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Reminiscent of tree trunks, these 15 metre high lamp-post sculptures are composed of a three metre high metallic base where all the electric connections are found as well as the ground to post mount. The rest of the lamp is a 12 metre structure covered in translucent fibreglass, which changes colour in order to guarantee night lighting via an LED system. This modern landmark and novel feature of Bilbao's landscape can be controlled remotely via a system which varies light intensity. The upper section interacts with

the weather, changing colour automatically, red with heat, blue with rain, or neutral white. Each streetlamp sculpture is further outfitted with several halogen lamps in order to illuminate specific areas of the recreational part of the plaza. Not only do these sculptures provide functional lighting, but they also stand as a unique and distinctive element of the plaza, as the design of this multi-use plaza placed the recreation areas between the road and the outer perimeter pedestrian walkways.



A lecturer at the School of Architecture in Ferrara, Italy Mario Nanni has had a long career in the field of light design for public areas. In 1994 he founded Viabizzuno, a leading company world-wide in architectural lighting and product design. In addition, Mr Nanni frequently collaborates with internationally renowned designers and architects, having received numerous awards and acknowledgements for his creations, which are characterised both by the perfect integration with their surroundings and for the discrete use of materials and shapes. Mr Nanni also collaborates on an ongoing basis with the City of Bilbao on lighting matters on such projects as the recently erected Miribilla Church.

lighting design: mario nanni, light fittings: Viabizzuno,

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