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The readers of my magazine have shown that they aren’t particularly interested in new releases but will listen to records if they are old because of the quality of the music. But if they like an artist they obviously would be interested in their new releases. They have also shown that they have a big variety in their music taste and don’t just listen to one genre of music, which I prefer because this means I can add more variety into my magazine.

The readers have instrumental interest as the majority who answered my survey said that they do play an instrument which puts more pressure on my magazine in a positive way, because the readers are more likely to take music a lot more seriously and be able to read into the music a lot more. They also have an aesthetic appreciation to the musicians and the acknowledge the ability the musician has, so the magazine will have features on musicians who have a distinctive sound or lots of ability at what they play. The readers have shown that they are outgoing social people, so I will include information on club nights and gigs that are forthcoming, maybe an idea would be to have an advert page(s) where people can advertise and promote their event for a very small fee?

The first question was a disguise to find out if my readers smoked cannabis, I did this because they will probably listen to music by themselves or with friends when smoking and may make them take music a lot more seriously as it becomes a lot more personal and you tend to delve in deeper to the music as well. Another reason I asked that question was to see the correlation between how many people smoked weed and listened to reggae and dub genres, the readers mainly listened to those two genres as well as indie and a mix, as the majority are more likely to smoke through that question I believe that is because of ideological influences from that genre but also because of their love for music. They may also smoke because the want to be unconventional and rebel against popular culture, as they want to stand out as individuals, but through the number of people doing this they have created their own youth culture. The readers have shown that they have a mix of being fashion conscious and just wearing what they want, I perceive this as them taking pride in their appearance but also wanting to stand out, but not conforming to popular culture. The choice of drinks show that they like to go out and have a good time, the majority show they don’t stick to one drink all night which shows they’re open minded to trying new things.

The readers have said they prefer a dubstep club night which adds to the idea of a new youth culture as is it recent genre where people have subverted two things and made it into their own, so therefore my magazine will have to remain focused on the subversion of popular culture. Also a large percentage has shown they like a mix, which also means my magazine, will have to include variation so it is accessible to everyone. They have also shown they have a big love for music because they listen to a lot of music a day as well as whenever they can which shows they take their music seriously, meaning my magazine will have to be very serious about music, as my readers take their music personally and seriously.

Analysis of survey results