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THE EDITOR Hey readers, what an awesome privilege it is to talk to you again since the last issue of your magazine. We’ve been flat-out since then with training, trips up to JHB, PTA and VAAL for training; I just had to come to a stop, think about you and here we have the result. In this issue you will see a fresh selection of News, Reviews and other articles that will keep you nailed to your seat for an hour or so. We briefly share with you about a salesman at Honda Wing Umhlanga who sold two Honda Goldwings recently (the man should get a medal) and we thank Honda SA for sponsoring the academy with yet another fleet of bikes including my very own VFR1200 for 2011. East Coast Motorcycles introduced the 2011 ZX10 into the local market while we look back at the recently held Biker Dedication Run. What’s more is the introduction of the SA flavour of the “Iron-Butt ”, dubbed “Lam-Gat” which rewards the riders set apart from the rest of the manne. If you like a long hard ride then this is for you; read up! I’m not always able to attend every single event in KZN or publish all the news, but from time to time I rely on you the reader or dealer to send me news worthy items for consideration. One of our readers, Jason, wrote a story about his trip from “Sani na die hel” which we will publish in the next issue, so keep an eye out and share in his experience. Then my favourite is test riding bikes and writing about them, and in this issue I rode the Harley-Davidson Street Glide to the Vaal and Freestate where I trained 57 Road Captains. Roy from Honda Umhlanga gave me the new CBR600 with ABS to go and test, what better place than on the Richmond Road and Umkumaas Valley. Finally I was given the Aprilia RSV4 by East Coast Motorcycles and seeing we don’t have a proper track in KZN I again spent time in my back-yard putting this missile to the test. As a fallen brother used to say: “Lekka!” (Busa, ons gaan jou baie mis my boeta.) This mag, unlike any other, is packed with some unique features such as the Biker Phone Book, What’s on Calendar, God’s Half Page, What’s New, Tech Talk, Gearing Up and Keeping it Up; spend some time on these articles and share it with a friend. These are your ideas, I’m just the ink in the pen or in this case the finger on the keyboard. Well my chat is up for now; read up on the rest the moment you turn this page. Thank you for your patience and support through the magazine and academy, you don’t know what it means to me. I hope you enjoy this issue and that it will make a difference in parts of your life you have yet to discover and develop. May GOD bless you and keep you safe on our roads; ride well, respect others and think ahead!

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REVIEWS Harley-Davidson Street Glide Honda CBR600 ABS Aprilia RSV4

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KEEPING IT UP: Ah no, a Flat Tyre! What to do with a flat tyre on a motorcycle: Get off the road! If you’re on a motorcycle and you suspect you’ve got a flat tyre, time is of the essence: your first priority is to ensure you can safely pull over and get out of the flow of traffic. Applying brakes can cause a loss of control, so carefully manoeuvre your bike with a firm grip on the handlebars, without fighting the bike too much. Avoid downshifting or braking until you’re at a slower speed, and if you’re certain you know which tyre is affected, apply brakes to the other wheel slightly and gradually. Some motorcycles have linked brakes, so keep that in mind when and if you apply the stoppers when you’ve got a flat tyre, since that can unintentionally add brake pressure to both wheels. Flat tyres can be caused by a number of factors, including wet weather (which lubricates sharp objects, making them easier to penetrate rubber), and high performance tyres (which are stickier than most, and tend to pick up more foreign objects.) Keep in mind that many flats are caused by riding with low tyre pressure; our Tyre Safety Article offers tips on how to ensure your tyres stay in top shape. One way to deal with a flat motorcycle tyre-- especially if you’re stranded-- is to fix it yourself. Tyre repair kits are relatively simple to use, and they pack easily under your seat. While some damaged tyres are beyond repair, it’s worth trying to plug your tyre when your options are running low and you’re nowhere near home or a service station. Be aware if a puncture is too close to the sidewall, a plug isn’t always the safest solution for repairing a flat. Compressed air won’t necessarily solve a flat tyre problem, but it can certainly save the day if you have a slow leak, or need to fill up a tyre after you’ve repaired a flat. Carry a small bottle or two of compressed air, and you won’t need to rely on service stations to top off the tyre in order to maintain proper pressure. Tyre seal is a viscous material that gets sprayed inside a flat tyre and acts as a sealant. This solution is controversial; some swear by it, and others are quick to point out its hazards. However, it is worth considering the fact that if you’re stranded far away from help, it’s probably in your best interests to view this as a short term solution that will help get you to safety, at the very least. While there’s sometimes no way to avoid a flat, there are certainly ways to prepare yourself in case you do find yourself in a compromised position. For starters, make sure you regularly check your tyre pressure tread levels, since riding on low pressure can lead to premature tyre wear and eventually a flat. You’ll also want to prepare for the unexpected by packing a tyre repair kit in your touring emergency pack, and include cans of compressed air and/or tyre seal, if room permits.

