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Fall Season Edition | Issue 4

Oct - Dec 2016


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Music Producer: Beat Bumma

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Author Morgan Pete

* Now Booking 2017


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ntertainment is that expensive piece of art that no one is fully able to understand, it can only be appreciated. Billboardgang Magazine tells a beautiful story of talented individuals living in communities just like the ones you live in. The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

The job of satisfaction is never simple. What we wear, how we wear it, who inspired the look, and who wore it best, keeps the fashion industry innovative, trendy, and thriving. From parties to picnics, theatrical plays to recreation, events, promotion, marketing, fun laughs, celebration, and more, all play a part in how and why we go about our daily lives. Your life and your lifestyle is unique to you. You can inspire a different person to do great things every day, by simply being yourself. Your life is our entertainment. Social media platforms constantly rake in profits, creates instant fame, and instant millionaires from your ability to instantly share a glimpse of your day to day life and ideas with the world. Digital platforms are not the new trends they are the new now.


Everyone will not accept the new wave of ideas and technology. The distraction of yesterday will not affect your tomorrow. Last year, we were taught how to dougie, this year we felt purple rain all over again. Last year printed books rose in sells by about 2% from 571 million paper books sold in the U.S. in 2015, compared with 559 million in 2014 says Nielsen BookScan. This being true and evident, we struck out on a journey to provide a young, trendy, innovative, and informative paper and digital magazine that embodied the a full spectrum of life’s compositions.

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Bryan Guillory Age: 10

He wants to own his own business that builds houses and big stores!


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Creating an affordable market for the sheek and exclusive taste

Easy to wear bow ties Handmade for everyone to wear. Demi, Marcus, and Landon model the Eauxte’ Fall collection.

Get your custom order shipped to you today by calling

(337)532-4992. Facebook.com/Eauxte Bulk orders are available upon request.


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WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE... ENTERTAINMENT The Hotlist Brings you up to speed and ahead of the game when it comes to music projects that will never let you down, no matter the year.

Beyond the Inspiration Beat Bumma - Tells about his inspiration to continue growing as a musician.

08 10

FASHION Who is Joe Sam Original naive of Opelousas, La, which is right in Lafayette’s backyard

Fancy Vibes Fantasia Cormier - Through me eyes…..

14 18

TIME AND LEISURE Top 10 Holiday Toys Here is a list of toys that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Events Calendar A schedule of events or activities that occur at different times throughout the quarter. Which would you prefer?

Art LAUREN MARIE BREAUX “I am an artist, a creator, and a lover of beautiful moment and my name is…”

25 29 30



Entrepreneur of the Quarter - Morgan Pete Morgan While in school, Morgan Pete started a non-profit organization to give back to the community called Sky is NOT the Limit.



Some ideas are just that good!

Survivor Story Breast Cancer survivor - This is my story, my journey, most importantly my testimony!

32 34 39


10 6







Creative Ideas and Layout Design • Pixelzone • evergreenalauddin@gmail.com

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What it do mayne? How have ya’ll been since the last time I put it down for ya’ll? Ya’ll still jamming? Good… because this time we are here to celebrate and party! What’s the celebration about? Life! Since we are celebrating life I might as well give ya’ll 25 songs that you can party and celebrate to. Never take anything or anyone for granted and everything you do that makes you successful calls for celebration. There is plenty to be thankful for. Enjoy this party. Peace, Prosperity, and Love = PPL (PEOPLE).


http://swangingwitbigyum.blogspot.com/ IG: BIG_YUM


I’m about to hop in the slab and cruise.





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BLACKSTAR DAVID BOWIE “Blackstar” is Bowie’s first No. 1 album, his final album. Bowie died on Jan. 10 of cancer, two days after the release of the album. Blackstar was issued through ISO/ Columbia Records and earned 181,000 equivalent album units in the U.S., during the week ending Jan. 14, according to Nielsen Music.




r 8 million ow sold ove n as h m u b Music. Adele’s 25 al ing to Nielsen rd co ac ., .S U e copies in th


In each of the 21 territories that the album was released, it was given its own track listing, based upon which lar songs were most popu of er mb nu a In y. locall countries, there were two versions – a single a d an n, sio disc ver double-disc version. All in all 63 tracks appear in at least one of the 20 different versions.


At the 2016 Brit Awards the album was nominated for British Album of the Year. It was the eighth bestselling album of 2015 with 1.9 million copies sold worldwide, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.


Billboardgang // Magazine

When Lemonade was released it was a full list of right on time. This album went straight to the top of the charts in many differ ent regions of the world. All six of Beyonce’s studio alb ums have exceeded a millio n sales. According to a ww w. Billboard.com article, he r biggest seller is her 20 03 solo debut, Dangerously in Love, with 5 million sold. Beyon ce’s total solo album sales sta nd at 17.2 million.



His interest in music began at an early age, influenced in large part by his dad’s music collection. His interest in being a DJ began when he started mixing at college parties and producing his own “Chopped & Screwed” and promotional mixtapes while enrolled at Prairie View A&M University. Also while at PV A&M he went on tours with Letoya Luckett and Slim Thug, and began compiling a long list of other work.


Trae The Truth - Swang ft. Fat Pat & Pimp C

The Party Boyz - Flex

Billboard records: • • •

Hurricane Chris - Walk Like That Durrough - Walk That Walk Dom Kennedy - 1997

Engineering credits on: •

The Notorious B.I.G. - Biggie Duets

Beyonce - Check Up On It (Single)

• •

Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Slim Thug - Already Platinum


• •

Drake - So Far Gone (Chopped & Screwed)

A$AP Rocky - Live, Love, A$AP (Chopped Up Not Slopped Up)

Brands: •



• •

Live Nation

Urban Daddy Boost Mobile

As a DJ, he performed as an official SXSW Artist in the first ever SXSW Official DJ showcase, won the Houston Press Music award for “Best Rap DJ” in 2011, 2013, 2014.

