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Experimental Typography Booklet by BILJANA KROLL

This booklet contains experimental typography that is expressive and engaging. The copy came from an article called “25 Ways to be Happier� and my objective was to make the words come alive. I imagined this to be a small, easy-to-carry inspirational booklet for women that they can place in their purse or keep it on their office desks as a constant reminder of how to go back to a more positive state of mind. In the booklet the advice on each page becomes a living, breathing, active thing that motivates the reader as she is flipping through the pages. I wanted each page to be fun, playful and whimsical. Each illustration offers something new to engage the viewer. The story blends with the illustration to create a positive, uplifting mood. The chosen color scheme of bright colors is meant to intensify positive emotions as well. Each title comes alive and plays a certain role. The main goal of the article is to take an active role in making one’s life better. This booklet carries on that objective by enhancing the visual stimulation one receives when reading the text. - BILJANA KROLL

ways to be ‌

every day

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Planning a time each day to laugh can actually decrease stress and make you happier. A deep belly laugh actually removes stress hormones from your bloodstream and relaxes muscles. Plus, if you’ve planned in time to read the comics, watch a short video, or take in a joke-of-the-day, you have something to look forward to.



If you don’t already do so, consider learning how to knit, crochet, or do needlepoint. Concentrating on repetitive work can actually be calming to your nerves.



lunch Make plans with a friend and stick to them. A weekly lunch full of relaxed chat and venting can be a huge stress reliever and a great way to build stronger, more supportive friendships.


Take a

rb eabreakthing Deep, slow breaths bring more energizing oxygen into your body. Schedule two or three breathing breaks into your day. Go someplace quiet and focus on the sound of your breath going in and out of your body slowly and smoothly.



a d a y o ff Take a day for yourself. Forget about all of the stresses of your job and your life and just relax. Whether it’s a day at a spa or just a day spent at home in bed, put yourself first. Everything can wait for one day—especially when taking a day for yourself today will make you happier and more productive tomorrow.


Turn the TV off Give your brain a break. Pamper it with some quiet time without any flashing images. Turning off the TV at least 30 minutes before you go to bed can help you sleep better, too. Plus, just imagine what you can do with your newfound free time.



Help someone carry a heavy package, let the car in front of you out into traffic, or do someone a favor. Doing a good deed can actually make you feel better about yourself and brighten your day. Give it a shot!


Pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy it slowly. Sit on your porch swing or in your garden and enjoy nature around you.


Close your eyes

If you find yourself feeling stressed, take a moment to stop and close your eyes. Your brain will have time to quiet down and will then be able to focus your attention better. You can even incorporate this little practice in with your breathing breaks.


Turn the tap on cold and hold your wrists under the water for about a minute while taking deep, cleansing breaths. Because there is a large number of blood vessels in your wrists, the cold water can help ease tension and calm you down. Being calm leads to a more positive attitude because your brain feels like it can handle anything.


Being dehydrated can actually cause you to be grumpy and tired, so be sure to drink plenty of water.


It’s that easy. Just smiling at people you meet can brighten up your day. Chances are, they’ll smile back and have a better day as well!


No matter what kind of music you decide to blast, loud, pumping music can actually stimulate your system. Turn it up, and let yourself go — whether that means singing at the top of your lungs or doing a little dance.


Sparky on your

to-do list

Make time at the end of your day to play with your pet. It’s hard not to giggle when your dog is chasing his tail or your cat is wiggling her butt before she pounces on a toy.


t n o D


fo r g et abou

of od

It’s easy to forget to take the time to eat when you have a hectic schedule. Being hungry, even if you don’t realize it, can make you irritable. Keep a few snacks like whole wheat crackers in your purse or in your drawer at work for the times when you may not eat until later.


There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done. The next time you accomplish a big task, take yourself out to a nice restaurant, get a pedicure, or buy yourself a new pair of shoes.


Eating fiber not only keeps your digestive track on course, it also can absorb bacteria and toxins in the body. So eat more beans, peas, nuts, whole grains, and fruits.


Make a to-do list of 20 things each week. Then, remove two of them, and replace them with activities you would enjoy. Having something to look forward to will make each day of the week brighter — even if you don’t have anything planned for that day.


Instead of battling traffic, give yourself extra travel time and take the scenic route. It will be less stressful and relaxing to see the beauty of Western North Carolina.


Stress is one of the leading causes for depression. Know when to say “no.” Taking on extra projects won’t do anything to help you live a happier, more relaxed life.


Create a list of your most recent accomplishments. Keep it updated, and look at it any time you feel overwhelmed or depressed.


Stop several times throughout your day, stand up, and stretch your arms high over your head. Slowly rotate each limb and your head in small circles. Stretching can loosen your muscles and increase blood flow, helping you feel better overall.


Take the time to sit down, and enjoy a good book.


Watch how you phrase what you say. Even when you’re talking to yourself, focus on the positive. Instead of saying, “I am never going to finish all of this work,” say, “Only three more tasks until I’m done!”


Really, we weren’t kidding the first time. Make it a point to stop and smile. Do it right now. See? Don’t you feel just a little bit happier?

Typography Booklet  

This booklet contains experimental typography that is expressive and engaging. The copy came from an article called “25 Ways to be Happier”...

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