6 5

Most importantly, once you’ve plugged your tyre, keep your speed and cornering down; get your tyre checked out by a professional or better still, replace it as soon as possible. That plug will haunt you around every corner: “Will it hold, or not?”






Hosted by CMA on 47 Deodar Rd, Umbilo (opposite Umbilo Police Station) at 5pm for Bikers, their Friends and Family. Contact Christiaan on 082 979 7127 for more info or visit

4 - 6 MAR


Hosted by Custom Riders in Greytown @ R170pp Contact Terry on 078 6522206

21 MAR


Hosted by CMA Ladysmith for a trip to Dragons Peak. This promises to be an awesome ride and great fellowship. Come spend the day with us... Contact Wessie on 083 7778581

25 - 27 MAR


Hosted in Utrecht, Northern KZN Contact Hog on 082 9051649 or Phillip on 083 3000461

26 MAR


Held at V-Macs in Mahogany Ridge, Westmead. Live bands, competitions and super prizes. Contact John on 082 8806456

28 - 30 APR


The Bike Event of the year held in Margate. For more information visit



Hosted by CMA Pietermaritzburg for a day of fun and adventure in the Midlands. Explore if you dare! Contact Roedolf on 082 8988908

11 JUN


Hosted by the 69’rs MC at the Durban Academy High School on the Bluff. Help build a great tower of Bibles. Contact Danie on 083 3034869

16 JUN


Hosted by CMA Richards Bay for the young at heart and everyone else who has the passion to ride. Contact Adriaan on 083 4598662

17 - 19 JUN


Hosted by the Harley Club of South Africa in St Lucia. A great gathering for great people. Contact Grant on 083 4599430



Hosted by CMA Durban in support of mothers and their little ones in desperate need. Contact Kobie on 082 7716643

29 - 31 JUL


Hosted by the Highway Dragons MC at Castaways Holiday Resort in Munster. Contact Les on 083 4876846 or visit

2 - 4 SEP


13 NOV


28 - 30 OCT


Hosted by Bike SA in Harrismith Call 011 7825521 for more details

27 NOV


This is a day of giving to the children in our community, come and be rewarded by the feeling of giving a toy. Contact Les on 083 4876846

Hosted by CMA in KZN at Skogheim, Port Shepstone. A great time the whole family; yes, you too! Contact Janna on 083 9520000 or visit Hosted for the KZN Motorcycle Federation by CMA in memory of our fallen brothers and sisters. Contact Craig on 083 4409029



IN THE NEWS As a well-known brand in SA, Xkulcha will be taken to the next level with the appointment of new dealers in KZN. Bike Talk is now the appointed agent for the brand in KZN to help promote and grow the brand among local motorcyclists throughout KZN. Xkulcha is a lifestyle specific clothing range that finds its ispiration and market in the extreme sports and leisure activities that are an integral part of the urban living experience in the 21st century. Many have tried and failed; Xkulcha is here to stay! Hein will be looking at getting the brand into dealerships who in turn will offer it to their customer-base, complimenting their current gear offering with a brand that is durable, stylish and affordable. Seen here (left to right) is Preston of Xkulcha and Hein of Bike Talk. For dealer enquiries or product advise contact: Bike Talk on 031 9166902 or Hein on 083 7937975 or visit or Thanks to Honda SA for sponsoring Bike Talk with yet another fleet of 6 bikes for 2011, the 4th year in a row. A special thanks goes to Roy and his team at Honda Umhlanga for the PDI and great service! Seen here is Roy, Sales Manager of Honda Wing Umhlanga, handing me my VFR1200 for a year of riding pleasure. Below is the rest of the fleet: 2x CBX 250s, 2x eStorm 125s and 1x Airblade 110 Scooter which will be used in the academy on Motorcycle Rider Courses. For Sales Enquiries on any of these motorcycles and many others contact: Honda Umhlanga on 031 5807984 or visit


