are very important and are most common being that nowadays most job opportunities are located and listed onto job boards, social media, and company websites such as (Linked IN, Indeed, Monster etc..) its best to always remain updated with the knowledge of modern technology. The decisions you make about what your resume entails will most likely determine and can affect whether you get the job that you are really inquiring about or even chosen for a job at all. It should scream “HIRE ME” to recruiters/ hiring managers of HR management. The top one third of your resume is actually what hiring managers scan first, this determines whether they will even want to read the rest. It should include the “Introduction” of who you are (Name, mailing address, email address, and phone number)

Bonus Tip 4

Bonus Tip 1 Pay attention to size and format. Use a clean, sleek font to clean up the presentation of your resume.

Bonus Tip 2

It’s very important to keep all contact information accurate and updated. (FYI most employers hold applicant inquiries on file at least a year) A “Qualification Summary” also known as “Profile” should be most valuable on your resume. It highlights what potential employers need to see because it describes the “high level of your candidacy”. Included should be your achievements and attributes that makes you most valuable to an employer (Ex. Words per minute) and it is imperative for hiring managers to see what makes you stand out. Bonus Tip 3

Give heavy emphasis to the credentials, experiences, and accomplishments that relate to your objectives and less to the things it doesn’t.

Be very precise. Emphasize your key skills and phases. When it comes to “Employment History” your resume is a selection of your most relevant work history. Omit experience that dates back further than 10 years. When listing your work experiences don’t just list dates and titles but describe the details of knowledge and performances in relevance to the desired career. Your resume is not an autobiographical essay of entire life so you are not obligated to list every job you’ve ever had. Be careful not to apply too much emphasis on a past job that have not served as an asset to you, but enough to highlight any important skills for the job in which you aiming to seek. Bonus Tip 5

Make use of white space, use boldface, bullets (which makes it easier to follow) Keep it tight, lean and clean be mindful not to oversell. Bonus Tip 6

It is very critical to optimize your resume with relevant facts and figures. The only way to make yourself unique is to show how you went beyond the expected. Bonus Tip 7

The consistency of how long you were employed at a company plays a big role in the amount of expertise you can use. (Ex. Being employed for one company 10 yrs or longer)

“Education/ Certifications” this should be the last thing shown on your resume. You should include any diploma, college degrees, trade school certifications received. It ensures to the employer that you the potential employee has the knowledge, confidence and stability to perform any position/ tasks chosen for. Your resume is about your future so make it bright make it successful by keeping it professional!


Billboardgang // Magazine

By Erica Thompson Owner of Event Boutique By Creative Lady

I’m Just Saying….. By Donald Thomas Jr.

They rather not risk the possibility of going through a breakup or divorce, over taking a chance at a long term, happy, and healthy relationship. People rather find a comfort level within realms of being a single parent, than face the fears associated with being married and committed; and raising a family with a spouse. Me personally, I think we offer our kids the best when we build upon the foundation of a family unit; and it just might be time Men become responsible lovers and women become dedicated mates; and get back to the traditions we originated from


hat ever happened to “The Family”? At what point did building a family become a third or fourth option in relationships? When did the traditional model of A Mother, A Father, and Children become non-traditional? Have we become so liberal and politically correct that we have abandoned the values that we were built on in the first place? I’ve heard people say times have changed, but have the times really changed or just the people living within those times? I’m all about progression, growing, and moving forward, but just because something is changing, doesn’t mean it’s changing for the better………..I’m Just Saying.

The first issue is the way marriage is viewed these days. A lot of people in today’s society have been through so many bad marriages and relationships, that they have become emotionally cautious and selfish. They want the feeling and benefits of a relationship, but only up to a certain point. The idea of being married scares most of them away. They rather not risk the possibility of going through a breakup or divorce, over taking a chance at a long term, happy, and healthy relationship. People rather find a comfort level within realms of being a single parent, than face the fears associated with being married and committed; and raising a family with a spouse. Me personally, I think we offer our kids the best when we build upon the foundation of a family unit; and it just might be time Men become responsible lovers and women become dedicated mates; and get back to the traditions we originated from. The second issue is how society has turned homosexual relationships into

a trend. I respect anyone’s wishes and rights to love whoever they want, but can you please respect my rights to honor the values that I believe in. I offer this particular rant because I recently came across an application that didn’t offer “Married” under relationship status. It said Single, Divorced, Domestic Partnership, and Civil Union. I was like….”what do married people check”? The lady said…”if it’s a male and a female marriage, it’s a civil union”. That bothers me. Not because I dislike gays, but because we shun one group of people to accommodate another group, all behind popularity, politics, and special interests. In the meantime, my children don’t have the opportunity to learn the value of building a traditional family because they are made to feel guilty or prejudice about only wanting a heterosexual relationship. You can be whoever you want to be, but if you are truly happy with whom you are; do we need to highlight your sexual preference for you to feel included?

I don’t write this article to single anyone out. I don’t mean to offend anyone, because I sincerely love and respect everyone. And if you share your love with someone else, I’m all for that because the world needs more true love these days. However, I feel like we are losing one of our most precious assets and most natural resource…….The Family. Whether you’ve been scarred by relationships in the past, or you have decided that you don’t fit into the traditional model of relationships, still be mindful that somewhere in your family tree someone made the sacrifice to build something that ultimately brought you into the world……………………I’m Just Saying Billboardgang // Magazine





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BillboardgangMagazine Issue 7 (Summer 2017)  

This issue is full of fun! Events, discounts, and beautiful sceneries. Our cover model Jennifer Sims tells more about her story and what she...

BillboardgangMagazine Issue 7 (Summer 2017)  

This issue is full of fun! Events, discounts, and beautiful sceneries. Our cover model Jennifer Sims tells more about her story and what she...