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WHAT IS BILBAO INTERNATIONAL ART&FASHION? An international competition open to designers aged between 18 and 35 years from all over the world. It is born in Bilbao and from Bilbao, promoting our city as an international platform for global Art and Fashion.


To enable young designers to make themselves known to a wider public and media. The international nature of the competition aims to achieve an intercultural enrichment based on the different ways of understanding the relationship between fashion and art. To promote fashion and art as a genuine cultural assets serving society. To build bridges between young designers and those who have already succeeded.


433 registrations in 2008. 608 registrations in 2010. 826 registrations in 2012.

Coming from schools of Architecture, Fine Arts, Fashion Design‌




Spain Great Britain India Egypt China Italy Germany France Israel Mexico Ecuador Argentina Tunisia Peru U.S.A. Colombia Uruguay Denmark Brasil Japan Romania Serbia Guatemala Portugal Chile Austria Bolivia Slovenia Finland Greece Kazajstan Latvia Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Venezuela El Salvador The Philippines Bulgaria Indonesia Poland Australia Belgium Taiwan Malaysia Estonia Ireland Paraguay

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Bizkaia Gipuzkoa Álava

76 17 2



Cat. A Cat. B

594 232


Mietal Zano Tatiana Pogrebnyak &Yael Serfaty 1st edition Category A

1st edition Category B

Edurne IbĂĄĂąez 2nd edition Category A

Lena Hasibether 2nd edition Category B


JURY: Formed by Basque designers and well known personalities within the cultural circles: Antón Arana – Professor of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Basque Country Alexandra Barbaro - Spain&Portugal Marangoni Information Center Manager Javier Barroeta – Designer Cesar Caicoya - Architect. Director of IDOM Ion Fiz - Designer Javier de Juana - Fashion creator Mercedes de Miguel – Designer Isabel Hormaechea – Designer Maite Ibarbengoechea - President of Getxo Business and Commerce Mª Angeles Izquierdo - Association RODA Begoña Medel - Vice Dean of Quality and Innovation at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Basque Country Patirke Moran - Inditex Miriam Ocáriz – designer Agustín Ramos – Professor of Philosophy of Values at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of the Basque Country Alicia Rueda - Designer Juana Ruiz - Designer JOTA MAS GE Garbiñe Urdampilleta - Designer JOTA MAS GE The Head of the jury is Mr. Juan Ignacio Vidarte, Director General of Global Strategy at the Solomon R. Guggenheim foundation.




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“The success of Bilbao International Art&Fashion led to the creation of Bilboost� It is a professional network for young designers born with the intention of: 1. Setting up a framework of participation for international young creators, which will facilitate a potential for trends and generate and enormous interest from international companies in this field. 2. Developing the social aspect of the project, thus helping young designers to compete on equal terms using new technologies. This platform enables them to show their work, promote themselves, strengthen their branding and boost their careers.


Ms. Zaha Hadid, Honorary President. Mr. Iñaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao. Mr. José Antonio Ardanza, Chairman of Euskaltel. Mr. César Caicoya, Architect, Partner Director of IDOM. Mrs. Lourdes Fernández, Manager of ARCO. Mrs. Covadonga O´Shea, Chairwoman of ISEM. Mr. Pablo Otaola, Manager of Zorrozaurre. Ms. Inma Shara, Conductor. Mrs. Teresa Querejazu, Partner of “nnobasque. Mr. Javier Viar, Director of Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.


CONTRIBUTORS UPV-EHU Fine Arts Department , INEDI, EITB as well as Bizkaia media and bloggers.

This set of actions allow to bet for a present and a future in a field where creativity innovation and renovation are a must for competitiveness, needed for the promotion and consolidation of young designers with initiative and talent. It means a quality change towards the traditional ways of promoting fashion, and incorporates new aspects within participation and equality of opportunities through the net. It is all about innovation in the promotion of people that are starting their career. This will have as a result a reinforcement of the Fashion sector in our business world and in the support of young designers. It also means an important benefit for young designers, because it enables them to be assessed in an international scale, and by renowned professors and professionals, which will have an effect on their quality. At the same time their international promotion and visibility is enhanced. At last, to channel a flow of creativity will open opportunities at all levels and will contribute to count with businessman, media, intellectuals and artists that will make possible to strengthen a bank of creativity with quality that will give place to new business opportunities and new professionals, who will use Design as a way to reach a sustainable economic development.

Bilbao International Art&Fashion Contest.  
Bilbao International Art&Fashion Contest.  

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