But these days you can catch him on 93.7 The Beat every evening 6-10, or in the mix at the some of hottest nightclubs across Texas where he maintains residencies almost every night of the week. www.djmrrogers.com

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INTERVIEW BBGTv: “WHERE DID YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC BEGIN?” BENNIE SMITH: Man, music was always in the house. I had this thing, I wanted to write everything you know. Everybody’s music that came out I heard, I had to go and write a song. And, one of my neighbors had an R&B Band and I would be a pest to them in the evening. You know these were a bunch of adults, they had a band and they jammed. And I’m always in there. “Hey that’s not right, that’s not right, that’s not right.” You know, pretty soon he gave me this tape recorder and said man, just go away; and I’ve been writing ever since.  Production? Production started uh..... 1989 is when I first sat behind a piano to play and I had never played before. So I caught the bug from there man. And of course I was in the band. I was a band kid as well as sports. That fire has kinda been blazing ever since.  BBGTv: Tell Us some of the things that influenced you musically 

Bennie Smith: Just being from Mississippi man, we thought at the time as the land of no hope so all we listened to was Blues, R&B, Gospel, Country or whatever you could get on AM radio. So, I was influenced by just being from there soaking up everything that I heard locally as well as all that we could get on tv. So if it was music, I was there.  BBGTv: What is your favorite instrument to play? 

Bennie Smith: I like to play around with the bass, I love it. But, my favorite is keys. Keyboards, not just piano but keyboards; anything that can make weird crazy sounds. I’m in there man. BBGTv: As a producer, how important is sound manipulation? 

Bennie Smith: take a particular architecture or keyboard brand; Yamaha, was known for the FM Synthesis, their AI Synthesis, but they give you presets on all of the keyboards. My thing was, I wasn’t happy with just the preset. So, I get to messing with the different parameters and make my sound a little bit different from what was given. So I was also more


Billboardgang // Magazine

spot. And probably score it right from his iPhone if he wanted to. You know, and in any genre. When people think of Quincy, they think of “Thriller”. But he goes back with Bebop and Coltrane and all these guys and I mean - singing “It’s my party and I cry if I want to”, pop joint; number 1; Quincy produced it. So to do it for that many years and cross so many genres and still going, so yea man that’s got to be my MVP.  BBGTv: What producers of today do you enjoy listening to? 

Bennie Smith, born in Scott, Mississippi, 1970.

friend of sampling background noises, beating on buckets, whatever you know I could get some noise out of that was different from what was there.

BillboardGangTV Interview Transcript Bennie “Beat Bumma” Smith BBGTv: Name the different artist that you came up listening to. 

Bennie Smith: Oh yea, anything that Quincy Jones had something to do with, you know because I used to read the records. I wanted to know who did what. So anything Quincy was on I wanted to check out the record. Uhm, you know even from years before me, I would listen to Parliament, stuff like that. Steely Dan, The Eagles, uh, even some country man. John Conlee, Frank Zappa – he was crazy with the synthesis and all of the crazy stuff, Roger Troutman, Prince, The Bar-Kays. Music influences: Culture Club, New Order, Depeche mode, man. Aw man, I can’t forget Jeremy Lewis, probably L.A. Reid, Babyface some of my main influences. Tom Bell, Linda Creed, man uh. Quincy is my MVP. BBGTv: What makes Quincy Jones your MVP? 

Benne Smith: He’s a music theorist. He can put any song in any key on the

Bennie Smith: I’ve always loved the West Coast production, Dre is my dawg, but I like what Mustards doing. Mike Will in Atlanta. Man, I like Justice League, these cats are on fire. You know it’s cats that’s been around but still, you know. J. Cole man, a lot of people know J. Cole the rapper but J. Cole produced most of his stuff. And you know, dude is one of the only artists to cross the million threshold in the last couple of year no high profile beats. Forty, Drakes producer man, you know Forty is my dawg. Forty is a keyboard player; he’s a tech guy. You know and I like not just trendy type guys but cats with some tech savvy with their thing to. BBGTv: How did your military background help your journey? 

Bennie Smith: Like I said, I started to say I really wanted to take this serious in 1989. I keep stressing that year, because I graduated high school in ’88 and joined the military. First place to be stationed was Adak, Alaska, cold as heck and one thing I was told, BillboardGangTV Interview Transcript Bennie “Beat Bumma” Smith  “You’re either going to find something that you like and just get good at it or you’re going to be stuck here just bored.” And I’m thinking, hmmm.... So I went to the PX that day bought this Casio – to say I wanted to take this serious- there was an old upright at the Barracks that I led, ugh, after about two weeks of just beating the heck out it, people were like “how long you been playing?” and I’m like “about two weeks”. And they’re like “REALLY?”. So I kinda thought I was


on to something. I met a bunch of cats in the military that over the years I’m still cool with. But a guy named, Greg Lazoski, who was a dreamer, he was taking piano lessons and he had this Roland – electronic, do all you wanted to do- and he was playing New Order, a new wave band, and I learned that stuff really quick. I started buying equipment, just learning and soaked up everything like a sponge. And now, you know that drive, I guess is still there. Went through some ups and downs in the military with my health, but man we’re here, still doing THIS. BBGTv: Is there any new music that we should be expecting? 

Bennie Smith: Ah man! Right now, there this guy we’re in the process of mixing his record now, BlakcardATM, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, you know. I think out of all the music that I’ve been blessed to produce over the years, I think this project in gonna showcase a little bit of twentsum years of Bumma or Bennie, StealthBumma, whatever they call me. Over the years I’ve had a bunch of nicknames. But, this record is gonna showcase what those years have been for. With this guy being such a talented wide-range artist, it’s like everything I threw at him...”yea, and can you give me...”. So, I’m able to rock it out and do my Rock stuff “got it”, I can do my Techno thing or EDM as they call it now “got it”, straight up 90s hip-hop, just spittin’, “got it”, Country. Man, this record, “GOT IT”! And the overall package on top of that is an overall concept. So it’s not just random songs and different genres, they all have a common theme to this record. This is, I think going to be one of the most, probably the record that people remember I think most about me. I’m not known, but still this record has the opportunity to live way longer than me.  BBGTv: Is there a favorite genre or sound you enjoy creating? 

Bennie Smith: Uh, its depends on the day or the hour. BBGTv: How do you get into your creative mode? 

Bennie Smith: Just to get started some days, just to get in the studio mode, “Live in Houston” 1976, Parliament, yea it winds me up. It puts me in a certain work mode. Not BillboardGangTV Interview Transcript Bennie “Beat Bumma” Smith  that I want to say I’m going to create www.billboardgang.com

that but it creates the environment for me. I don’t drink, but it’s like I’m gonna have a pre-warmup drink or something. I’m gonna start that off with some P-Funk just to even. But it’s the specific “Mothership” connection. That particular joint, live in Houston 1976, the Mothership Connection, that particular song, it’s a tribal type vibe that sucks you in man. It’s Hypnotic. BBGTv: How do you compare stage shows of today to those that you speak of?

