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Wonders, Wonders, Wonders‌ It is the Christmas Eve! A beautiful diamond ring shines between the leaves. There is a little seal who lies on the coast of the sea. His mouth is full. Suddenly he opens it. There is something interesting between the teeth. It is a magic shell with soft green grains which look like small painkillers. The seal leaves it on the golden sand and takes the ring with his teeth. He puts the ring inside the shell and‌What a great surprise! The animal is transformed into a handsome prince. He is in the bedroom of a magnificent palace and combs his hair with a wonderful hairbrush. It is made by a silver spoon which the father of prince, the king, received as a gift from his fairy many years ago.

Wonders, Wonders, Wonders‌ because of Christmas Eve!

Wonders, Wonders, Wonders...  

a story about wonders

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