IN THE NEWS Boy oh boy, the Tourer of all Tourers! HONDA WING UMHLANGA took a bold step and it paid off. They are the first to have the Gold Wing on the floor in KZN and also sold the first one to Barend Jones late in 2010. Michael Roberts of Honda Wing Umhlanga (seen here) did the deal and will probably be the Salesman of the Year for pulling it off. Starting at R230 000 for the base model and R249 000 for top model, I can say this much ... “Mmmm, please daddy can I have one of these?” I sat on this bike and Roy allowed me to start it up and listen to the 1800 Flat Six, look at the Sat-Nav and all the buttons and it blew my mind. Awesome luxury! Now to find a demo so I can ride and do a review on it. Honda SA!!? It’s out and available right now! EAST COAST MOTORCYCLES unveiled the all new 2011 Kawasaki ZX10 at an event in their Super Size Store in Umhlanga Ridge recently. Attendance was above expectations with Sheridan Morais with his race-prepped ZX10 and the Kawasaki Drag Bike providing a very welcomed attraction. This is a complete revamp from the previous ZX10 from head to tail - motor and plastics included. What stands out on this bike is the duo-tone tank, the MotoGP style display, the indicators in the mirror casing (thank you very much) and the integrated tail-light making it oh so easy for a “tail tidy”. Nice one Japs, oh! Chaps. Well keep an eye out for my review soon!

Honda Wing Umhlanga 15 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge Tel: 031 580 7900 | Fax: 031 580 7999 Ts & Cs Apply


Win a Honda E-Storm or XR125L from Honda Umhlanga!!! Come and Test Ride the CBR1000RR, CBR600RR CABS, VFR1200F, VT1300C, CBX250 or Airblade weekdays from Mon - Fri un l 25 March 2011. Full License Required ... 9

WHAT’S NEW HANDS-FREE - The Contour HD revolutionized the way people shoot and share video by creating the first wearable HD video camera. Its secret is the low profile design mated to the patented Trail™ system that makes it easy to slide and lock to your body, helmet or motorccyle. The camera is the smallest and lightest hands-free video camera in the world, he anodized aluminum body is built tough to take all your outdoors abuse and it is rated water resistant. Easy to operate and use, even with a pair of gloves on. Lining up your shot with a simple rotating lens and two lasers that will assure you capture that perfect shot. VIDEO - The Contour HD captures beautiful 1080p video. It utilizes a 135° wide-angle lens that delivers a true high quality image that captures all the action with minimal distortion or fish eye. It records Full HD in all its glory. We provide several different camera settings so that you can get the shot that best fits your activity. AUDIO - The built-in omni-directional microphone captures the rich sounds of the ride. STORAGE - The internal Micro SD card captures hours of HD content. When expanded up to 32 GB, it will record over 8 hours of HD content on one card when in Full HD 1080p mode. SOFTWARE - Included are the tools for you to download the videos from your camera to your computer in just a few clicks. Editing is as simple as an “Awesome” button to feature the best parts of your story.

