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WHY SHOULD WE INVEST IN TURKEY Turkey has a very rich cultural heritage with roots going as deep as the first civilizations ever recorded in history as you know. What makes that rich history of Turkey? The answer is quite simple, actually. Turkey is a place where the sea meets the mountains and where cultures meet each other and that’s why people should invest in Turkey. People is usually preconceived about making a big investment in east europe. The main problem is, people don’t have a big knowlage about investment incentives in Turkey but they can find lost of

investment agencys if they want and if they are seeking a perfect combination of nature, history and culture they can have both. Turkey is most visited country in the world respectively in 2008 and 2009 and looks like that won’t change in the future. If you want to make a good invesment in Turkey you can make lots of Money doing that. Turkey is a growing country and growing economy. Istanbul is the “European Capital of Culture” in 2010. If you ask someone what s/he is know about Turkey, they will say at least few words about İstanbul, you can realize the value of your Money if you invest in turkey at this point. You can make Money when you buy a property too. For instance, if you buy a hotel in Turkey that will give you a great lifestyle and potentially a very sound investment for your future. Turkey’s future is very bright and you can share that big dream if you invest in Turkey. At this point generally all buyers that are looking at lucrative investments in Turkey, either at capital gain over the long term ( for 10 years or more) or at an income (not small of course) from renting the property when they are not using it themselves. There Is great potential but you should not abandon your Investment In Turkey. Low taxes & incentives are great reasons to invest in Turkey of course you should not forget about tax benetifts too. In conclusion Turkey has so much to offer and it is not that surprising that this country has recently become one of the world's most popular countries. People who wants to invest should know, real estate is now creating a very attractive investment opportunity in Turkey. For further information on invest in Turkey, you can visit

Invest in Turkey