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1-30 GeTXOPHOTO 2011 Iraila september

zaharrei gorazarre IN PRAISE OF ELDERLY

antolatzailea / organizer

babesleak / sponsor

GETXOPHOTO is getting older and celebrates its 5th edition, looking to the front to the elderly Around twenty international authors will give their personal vision about the elderly

We all know how to recognize an old person in the street. Even someone of 65 is capable of talking of someone of 85 as old, excluding him or herself from that classification. When is one old? It depends what for. It is really a question of individual boundaries but, just like the permitted age limit for driving, it must be defined in order to be administered. Muscular distension, loss of visual acuity, degeneration of bone structures, loss of libido, senile dementia, disassociation of ideas, hypertension. People who examine themselves in the mirror every morning and see only the new ravages wreaked on their body will eventually suffer from gerontophobia. It is defined as an irrational fear of getting old, when in reality it is the most a rational thing in the world. The universal axiom of ageing and dying still continues to take us by surprise. From this year Frank Kalero repits as curator of the Festival. GETXOPHOTO 2011 gathers the program and works under the concept of elderly. There will be around twenty exhibitions and all of them will focus on the elderly and its multiple expressions. The Festival will be held from September 1st to September 30th and activities week will be carried out during the first weekend, September 1st to 4th. The festival will program some alternative activities, all related to photography: conferences, workshops, projections, visits to outstanding photographers’ studio and guided visits, among others.

Patrick Duncan’s photo in the facade of the Getxo’s City Hall

About GETXOPHOTO Promoted by Begihandi collective, GETXOPHOTO is a festival dedicated to photography that takes place in Getxo (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain) and uses public and private non-conventional places to suggest its approach to photography. GETXOPHOTO bets on the exploration of formats, materials and unconventional exhibition spaces. Places are carefully selected to be part of each edition, as well as curatorial proposal to which it is associated. This is one of its main identity signs. It is not about decorating the city but cutting it to tell stories through especially chosen images. GETXOPHOTO wants to bring different perspectives to the citizens and not only locate the photographs as works of art to be observed, but to generate emotions around it: complicity, questions, links between people and images, neighbors and visitors.





Thursday September 1st, 19:45 Andrés Isasi theater of Las Arenas

Friday September 2nd, 16:30

We will open the Festival with an event at the Andres Isasi theater. We will review GETXOPHOTO with last 5 years pictures and some of the authors’ participant in this year’s edition will show and introduce their work. The event will finish with an especial projection of Michael Ackerman´s work with the music of Mursego playing live.


Tdi-Image Bank & Juan Gómez Photowalk takes us on a 2 hour trip round the studios of 2 recognized professionals of photography that will open the doors to their studios and meet those participating, ready to talk about the way they work, about the space where they develop their projects, and about the kind of projects they are engaged in.

Special Visit

Andrés Reymondes & Arianna Rinaldo

With Frank Kalero and the photographers present

Friday September 2nd, 11:30 Torrene 3, Algorta

Saturday September 3rd, 11:30 Algorta Cultur Center (Villamonte, 8)

A meeting point in a relaxing environment and surrounded by photographs. Andrés Reymondes, Vice Creative Director, and Arianna Rinaldo, publisher of La Repubblica´s Sunday paper and OjodePez director, will show their publications. After, and guided by Frank Kalero (GETXOPHOTO curator and Punctum panasiatic photography magazine director) will talk around the edition of photography magazines nowadays.

A 2 hours walking tour around the exhibitions. Guided by GETXOPHOTO’s curator and the authors attending the Festival, who will talk about their works in situ.


Arianna Rinaldo: The art and relativity of photo editing Friday 2nd & Thursday 3rd September Hotel High Tech Tamarises Beach The workshop will deal with the photographic edition. On one hand, Arianna will talk about her professional life and about the edition of magazines: writing work, the publicity “difficulties”… And on the other, the workshop will also have a practical part where Arianna will look at portfolios and talk about sequences and the participants will take part in the composition of an editorial issue using their own works.


Papel Book and photography magazines area Torrene 3, Algorta From Monday to Friday 11:00 – 13:00 / 17:00 – 20:00 Saturdays 12:00 – 14:00 / 18:00 – 21:00; Sundays 12:00 – 14:00 For the second consecutive year Papel comes back. This is a consultation and reading area and brings together more than thirty photography magazines from all over the world and books published by the photographers participating in this edition. The publications go on to form part of the collection at Municipal Library of Getxo.

Ibili Guided visits program Saturdays September 10, 17 and 24 (Spanish), 11:30 – 13:30 & October 1st (Basque)11:30 – 13:30 Metro Algorta Exit Ibili is the program of guided visits that takes us round the various installations and exhibitions and are guided by arts students. The visits last around 2 hours. We will raffle a pair of Camper shoes in each visit.