IDEAL FOR RIDER-TO-PASSENGER AND RIDER-TO-RIDER COMMUNICATION The new Interphone F4 Stereo integrates and improves all the features which have made Interphone a leading product in the motorcycle and bike-tobike communication market. Intercom up to 500m, GPS instructions, mobile phones and wireless hi-fi stereo music make Interphone F4 Stereo a real multimedia entertainment system, a faithful travel companion to enjoy in company but also when travelling alone. NEW PACKAGE “PLUS”: Universal and Comfort Microphone for open, modular and full-face helmets both included in the package. IDEAL FOR RIDER-TO-PASSENGER COMMUNICATION The innovative Interphone F3 Passenger gives two motorcyclists - rider and passenger the freedom to communicate wirelessly! Interphone F3 features two Bluetooth® devices, provided with logic and functional controls, that can be easily installed on any type of helmet. In addition to the intercom function, Interphone F3 Passenger allows you to answer Bluetooth® mobile phone calls and reproduces audio information by GPS devices. Interphone F3 is 100% waterproof; shock and dust-resistant. The best riderto-passenger communication system. For more information on the above products visit or call 083 7937975 / 031 9166902


BMW Motorrad


The Ultimate Riding Machine

NEVER ENDING JOY. The R 1200 RT has everything you look for on a long journey; comfort, prac cality and turn of speed. It handles twis ng roads with incredible agility, while its redesigned faring oers excellent protec on for both rider and pillion passenger against wind, rain and air turbulence. The punchy boxer engine delivers generous amounts of torque, for instant responsiveness right through the rev range. The R 1200 RT is completely at home on the open road, and proves why it is the ul mate touring bike.


Heritage Market - Lower Level Old Main Road, Hillcrest Tel: (031) 765 8877 Open Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm, Sat: 8:30am - 1pm

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Ryder Motorrad

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ONLY at Honda Wing Umhlanga 2011


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Honda Wing Umhlanga 15 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga Ridge Tel: 031 580 7900 | Fax: 031 580 7999

Roy 083 340 2055 Michael 079 598 0630

GEARING UP: Accessory Terminology Written by John Briscoe of Gear Up Motorcycle Accessories We have so much riding ahead of us especially for the dual-purpose guys. The BMW Eco 1000 is already here, the KTM Sun City Extravaganza is happening at the same time and shortly thereafter we have the Yamaha Adventure weekend. There after is the Pongola Challenge (450km of dirt in one day) and Alfie Cox’s Dual Sport weekend at Sierra Ranch in October. Subject to confirmation we will also be allowed to watch parts of the International GS Trophy happening in parts of KZN! It’s just a feast of riding opportunities let alone all of the smaller groups we all participate in. So what can we do to really make the most of these experiences? My suggestions are as follows: • Ride within your own limits • Prepare your bike adequately for the type of ride (tyres, service and luggage) • Get as much riding time as possible before the event – get riding fit! • Understand your routes and navigation equipment and • Get through a formal course such as that offered by Bike Talk and Country Trax. In the next couple of issues I’ll be dealing with terminology used in the accessory world – hopefully this will clarify some serious misconceptions about some of the gear we are wearing! I have frequently found that our customer’s understanding of technical terms is either extremely limited or totally inappropriate. I have used the IXS motorcycle fashion dictionary to bring the more common terms to you the reader. Thanks to Dirk du Ploy of TD Agencies who bring in the Tourmaster range. Kevlar (Aramid / Trevar / Twaron): One of the most versatile polymer man-made fibres, developed on the basis of nylon technology. Aramid offers a very high tear and abrasion resistance, is heat resistant (melting point 450 degrees C), penetration resistant, resistant against soiling and resistant against most chemicals, but only UV-resistant to a limited degree. Aramid is used by DuPont to produce Kevlar, by Hoechst to produce Trevar. Aramid fibres are often used as additive for the production of helmets (thermosetting plastic). The low specific weight offers the best conditions for reducing the weight of the helmet. Ballistics: Very stable ballistics nylon with e.g. 1680 D Extremely abrasion resistant. Cordura: Brand name for hot air textured polymide. The fibres are crimped, cut and newly spun. Denier: Unit of measure for the thickness or the weight of a fibre or a yarn 9000m long in grams, e.g. the designation 400 D means the yarn with a length of 9000 m weighs 400g. Until next time “bye for now !”