Bennie Smith: If you want to call them shows and I’m not being real critical. But for the most part, if you buy concert tickets today, you’re just going to see that band or that group show up and perform songs. It’s like listening to a record almost. There’s no build up, no hype. Give me something that I didn’t experience on your record. Let me experience the vibe that you were in, but I think they probably can’t do that. Music is still supposed to be about fun, having a good time, we came here to party ya know? So, then you got an experience for that ticket. You got to see characters, you got to be taken away, you got to be grown up, you got to have fun man.

BBGTv: Tell us about the record that reached the Billboard Charts Bennie Smith: Yea, it was the entire album that hit the charts. I was proud to be on that album because it was my first charting. The group was 337 Mafia man, turned out to be some young guys who a couple of them I know their fathers. One of the producers he told me I’m working on a project and before it’s done I need a track from you. I said “Man you got it.”. He came to me, I started making it right there on the spot and he said that’s what we want. But, we’re leaving this weekend to record it. So I’m like, I got to really polish it off. The track is called “Boss Chick” off of LADs ambition. 337 Mafia man, the whole record is nice.  BBGTv: How do you select the artist that you work with? 

Bennie Smith: The mode that I’m in right now, I work with upcoming producers, singers, songwriters, just on the level of, if it’s no more than “hey, listen to this” or I can show you how to take a basic piano to space piano or whatever. It’s about adding dimensions to your music and I’ve been able to help open some eyes to different techniques.

If you want to call them shows and I’m not being real critical. But for the most part, if you buy concert tickets today, you’re just going to see that band or that group show up and perform songs. It’s like listening to a record almost. There’s no build up, no hype. Give me something that I didn’t experience on your record

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A Musical Force To Reckon With. By Shantell Livings-Shinnette


hen one thinks of Lake Charles, La. they usually think of delicious food, plant refineries, and casino life. Although, these things are true we also have some great musical artists. I have had the pleasure of hearing beautiful music from 3 local artists: Jarvis Jacob, Lesley LeShea, and Shae Williams. Even though there are many other local artist, I will focus this article on the three named above. If you are not familiar with these local artists do your ears, heart, and soul, a favor and check them out. You will not be disappointed. The first time I heard Jarvis Jacob, I was driving my car headed to work. His single “So Stuck” came on the radio and immediately grabbed my attention. So much so, that I had to end a conversation I was having on the phone at the time. This is true artistry, when an artist voice commands your attention despite what you’re doing. After I heard the record, I immediately began to search online to see where I could get more of his music. I stumbled across his album “Rouge” and fell in love with his silky smooth vocals. Each time that I listened to a track on the “Rouge” Album, he left me wanting more. (Talk about getting warm fuzzies and butterflies in your stomach.) I have also had the pleasure of hearing him live at local events in Lake Charles, and that’s an experience


Billboardgang // Magazine

within itself. He definitely puts on a great live show. Jarvis Jacob is a true R&B contender and heavy hitter in his own right. Lesley LeShea is an uplifting singer/ songwriter with great musical talent. She has a real life testimony and it comes through her music. Lesley is known for taking her life’s experiences and putting them to music; that’s exactly what she did with her first single “Rock & a Hard Place”. She defiantly remained

true to herself and her convictions with this single. Lesley followed her first single with a beautiful love song titled “Extraordinary Love”. With “Extraordinary Love”, Lesley describes an indescribable feeling and paints a picture of a love we all dream about. She collaborated with Jayme Romain who is also a Lake Charles native. Their voices complemented each other well. Lesley LeShea has literally been singing her whole life and she sings with great passion and conviction. If you ever get

the pleasure of listening to her live, you will have a very real musical experience. What I love about her live performances is that she sings with such emotion and charge. Whether she’s singing at church, a concert, are on her YouTube channel listening to her beautiful voice is a true treat! I’m looking forward to hearing more from her in the near future!

Last but definitely not least, Shae Williams! Shae Williams! Shae Williams! She is a natural powerhouse. Shae Williams knows her voice as an artist should. She sings with great control and has a dynamic range. She can go to the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. Her latest single “Ready” is very sultry, sexy, and romantic. While listening to “Ready”, I was “ready” for any and everything. Shae Williams “Undefined” Album was nicely done and composed of an up-tempo hit “Hard Head” as well as the beautiful ballad, “Promise Ring”. She showcases her musical range and versatility like no other. I’ve known Shae Williams for quite some time, even when we were youngsters in middle and high school, I knew she was destined for greatness because of her amazing voice. She has really honed in on her craft, perfecting it every time she hits the stage! www.billboardgang.com

ie Miller Paris and Regg ney” ur “Christian Jo ra po ry Gospel Genre: Contem IONS.org DUCT


New Cupid King” “Dance Party usic M ul Genre: So ana fayette, Louisi La n: Hometow com donline.


Tory Lanez “Luv” EY Genre: #SWAV DA RONTO, CANA n TO n: Hometow sbrookly

D.R.A.M “Broccoli” st/Producer Vocalist/Lyrici ampton, VA Hometown: H om Dram.c




Usher “No Limit’ / Atlanta, GA attanooga, TN Ch n: ow et om H @Usher .com ld www.usherwor


Chance the Rapper “No Problem” Genre: Hip Hop nois Hometown: Chicago, Illi www.chanceraps.com

Billboardgang // Magazine


Joe Sam

Original Cajun, a native of Opelousas LA,


Billboardgang // Magazine


Joe Sam is an original Cajun, a native of Opelousas LA, which is right in Lafayette’s backyard. Joseph attended Southern University A&M college in Baton Rouge, LA where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications. He is now pursuing a Master of Science in Leadership from Grand Canyon University. Joe currently serves as the lead Morning News Anchor for NBC’s KLAF Acadiana News and Communications Director / Community Development Coordinator for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Joseph loves being close to his family, he has one brother and sister, one niece, two nephews, and one godchild. He took on the position as Community Development Coordinator after the tragic death of his two-year old nephew in 2011 who was a victim of child abuse. Near and dear to his heart, he was determined to advocate for abused and neglected foster children to help spread awareness about child abuse and to pay tribute to his deceased loved one. His passion for storytelling which he often expresses through poetry combined with his love for the community has equipped him to be a solid voice for Acadiana. He says serving as the Morning Anchor for KLAF and being able to share the stories that impact the community he has called home all of his life is a dream come true. Joseph is also a proud member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, NAACP, and National Society of Leadership and Success. Joe is really excited to see what the future holds after finishing up the program at Grand Canyon University!