The Balde & Yosigo Aixerrota, Getxo Opening, september 4th, 13:00 We colaborate again with The Balde in a new project. And the photographer Yosigo, from Donosti, has joined to us. This year and, to keep up with the festival, we took photographs to a typical habit of old people from here: the txikiteo. The calendar “Txikiteroak” gathers the portraits of a “koadrila” form Bilbao made by Yosigo.

Juanma Ferreira Morgazo

1 / 100 Nothing to lose Urgull Street, Algorta From the 1st of September This year, to carry on with the area for popular participation, the Pop Projection changes and transforms itself in a wall intervened with photos sent by the participants in 1/100. Send us your photo and take part in an exhibition during GETXOPHOTO.

Coasters Irma´s World, Patrick Duncan Satistegi Taberna, Algorta 7.000 coasters with Irma´s pictures, Patrick Duncan´s amusing grandmother, will go around Algorta´s Old Port and Bilbao´s old quarter bars. You can also buy the full pack of coasters at the information points of the Festival.

COLLABORATIONS Vice Magazine: Old Vice Euskal Herria and Basagoiti’s bars and shops windows Even VICE is getting older. In this edition we go full on into GETXOPHOTO with direct interventions in the storefronts and window displays of businesses and bars in the centre of Algorta. For the occasion the magazine has selected from its backlist some of the authors who, from its uninhibited but also realistically complicit perspective, show us their particular Praise of elderly: Andi Schmied, Cristina Santa Quiteria, Inma Varandela and Marc Rosés Vega.

Juju´s Delivery: Ikusi Makusi Festival’s information points and in the Web Juju’s delivery is the trademark used by Berlin artist Julia Schonlau for her different activities. Her work, which began with commissions as an illustrator for record covers, has diversified, although she maintains her personal characteristic style. Juju designed the Festival T-shirt.

Mentalgassi: Balloons Arriluze, Algorta Mentalgassi is a Berlin artists’ collective, who repits for second time in GETXOPHOTO. They are going to continue with their series of portraits on balloons. The first part was in Serbia, where they let some balloons fly. This time they want to make them float on water as a great team of older swimmers.

Xabi Goikoetxea: ephemeral architecture Ereaga’s gardens

Xabier Goikoetxea is a multidisciplinary architect who collaborated with us designing the support for the Sireno of Getxo. Now, using pallets, he has created a multipurpose area that on one of its sides bears an exhibition and the other is the info and reference point of the Festival.

Antiatoms & Potipoti: Recycling Getxophoto Reuse and transformation are the guiding watchwords for the recycling of the photographs created by the authors participating in the Festival after they have been exhibited. Once more we have done this with the collaboration of two designer collectives ANTIATOMS and Potipoti. The meticulous manufacturing process is the responsibility of Liburki, a Bilbao-based job placement company. And, as always, the profits go to the Getxo Pro-Sahara Association, Atfal.

Contrapunto: Nothing to lose Contrapunto, the communication agency, has collaborated for another time with GETXOPHOTO realizating In Praise of Elderly spot, a sweet story about a man, who fells the freedom to do what he wants just because he is old. You can watch the video in our Web, Vimeo and Youtube counts.


Frank Kalero (SPAIN) Curator Licensed on Media Communication at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, Frank has a degree in Documental Photography at the International Center of Photography (New York). He was a resident at Fabrica de Benetton (Italia), he is the founder and director of the OjodePez magazine (Spain) and he was in charge of the introduction of the Vice Brasil magazine from Sao Paulo. He co-founded Invaliden1 art Gallery and in 2009 he also founded The World according to magazine, both in Berlin. In he run the Photo Meeting of Barcelona and founded the photography magazine, Punctum, to be distributed all around Asia. He lives between Berlin and New Delhi. He is GETXOPHOTO curator since 2010.

Michael Ackerman (Israel) I feel old An American citizen born in Tel Aviv in 1967, he currently lives in Berlin. He staged his first show in 1996. End of time city, a first work that took the shape of a book about the city of Benares, made him a cult photographer. He always photographs in black and white and works in very limited lighting situations, in which any other photographer would be wary of shooting. He received the Nadar Award, and in 1998 the ICP awarded him the Infinity Award for young photographers. Other books he has written are Fiction and Half life. The images he presents for GETXOPHOTO were taken from his latest book Half life. His work cannot be bracketed together around such a specific idea as old age, but they do fit in with the notion of vital exhaustion, or the way in which our souls grow old.

Luis Cobelo (Venezuela)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Queens Born in Acarigua, Venezuela, in 1970. Graduated in Philosophy at the University of Zulia, Venezuela. A freelance photographer, he has worked for the National Geographic, El PaĂ­s, Rolling Stone and Neo2, among others. Has exhibited in Argentina, France, Spain, Ecuador, Venezuela and Germany. Is currently working on different reports that cover Latin America, Asia and Europe. The Senior America contest brings women together from all the states in North America. The main prerequisite for participating is being over 60 years old. It is a competition for third age ladies.