Like Billboardgang Magazine on Facebook to view the full interview with Joe Sam where we speak with him about his passion and his fashion. Facebook.com/BillboardgangMagazine www.billboardgang.com

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Easy to wear bow ties 16

Billboardgang // Magazine


Take your old unused jeans and give them a stylish twist. That is how this Lake Charles teen Santia Riggs took herself from fashionista to entrepreneur. Now accepting orders. Dial (929)322-4880 or (337)532-4992


Connect with us Twisted Jeans by Tia @twisted._.Jeans Billboardgang // Magazine



Through my eyes.. it's different�


Billboardgang // Magazine


FANTASIA CORMIER LAFAYETTE LA Fancysoninfo@gmail.com Fantasia FancySon Cormier @_fancyvibes_


Billboardgang // Magazine


WHAT’S FOR FALL: I reside in San Antonio, Tx., a city where Fall is merely one cold breeze from September through March. Such lack of cold weather drains my style plans of flaunting fancy trench coats and oversized sweaters.

To embrace that similar style, I trade it in for a crop top, cotton turtleneck, and an armsfree cape. These pieces together are able to embrace the cold winds, that may blow through or keep me cool when the temperatures rises.

TIPS: (for styling in coolwarm weather) -wear sleeveless trench over a thing long sleeve top -wear a blazer over your shoulders; arms free -tie a cardigan around your neck Either way you choose to style your Fall looks, be fashionable. -MEek

The icing on the cake. Floral 3” pumps from GUESS collection purchased @ Dillard’s SEMI-Annual sale. Only $15

www.skinneegirlconfidence.com 20

Billboardgang // Magazine



Billboardgang // Magazine


make over

lushboutiquemakeover Photos By Faces Of

Fantasy Photography

Photos by: Faces of Fantasy Photography

Lake Charles native Kelsey Smith was selected to receive a fashion makeover to spice up her everyday simple look. This basic makeover really enhanced Kelsey naturally beautiful features that were once concealed with joggers and a tee shirt.


At the end of the makeover, Kelsey couldn’t wait to go on a date with her boyfriend and show off her new look. Although Kelsey’s final look was much different than her normal every day look, she really fell in love with her new image, and says she will be incorporating the look into her wardrobe more often. Kelsey’s has is also considering to pursue modeling part time. Special thanks to Victoria Rogers at Lush Boutique located at 729 East School Street. Lake Charles, La 70607

Billboardgang // Magazine


MUA: BEAUTIFUL BY CLIFFANY Model: Bianca Perkins Photo: Faces of Fantasy Photography

Lush Boutique www.billboardgang.com

Billboardgang // Magazine


Owner- Debra Leger

Phone Number 337-274-7075 6103 Florida Blvd, Suit -T Baton Rouge, La 70806 Website: www.justdoushop.com


Billboardgang // Magazine


Top 10 Holiday Toys Yvolution Y Glider Deluxe Scooter –

$60 Guitar Hero Live For Xbox 360 –

Best Elmo of All Time Toy: Play All Day Elmo –



Resources Pretend & Play School Set –

Create Your Very Own Comic Book –

Girl Scout Cookies Deluxe Oven –




Diamondback Lustre 20′′ Bike –


Best Game for 2016: The Pie Face Game – $15 Learning EcoFriendly Alert: ‘Green Toys’ Mini Ferry Toy Boat–


Disney Descendants Villain Mal, Daughter of Male�icent –



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Distribution Locations Here are the local shops where you can purchase your copy of Billboardgang Magazine for only

$6 each.

Curly Couture

601 Kaliste Saloom Lafayette, La.

337-534- 4247

A natural hair retail store providing products for those with kinky, curly, coily, and wavy hair. Natural hair stylists are also available for appointments.

Beautiful By Cliffany Cosmetics 3116 Ryan Street Lake Charles, La

832 - 350 - 9985

“Transforming Lives One Face At A Time� Specializing in all natural Cosmetics 26

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WESTGATE FLAMINGO BAY RESORT The beautiful, tropically landscaped Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort lies within minutes of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip - providing convenient access to everything “The Entertainment Capital of the World” has to offer, but remote enough to provide a peaceful retreat from all the excitement once you just want to relax. Las Vegas boasts sunny climate, nonstop gaming action, eclectic attractions, world-class dining, vibrant nightlife, championship golf courses, specialty shops and a variety of recreational opportunities, as well as nearby points of interest such as Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

equipped kitchen, jetted tub, spacious living area and fireplace. Onsite amenities at Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort include a heated outdoor pool with hot tub, sun deck and lounge chairs, barbecue grills, picnic tables, shuffleboard and basketball courts, practice putting green, playground, ping pong table and horseshoe pit. Spend quality time and make memories that last a lifetime at Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort!

5625 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, USA 12/30/2016 - 1/6/2017 New Year’s Eve 2BD Sleeps 6

At Westgate Flamingo Bay Resort, you’ll discover the accommodations you desire to experience the perfect Las Vegas vacation getaway! Enjoy the tropical oasis style complex with modern, tastefully appointed one- and two-bedroom villas for your ultimate comfort and luxury. Each of the spacious villas features a fully

Website: www.vacay4less.paycation.com | Facebook: Thomas Jun Garza | Instagram: BigJunATl Email: Tgarzaatl@yahoo.com | Phone: (678)478-8179


Billboardgang // Magazine


Luxurious 2BR Fully Furnished Apt in Heart of Center City


Billboardgang // Magazine

12/30/16-1/4/17 A modern fully furnished apartments in downtown Philadelphia offer the best in luxurious and comfortable living. Be instantly connected to a sophisticated living experience. Situated in the heart of Center City, which is is within walking distance from many renowned dining venues, high-end stores, nightlife hot spots, and more. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site fitness center and a Wi-Fi cafe, the view of beautiful Philadelphia from our roof deck and the benefit of our 24 hour concierge service.

Situated in the heart of Center City, which is is within walking distance from many renowned dining venues, highend stores, nightlife hot spots, and more.


Events Calendar Chance The Rapper Tickets October 13, 2016

Thursday 8:00 PM

Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, LA

Machine Gun Kelly Tickets October 24, 2016

Legends Of Southern Hip Hop Tickets

October 22, 2016 Saturday 8:00 PM UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA

Willie Nelson Live November 18, 2016 Friday 8:30 PM

Monday 8:00 PM

Golden Nugget in Lake Charles, LA

I Love The 90s: Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Coolio, Color Me Badd, Tone Loc & Rob Base

Lauryn Hill Tickets

House Of Blues in New Orleans, LA

November 18, 2016 Friday 8:00 PM UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA

December 1, 2016 Thursday 8:00 PM Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, LA

The Beautiful Ones Adult Prom

The Grand Closing of “The Gathering Place”

Saturday - November 19, 2016 Lake Charles Civic Center - Buccaneer Room 8:00pm- 12:00pm | $40.00 / Person R.S.V.P. 337-309-4720

December 30th 2016 8pm-12am The Gathering Place 1100 1st Avenue, Lake Charles, La.

The Gathering Place

1100 1st Avenue, Lake Charles, La. Limited Seating: RSVP on EventBrite December 31. 2016 New Year’s Eve Make a Resolution and begin moving on to bigger and better!


2016 HOUSTON VIA COLORI® STREET PAINTING FESTIVAL November 20, 2016 HERMANN SQUARE AT CITY HALL 901 BAGBY HOUSTON, TX 7700 | HOUSTON, TX 77002 Phone: (713) 520-8317 Times: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Admission: GA Pre-sale: $7, Door: $10. VIP Lounge; $40

Billboardgang // Magazine


I am an artist, a creator, and a lover of beautiful moments and my name is


I am a Louisiana Native currently residing in New Orleans where my drive to create flourishes, and the inspiration is puddling on the streets around me. Currently, i am mostly creating intensely colorful Acrylic paintings on Canvas, i strive deeply to create works of art that feel just as colorful and powerful as the events that inspired them. My subject matter is ever changing and evolving as i work with clients to recreate images lost in time, capturing that perfect wedding painting, and even dabbling in a paint portrait here and there.

I have been creating as long as i can remember, for me it was never a choice to create rather a necessity. It was clear early on in life how much happier i was when i was creating. I have been fortunate my entire life to be surrounded by people who have supported my passion, my parents, my friends, and even strangers. The key to art for me, was simply never giving up. Create no matter what, and follow my own passion. Passion speaks volumes. I am grateful to be where i am at today helping to create lasting creations for others.

Writing a bio from scratch is always its own strange thing, if there is anything specific you need from me, please feel free to let me know.


-Lauren Marie

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‘Life is messy. Life is beautiful. It’s colorful, overwhelming, inspiring and heartbreaking. But Lauren Marie Breaux can’t help but to paint it in all of its confusing glory. While living in the most magical place in the world, she captures real life moments in the way she sees color. If you frequent the French Quarter, you might have just caught a glimpse of her handing out flowers and good vibes throughout New Orleans.’ -Courtney Creel


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MORGAN PETE Morgan Pete is a recent graduate from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a major in Biology. While in school, she started a non-profit organization to give back to the community called Sky is NOT the Limit. She has also created 2 clothing lines, one for kids, GBC collection: Genuine, Bold & Confident and one for women, Vous Adore, which is French for Adore Yourself. Recently Morgan signed a contract with Your Time Publishing and published the book, Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence: Living Past Society’s Definition of Beauty. Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence was written to help young adults learn the importance of inner confidence and to help them truly understand that it doesn’t matter how they are portrayed by others, but to love themselves for exactly who they are. She has also traveled and modeled in New York Fashion Week, Macy’s Fashion Show, Dillard’s Fashion Show, Raw Los Angeles Fashion Show, New Orleans’ Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, bySmithNY, Inexchange, Rue 21, Mimosa, and more. In 2015, Morgan was invited on Q95.5 Radio Station for Women’s International Month. In 2016, she did a magazine spread in Southern Tea Magazine and was invited on KLFY News Channel for a special event with Michelle Colligan, an award winning


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photographer, to work with special needs children and adults. She is also a 2017 Miss Louisiana Contestant. She has run 3 model camps in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, Louisiana and 2 seminars for the community in Lafayette, LA and Breaux Bridge, LA, which was also featured on KLFY TV 10 News Channel.

• Invited on KLFY News Channel for a special event with Michelle Colligan to work with special needs children and adults.

• Miss Louisiana Contestant 2016

• Ran 2 seminars for the community: Lafayette, LA and Breaux Bridge, LA

Morgan Pete’s Credentials: • Author of Nothing Like A Little Bit of Confidence: Living Past Society’s Definition of Beauty. • BS in Biology

• President of Sky is NOT the Limit Organization

• CEO of GBC Collection: Genuine, Bold & Confident

• Featured in 008 Magazine for Bridal Expo and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

• Ran 3 Model Boot Camps: Lafayette, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA, and New Orleans, LA. • Surprised Caliph Newton(3 year old who had his leg amputated at 9 months had recently learned how to walk) with his favorite toys and tokens to Chuckee Cheese. (The surprise was featured on KLFY news)

• CEO of Vous Adore

• Surprised Kay Andrus with a makeover and photoshoot. (Lupus Survivor)

• Invited on Q95.5 Radio Station for Women’s International Month

• Surprised Shyla Martinez with Nike Slippers and 2 tickets to the Seminar. (She lost her sister in a drunk driver related incident)

• Modeled in New York Fashion Week, Macy’s Fashion Show, Dillard’s Fashion Show, Raw Los Angeles Fashion Show, New Orleans’ Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, by Smith NY, Inexchange, Rue 21, Mimosa, and more. • Magazine Spread in Southern Tea Magazine

• Surprised Cassie Myers from St Martinville High with Nike Shoes and 2 tickets to the Breaux Bridge Rec Day. (She lost both parents at a young age.)

• Visited Women’s & Children’s Hospital and gave out toys to the patients. www.billboardgang.com


Jared Clark, a 17 year old Senior at Washington-Marion High School, currently serves as the President of the National Honor Society, Vice President of the Beta Club, a member of Student Council, and plays on the football team. Jared is a mentor in the College For Every Student (CFES) Program. As a mentor for the freshmen scholars, Jared has the opportunity to share his confident disposition, humble attitude, and aggressive work habits it takes to succeed. Jared was named “Mentor of the Year” at WashingtonMarion this school year. Jared is currently enlisted in the US Army Reserve. He attended Basic CombatTraining (BCT) this Summer and graduated on August 11, 2016 as a proud soldier. Jared returned home immediately after graduation just in time to attend the first day of school. Jared was surprised by the school administration with two VIP tickets to a Houston Texans football game.