Maja Daniels (SWEDEN)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Into Oblivion Born in 1985 in Sweden. Studies sociology, journalism and photography. Produces images that focus on the social document and the portrait, placing an emphasis on human relations within their contemporary context. Daniels graduated as a photographer in Spéos, the Paris Photographic Institute, and later on in Sociology from the University of Paris VIII. She has worked as an assistant to Peter Lindbergh for some years. Has acted as a freelance photographer since 2007, making portraits in the main for publications including The Guardian, The Independent, Les inrockuptibles and organisations such as the UNICEF. For three years Maja photographed life in a geriatric hospital in the North East of France, whilst reading up on policies for old age care in modern society. Her work concentrated on the “protected unit”, occupied by Alzheimer sufferers.

Ricky Dávila (SPAIN) Ibérica Born in Bilbao in 1967. Graduated in Biology at the University of the Basque Country and in Photography at the ICP in New York. Has been a photographer for the daily El Sol, a member of the agency Cover, graphics editor with EGM and a collaborator of El Pais Semanal. Publishes his works in national and international media. He has participated in the I World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass and has received significant recognition including the Ortega y Gasset Award, Fotopress, Best American Picture of the Year and second prize for Reportage in World Press Photo. Among his published books figure Retratos, Manila, Ibérica and Nubes de un cielo que no cambia. Ibérica is presented as a personal inventory of society on the peninsular today. Some of the pictures selected for this edition of GETXOPHOTO were taken during the fiestas of San Isidro in 2007, in Getxo.

Kaylynn Deveney (USA) The Day-To-Day Life of Albert Hastings Born in Albuquerque, EEUU. Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of New Mexico, and a master’s degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Wales. Deveney’s work is held in collections that include the Museum of Contemporary Photography of Chicago, Light Work in Syracuse or the Portland Art Museum in Oregon. Her first book, The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings, was published in 2007. It was chosen for the Arles Contemporary Book Prize (2008), selected for the PhotoEspaña Best Photography Book of the Year Award and nominated for the New York Photo Awards “Best Photography Book”. Albert Hastings and KayLynn lived in the same neighbourhood in the north of Wales. One day, Deveney decided to ask him to be the subject of a photographic work and he consented. From that day on they gradually got to know each other and began to meet up.

Stephanie Diani (usa) Dames: The Legends of Burlesque Born in the United States in 1971, Stephanie is graduated in Archaeology at the University of California. Diani discovered that she was fired by the arts and devoted herself to photography, trying to capture in images her passion for various social groups. Mythological and anthropological elements appear in her work. She has portrayed celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, David Lynch, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo, for various publications including Der Spiegel, Stern and The New York Times. The series Dames: The Legends of Burlesque explores old age, sexuality and the image of the body, through burlesque dancing girls who have not yet gone into retirement and have kept on working in this discipline for decades.

Patrick Duncan (USA) Irma’s World Patrick Duncan lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has hobbies including basketball and gardening. He directs a design study, Steadfast Associates, and is the prototype of the photographer who isn’t a photographer. The photographs of Irma’s World were sent to the editorial staff of Vice magazine in New York, enthralling their recipients, and they were published in a matter of weeks. Irma is the name of Patrick’s grandmother and she is a 100 years old. Duncan, moved in to live with her a year ago and, as he explains, it’s real fun sharing house with her. Patrick decided to photograph her, over the course of a few days, as a tribute to those one hundred well-lived years.

Josep Echaburu (SPAIN) Centro de vida Born in Barcelona in 1967. Was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack award, 2010. Has exhibited at the Rencontres d’Arles and won a bronze medal in the PX3 Prix for Photographie Paris 2011. His photographic work has been published in different specialised media at a national and international level. Centro de vida tells the other far more common though perhaps less publicised reality, which is the flow of life that is created in the geriatrics, the new friends and new romances that appear here.

Ana Galรกn (SPAIN)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Viv(r)e la vie Born in Madrid in 1969. An Economics graduate, her doctoral thesis centred on speculation in art. Currently combines her work as marketing director for a publication with her role as a photographer. Her works have reached the final stages of various competitions, including the Encontros da Imagem in Braga, PhotoSpain and Paris Photo. Ana Galรกn creates a reinterpretation of the portrait formula that arose in Italy at the end of the Quattrocento. Viv(r)e la vie is directly inspired by the Diptych of the Duke and Duchess of Urbino by Piero Della Francesca.