Jared is a member of Woodbury Fellowship Church and on most Sundays you can find him there ushering. He is an active member of Authur Lee Tutson #36 Youth Frat. Although Jared has such a busy schedule with school and football practice, he has learned early that his faith in God and family values are of utmost importance, always finding time to spend


with his 7-year old sister, Diamond, and mentor his 8-year old cousin, Aiden, who was diagnosed with Autism. Both of those kids are his #1 fans! Jared has had an impact on everyone he has met to include teachers, students, friends, family, and his Pastor.

The old phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is definitely true, and can be seen clearly in the life of Jared Clark! Jared, despite childhood struggles and the inclination to follow the stereotypical stigma of a “thug in the streets,” has chosen to be a light within the darkness of a generation. Jared has great mentors in his life including teachers, his football coach, Pastor, family, parents, and close friends, he is making strides in achieving his goals and vision of attending Southern University in the Engineering Program while continuing his journey with the US Army Reserve. Jared is truly a mentor making his mark in his generation! #PineviewSt

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“UP AND TO THE RIGHT” Some ideas are just that good! You need no money, experience, and in some cases no college degrees, to begin following your dreams of reaching your goals successfully. There is one thing that you will not be able to succeed without, and that is persistence. Creating an idea and making millions of dollars from it is absolutely possible, however the how and why is what will make your story a success. You will need to research so that you can learn as much as you can about the industry that you plan to work in. You will start on your journey and make mistakes. You will learn from your mistakes and fails at chance. You will learn more about yourself. You will learns things like how well you react to pressure, why it is important to be prepared and rise to the occasion, when is it okay to speak about my ideas versus keeping quiet, and when it is time to move on to the next idea. This is called education and is very important to your future.


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Persistence is prob ab one of the most adm ly irable characteristic a pe rson can possess. It is the ab ility to be determined to do or ac something regardle hieve ss of any setbacks. The word pe is de�ined as the co rsistence ntinued or prolonged existe nc something. You mus e of t have persistent faith in your own ability, and remain persistently humble, enthused, and success driven. When times ge you should be as co t hard nscious of your solutions as yo your problems. Chan u are ge the problems instead of �ixing them. Knowing how to ge t through tough times is not as important as knowing that yo u will get through the tough times. No great achievement is without persistent possible wor type of work breeds k. This su The threshold for su ccess. ccess does not know you, you have to �ind it, and push throug h it. Define your wants and desires... What is your motiv atio Outline your plan of n? action. Stay positive; “I can and I will!” Build a network of lik people. Develop disc e minded ipline and habit. Always move forwar d. Go up and to the right. www.billboardgan g.com



Visualize where it is you want to go, then put it in your GPS and GO! -Nomica Guillory


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The Routine every natural should know to combat dry hair in the winter is the L.O.C. method.

LOC method is abbreviation for leave in/liquid, oil, & cream. Layering these products in this specific order maximizes moisture. Oil and cream are best known for being sealants which is why they are the last two in this method. Natural hair is at its driest during the cold winter months so using this method will combat dry hair. This method is simple and every natural can use what they already own to achieve moisturized hair. Just follow these steps.

Step one: Start on clean hair. It can be wet or dry, your preference. Apply the leave in/ liquid. I prefer using a water based leave in so it can penetrate the hair shaft easier for maximum moisture. I would recommend the Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioning spray for a water based leave in or Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave in conditioner for a conditioner based leave in. Step Two: Apply the oil of your choice in a thin layer. The oil is used to seal in the leave in. I would recommend


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coconut oil since it is light and very moisturizing. For real dry hair I try a heavier oil which like castor oil.

Step Three: Apply a butter based moisturizing cream to seal in the leave in and oil. Be sure to use a cream that is great for defining your style. If you hair loves a certain cream but it does not give definition, feel free to use a styling product on top of the cream. The cream that I would recommend is Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, if you want something lighter try the Curls cream brulee moisturizer.

Other naturals benefit from the LCO method. Which is liquid/ leave in, cream then oil. Changing up the layering of the product may help, if the LOC method does not work. It all depends on your hair needs, texture, and porosity level. Youtube, IG, & Snapchat name: AdrianneMG Email address: Adrianne.brignac@gmail.com

Final Step: Style as desired, but make sure it fully dries. I usually do twist outs with the LOC method and it usually last a week with how much moisture my hair receives from this technique. I would also suggest doing a protective style with this method as well. This LOC method would work for anyone who suffers from dry hair, especially in the winter time. If you try this technique and your hair feels weigh down it means you used too much product. Trying scaling back on the amount of product.


watch closely with interest physical substance in general distinct from mind and spirit

beautiful in image elegant in appearance triumphs greater than fears visions greater than doubts Will power greater than temptations future greater than past tomorrow better than today yesterday doesn’t matter as much as eye matter - Visionary


My cookies and icing are made fresh and from scratch! Each cookie is hand rolled, hand-cut, and individually decorated!


The Cajun Cookie Lady, LLC | Yvonne Jacobs Phone: (337) 884 - 9122 | Email: thecajuncookielady@yahoo.com www.facebook.com/TheCajunCookieLady | www.instagram.com/thecajuncookieladyllc


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X OUT GERMS School is in session and cold and flu season is coming. This is the perfect opportunity for germs to invade your body and attack our immune system. Although not all germs are harmful, viruses and bacteria are the two most common germs that can cause illness in people. Here’s a few simple tips to help you and your child protect against germs and stay healthy this school year.

Hand washing is one of the most simplest, easiest, and effective ways to protect yourself against GERMS!!! Germs hate soap and water so wash your hands frequently. Washing your hands after coughing, sneezing, using the bathroom, touching pets, and before eating and cooking reduces the spread of germs. To adequately wash your hands use warm water and soap and rub hands together 15-20 seconds. When soap and water are not available, an alcohol based hand gel is appropriate. Germs that live in saliva and can be transferred from person to person. Avoid sharing utensils, food, and drinks with others, especially if ill. It’s best to keep your germs to yourself!

Covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing decreases the spread of germs. It’s best to use a tissue or the bend of your elbow to avoid contaminating your hands. Also, this is considered good manners The influenza virus can live on tissue approximately 15 minutes, so used tissue should be thrown away immediately. Hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, and door knobs should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes because some germs can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours. The influenza virus, for example, can live for 2-8 hours on hard surfaces. Use these tips to reduce the risk of exposure to potentially harmful germs.


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Breast Cancer Survivor


his is my story, my journey, most importantly my testimony!

In 2015, I received the devastating news that nobody wants to hear, YOU HAVE CANCER. What should I do? Who can I talk to? When, how, and why did I get this disease? These were the questions circling in my mind. I do not have a family history of this disease. I was puzzled, in a daze and unfocused. In late October of 2014, I noticed I had a small knot on my left breast. I thought an insect had bit me. So I didn’t pay much attention to it at that time. My annual mammogram appointment was coming up. In December, the knot had become larger in size. I started to get worried. I had my mammogram and began praying for good test results. Well, the results came back negative. As time went on, I continued with my busy daily routines of life noticing the knot grew larger and become elongated in shape. I then said, “Something is just not right.” Pay attention to your inner thoughts! I made an appointment to see my family physician. I showed him the huge knot. The doctor said,” It is huge and dense.” He had received the results from the first mammogram. He ordered a second mammogram and ultrasound for me. As the ultrasound was being done, I was told I don’t see anything, it’s just a lot of dense tissue. I went in to see my doctor again. Lo and behold, these results came back negative as well. But God! God stepped in! My doctor referred me to a local surgeon to look at this knot, now mass. I always thank my doctor for this whenever I see him. In February of 2015, my surgeon performed a biopsy on my breast. The results, ADH abnormal cells. Next, I was scheduled for a lumpectomy, surgical removal of a part of the breast. My oldest daughter had accompanied me to my follow- up appointment. At my appointment, the surgeon stated,” After further testing of tissue samples from the lumpectomy, it shows you have cancer.” “The type of cancer we found is DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ).” I can see the news got to my daughter, but she stayed strong in front of me. I cried for a while, the surgeon touched my hand www.billboardgang.com

and reassured me everything will be alright. He gave me a book about breast cancer and treatments. I was still in shock! My surgeon referred me to M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston, Texas to start a treatment plan. I was home feeling numb and sad. It was like someone gave me a death sentence. As days passed, I became scared and isolated. I had a cancer cloud, hanging over me floating, following me everywhere I went. I had to stop working due to this disease and to see about my daughter’s education.

I soon became a strong, warrior. My faith in God increased, but it was always there. A friend of mine told me to get a scripture and pray always. I also received a special healing prayer from a friend of my mom. My scripture was and is today, Isaiah 53:45- By his stripes we are healed. I recited my scripture and prayer every day. It was a reason I got this disease. After a long decision, I decided to post on facebook about my disease. In the midst of my storm, I told people to be nice to one another because someone may be going through something bad in their lives. I wanted to help others that was going through the same thing and connect with others. I am so thankful for all the likes and prayers that I received from that post. It was done from my heart. My first day at M.D. Anderson, made me realize that I was not alone. Cancer does not care about your race, age, gender, religion etc. There were some many people there sick like me. I had teams of doctors and nurses caring for me. I felt safe, loved, and special. It was all about me! It was the best place for me. I knew I was in good hands!

My drive from Lake Charles, La. to Houston, Texas would sometimes consist of 2 - 3 trips a week. I had numerous test, MRI’s and biopsies done. I began to become tired from the trips and all of the testing. While on the road, I would often cry all the way from Houston back to lake Charles in pain. The bumps on the road didn’t make it easier. I had an hour long MRI to do. I could not move for one hour. This was hard for me. I got sick in the tube at one time. The results from this MRI revealed I had invasive cancer in my right breast. This type of cancer

spreads. I thought my right breast was fine, no knots, lumps or anything. More small areas on the left breast was also found. I stayed strong, for it was all God! I reached out and called my sister- surviving friend, Dr. K. Thomas for advice. I had to decide, along with my family to have a bilateral mastectomy. I thank her for lending her ear, time and heart to me. In April 2015, I had my mastectomy done in Houston. My pastor drove to Houston to pray with me before my surgery. It was a long recovery. I had the great support of my family, friends, and church family.

In August of the same year, I had a port placed surgically in to receive 16 rounds of chemotherapy treatments. I lost all my hair, eyebrows, etc. My toenails and fingernails became black. Nausea, tasteless food and skin changes set in. I was very sick now. There were days I thought I wasn’t going to make it. My chemo treatments carried on into 2016. June of 2016, I had reconstructive surgery in Houston. I will continue seeing my local oncologist for my health. I thank everyone for their continued prayers and support. Today I can say I’m cancer free! Praise God, I don’t look like what I been through! It’s a blessing! I was a scholarship banquet, a co-worker stated, “Look at God!”. I’m now getting back to daily life routines enjoying life, working, and praying for others with this disease. Males can get breast cancer too. Do your self check exams and get yearly mammograms. Early detection is the best detection! If you should get this disease, FIGHT! Billboardgang // Magazine


A Feel A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Model: Ty’Janique Celestine Photo: Faces of Fantasy Photography


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Dedra “The Champ” Scruggs 1972-2015 Dedra Scruggs was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in July of 2012. From that point, she chose to fight and passionately deemed herself “The Champ”, in reference to the many rounds of chemo she was facing. Every time she checked in for chemo she would say, “The Champ is Here!” She believed she would beat the cancer by fighting to survive, living out her dreams, and traveling the world! In Feb 2015 she fulfilled her childhood dream of going to the Big Apple! Brenda attended New York City for fashion week & All-Star weekend! Even though she may have been in pain she pressed her way through, enjoyed herself, and didn’t let the Cancer win! My advice to anyone who has a loved one battling cancer is “BE THERE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!” It is important that your loved ones don’t feel alone, or like they’re in the fight by themselves. Love them! Encourage them!Fight with them!

Every time she checked in for chemo she would say, “The Champ is Here!” She believed she would beat the cancer by fighting to survive, living out her dreams, and traveling the world! www.billboardgang.com

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CARROLL HOMESCHOOL ACADEMY Q. What is your name? A. My name is Mrs. Angel M. Carroll. I graduated from McNeese State University in May 2008. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. I have a double major in Early Interventionist, PreK-8th, Elementary, Early Childhood, Special Education. Q. How many years have you been teaching from home? A. I have been homeschooling my children for 4 years.

Q. Why did you choose homeschool over private and public school? A. Homeschooling is more flexible, healthier, and a one-on-one approach to ensuring educational success and fulfillment for the student and the parent. It allows me to pick and choose proven methods of teaching, and gives me an opportunity to bring the extensions of learning in the classroom without distraction. Each student has an individualized learning plan to cater to their specific educational needs. Therefore, it creates a positive learning environment with attainable goals. Q. How do the kids respond to being home schooled?