Sacha Goldberger (France) Super Mamika Born in 1968 in France, his father was from Normandy and his mother Hungarian and Jewish. After failing in his career as a superhero, he became a rock star and, eventually, a creative director for CLM BBDO in the Pierre Michel agency. In 2003, to get over the nth woman in his life, he created a book by taking photos, copying and pasting them into a scrapbook. Je t’aime tout simplement was published the same year and sold 130,000 copies throughout the world. He later published Bye-bye mon amour, Made in Love and Mamika. Super Mamika is dedicated to his 92 year-old grandmother Frederika. This project is above all a story of love between a grandmother and her photographer grandson. Mamika (which in Hungarian means «Nana») touches on various social themes today, such as old age, loneliness, senility, humour, love and, especially, hope.

Sander Marsman (HolLand)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Dianna Born in Holland in 1981 and was brought up in Germany for the first eight years of his life. A curious traveller, his interest was awakened to the diversity of the human condition. He usually works around self-perception and acceptance. Presently studying at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, Holland. He has been an assistant to photographer Leonie Hampton. Sander portrays the life of a person who, marked by her gender, by the social pressures of her environment and of the time she was raised, was deprived of her identity and obliged to play out a daily farce. Old age has lent her the courage, at last, to allow the person she has always carried within to live.

Peter Granser (GERMANY) Sun City Born in Hanover in 1971. Self-taught photographer. With an easily recognisable style, employing the medium square format and impeccable composition and lighting, he is influenced very much by contemporary German photography. Has received a whole number of awards and recognition that any young photographer would be eager to add to their CV: Oskar Barnack, WPP Joop Masterclass, Les Rencontres Arles Discovery Award and the World Press Photo, among others. Sun City depicts a community of North American senior citizens in the South West of the USA, where only those over 55 years old may live.

Vicente Paredes (SPAIN)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Huerta urbana Born in Orihuela, Spain, in 1972. A graduate in Journalism at the University of the Basque Country, he studied Photography at Westminster College, London. Lives in Bilbao. Currently working freelance for various advertising agencies. His work has been selected for the collective documentary exhibition Laberinto de Miradas and for EspaĂąa ContemporĂĄnea, a show which will take place at the next Festival Fotoseptiembre in Mexico DF. When Bilbao became an industrial city, thousands of people came from the rural environments of Galicia and Extremadura looking for work in the factories. Overnight they had to transform into an urban working class, but written in fire in their identity, from many generations before.

Nelly Rodriguez (SWITZERLAND)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

Mangiato abbiam mangiato, bevuto abbiam bevuto Born in Locarno, Switzerland, in 1981. In 2005 she graduated at the Vevey School de Photography and obtained the Bally Foundation scholarship for Culture in 2008. While collaborating with the photography agency Strates she works as a freelance photographer both in Switzerland and abroad. She is particularly interested in daily life and its characters, in capturing intimate aspects of situations. Nelly is fond of longterm projects. Mangiato abbiam mangiato, bevuto abbiam bevuto, is an expression her grandmother always came out with at the end of each meal. Daily gestures are turned into rituals, memories into images in this work.

Walter Schels (GERMANY) Life before death Born in Landhust in 1936. Went to New York in 1966 and became a photographer. Returned to Germany in 1966 and worked for different magazines, becoming popular for his portraits of celebrities and animals. After his experience documenting a birth for the magazine Eltern, he decided to photograph the human face and to observe existence through extreme situations. The series Life before death is composed of portraits taken before and after the person depicted has died. The subjects are terminal patients, aware that little time is left for them to live.

Annet van der Voort (HolLand)

e Will b at the l a Festiv

A Lifetime Born in Emmen, Holland, in 1950. Studied Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany. Has published her work internationally since 1990. Various series of hers have been shown in Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, France and Holland. Identity and change, fugacity and memory, observing nature and giving shape to the passing of time and the ephemeral in life are some of the themes that ground her work. The series A lifetime combines portraits of older women with a series of portraits of beauty queens, which were made in the period when the old women depicted were still young.

Andrew Zuckerman (USA) Wisdom Born in Washington in 1977. Lives in New York. A film-maker and photographer, he studied at the International Center of Photography and, later on, graduated in Fine Arts at the Visual School of Arts in New York. In 2007 he published the book Creatures, portraying with his own particular and almost psychological style a whole series of animals taken out of their context. This book, pursuing the same technique, was followed by Wisdom (2008), Bird (2009) and Music (2010). Has received various international awards, outstanding amongst which is the D&AD Yellow Pencil Award. Inspired by the idea that the greatest present that a generation can pass on to another is actually the experience of the years that have been lived, the multimedia project Wisdom reflects the voices, words and ideas of almost fifty outstanding writers, artists, designers, actors, politicians and religious leaders, all of them when over 65 years of age.

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GETXOPHOTO is getting older and celebrates its 5th edition, looking to the front to the elderly. Around twenty international authors will gi...