A. The children enjoy homeschooling as it gives them minimal stress and it allows them to pace themselves on subjects that in public school would otherwise be rushed or overlooked. As a arent, you tend to put your all into your children.


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No other school will be able to offer your children the convenience of learning from home (where they are not sick often) and education is constantly at the forefront of their day. We are involved in many social aspects and we are able to take time off as needed. Private schools and public school are different in that private cost and public does not. But now the classrooms are overloaded and the teachers are overworked and overwhelmed. The classes are too large where the teachers are not able to meet the individual needs of the students on a daily basis. It’s literally impossible in many cases. I have taught in the school system and it is very demanding at times. God Bless the teachers still fighting to stay afloat. Teachers have one of the hardest jobs. Q. What is your favorite subject to teach?

A. My favorite subject to teach has to be phonics and grammar. Those subjects seem to get immediate results and I love to see the students light up cause they really got it. Q. What is your ultimate goal?

A. My ultimate goal for my children as students is to create a love for education so they may go on to higher learning and successfully obtain the degree of their choice. I want them to use their education to enjoy life and impact others around them to do the same.




Bulling is a big problem. It can make kids feel hurt, scared, sick, lonely, embarrassed, and sad. Researchers estimate that 20 to 30 percent of school age children are involved in bulling incidents, as either perpetrators or victims. Victims of bullying are often shy and tend to be physically weaker than their peers. They may also display low self esteem and poor social skills, which makes it hard for them to stand up for them selves. Children can internalize the harmful effects of bullying, which creates stress related issues such as anxiety and depression.

WARNING SIGNS * Not wanting to go to school * Frequent crying * Unexpected bruises * Sudden drop in grades * Increased passivity or withdrawal If your child is being bullied never tell your child to ignore the bullying. Do not blame your child for being bullied. Always avoid approaching matters with the other parents involved because It may make matters worse. Allow officials to act as mediators between the parents. www.stopbullying.gov

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There is nothing

sexier to a man than a woman who knows and… foot in the door. As he disconnects and supports his squad, it fosters the perfect blend needed to throw your RED FLAG! (I’ll tell you more about that later.) Did you know football comes on at least four days out of the week?


Yeah, men will be out and about in full force from September – January. Whether it’s at a sports bars or house viewing party, you will have ample opportunities to engage with as many men as you want during the season. I suggest you bring along your girls so they understand how you can all win together as a team.


Yeah, men are usually with their friends while they watch football. So it’s important that you and your girls are all on the same page when you enter the spot. This strategy provides all of you an opportunity to increase your odds of connecting with men.


Ladies, There is nothing sexier to a man than a woman who knows and understands football. Understanding the lingo, concept and being able to have a knowledgeable discussion about it will provide you an additional opportunity to have a man pursue you


Yeah, being able to connect with a man and show interest in something that he’s


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passionate about – especially something that women don’t typically engage in – will appeal to him and organically trigger him to gravitate towards you.


Yeah, a man’s guard evaporates when he is watching football. It’s a time where he can have a few drinks and chill in a social, friendly environment. Being able to have a natural, lighthearted dialogue with him about football is an easy way to get your

Yeah, it’s time to stop complaining as you must become more active in creating success for yourself in the matters of love while also sharpening your interpersonal skills. Many women don’t realize it, but just being able to talk to a man about football gives you a unique advantage. I’ll provide you the tools and instructions to have a man intrigued, impressed, and most importantly, interested in getting to know you. Are you ready? www.commontruce.com


Taviauhn "Scumbus" Turner Position: Guard/Defensive Tackle Height :6'0 weight: 300 lbs Bench Press : 350 40 speed: 5.0 Squat max: 605 2015 stats: 46 tackles, 2 sacks, 7 tackles for loss


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Willie James Smith, born in Shreveport, La. in 1982 to Audrey White and Willie Smith, is the youngest of four children. Willie James moved from Cotton Valley, La. to Grambling, La. in the midst of his 8th grade year. Willie played college basketball in Illinois before tearing his ACL, going back to Grambling, and finishing his undergraduate degree. Willie pledged omega psi phi in 2005 through the Gamma Gamma chapter. He has earned two master degrees and is going back to get a Doctorate degree. “Weightlifting, bodybuilding, and spending time with my son are my hobbies. To GOD be all the glory”. - Willie James Smith

Iron Life Fitness

Contact: Ironlifefitness318@gmail.com


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I like to lead by example. Currently i am an amateur in the bodybuilding arena. The ultimate goal is to keep competing and help change as many people lives as possible. I want to be able to have the experience when i have body builders that want to compete in the future as well.


Willie Smith - Grambling, La. I replaced my love for basketball with weight training after i tore my acl, and it turned into a passion. My ideal client is someone that comes into the gym and knock out the workout without complaining or fussing. I can’t un-train a bad diet. If your diet is terrible we will waste our time in here (in the gym). I am promising that I will do what I need to do in the gym for you, but when you leave have to buy into the diet plan and remain focused throughout. Workouts and diet plans vary based on the individual and what their realistic goals are. The two best exercises you can do in the gym are squats and deadlifts. With those two exercises you can activate more muscles than many other exercises. The goal is to start small and progressively add weight when they are comfortable.

I like to lead by example. Currently i am an amateur in the bodybuilding arena. The ultimate goal is to keep competing and help change as many people lives as possible. I want to be able to have the experience when i have body builders that want to compete in the future as well. If i can get my pro card of course i would take it. It’s fun for me and its good experience. I am based out of Ruston, La., but we can train you wherever you are via online training as long as you are dedicated and willing to do the work. View the full interview with Willie Smith and Iron Life Fitness on BillboardgangTv Connect with us on Facebook.com/ Bill boardgang Magazine or visit www. Billboardgang.com/tv as it releases on October 16, 2017. Billboardgang // Magazine


Looking prepared is the first step of being prepared. Being prepared is step 2.

Billboardgang Magazine www.Billboardgang.com July 2016 - September 2016 $5.99 USD $7.99 CAN


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Billboardgang Magazine Issue 4 - Fall Season - 2016  

Billboardgang Magazine Issue Four now available for viewing via www.Billboardgang.com

Billboardgang Magazine Issue 4 - Fall Season - 2016  

Billboardgang Magazine Issue Four now available for viewing via www.Billboardgang.com