Tel: 031 5664932

031 705 0715

11 Goshawk Rd, New Germany, KZN.

NEW PRODUCTS Billet Alloy Hand Guards R399

Racing Throttle Kit (Assembly, Grips, & Cable)

Steering Damper




Fork Boots R76 69 Rim Protector R30

Clip-On Handle bars (35mm) R499

Motrix Wave Discs R595

3-Way Combo Stand R679

Stainless Steel Sprocket Bolts (34mm/30mm)




MAX 606

MAX V500

MAX V310 Junior

MAX 617

MAX Helmet Features

• ECE-2205 European & South African safety standards • Injected thermoplastic resin shell • Goggle grabbers • UV resistant lacquer finish • Air channel cooling ventilation system • D-Ring strap retention system.

Motrix Sprockets As Good or Better than your Standard Steel Sprocket. Made from C45 hardened steel. The #1 Replacement Sprocket in South Africa!

The Champion’s Choice GOLDFREN Brake Pads

MX3 World Champion Pierre-Alexandre Renet


WHAT’S NEW A STRAIGHT SIX IN A BIKE? WHY NOT! The K 1600 GT has a supreme, impressive and distinctive appearance, creating a desire to travel at first sight. The K 1600 GT combines maximum agility and riding dynamics with a luxurious overall package. With an engine output of 118 kW (160 bhp) and a maximum torque of 175 Newton metres, their 6-cylinder engine provides superb propulsion in all conditions. Weighing 102.6 kilograms, the engine is by far the lightest serially produced 6-cylinder in-line engine for motorcycles in the class > 1000 cc. What is more, the engine is significantly narrower in construction width than all other 6cylinder in-line motorcycles in serial production to date. The rider of the K 1600 models have three different engine characteristics directly available. At the press of a button at the right-hand end of the handlebars you are able to adapt to different uses such as touring on the road, riding on wet surfaces and sporty, dynamic motorcycling - these modes are “Rain”, “Road” and “Dynamic”. Available as an option ex works, the traction control function DTC is combined individually with the different modes, fully harmonised with them so as to provide maximum riding safety. The design of the ergonomic triangle from the position of the footrests, seat top and handlebars makes for a highly proactive seating position in the K 1600 GT, while still retaining a high level of long-distance comfort. In the K 1600 GT, the body colours of Light Grey metallic and Vermilion Red metallic create a fascinating contrast with the frame and wheels in Ostra Grey and the engine in Platinum metallic matt. The colouring especially highlights the bike’s technical components. The lines are concentrated and give the motorcycle a marked sense of agility. AN AFFORDABLE ENTRY INTO MOTORCYCLING If you’re looking for an affordable, smart, capable and fun way to enjoy life on two wheels—have we got a bike for you: the all-new Honda CBR250R! The new, fuel-injected CBR250R offers everything you want in a first-time bike: Light weight. A powerband that’s immensely user-friendly. Excellent fuel economy. Unmatched reliability. And a fun factor that’s off the chart. Since the new CBR250R is a Honda, it’s full of features few other bikes in its class can match. And it offers a build quality that means you’ve got dependable cross-town or cross-country transportation. Best of all, the new CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with our Anti-lock Brake System – a first for the segment and a really valuable option that both first-timers and experienced riders will appreciate. This then poses a serious threat for the well-known Kawasaki Ninja 250 which had the market for a good few years. Well, times are a changing and competition is always healthy. “This is really an amazing machine we’re adding to Honda’s list of models for 2011,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The CBR250R is specifically aimed at new riders, yet it’s packed full of high-tech features and offers great performance, all in a lightweight, affordable package. This new model expands another segment of the market for Honda buyers.” The latest is that a 125cc will also be available but still needs to be confirmed if we will see it in the R of SA.


Pre-Owned Motorcycles

The Ultimate Riding Machine

Š Bike Talk


BMW Motorrad. Pre-owned Motorcycles

K 1200 S, 2006, 17800km, Like New, Full House, R87 500

F 800 GS, 2010, 8800km, Balance of Warranty, Full House, R99 500

G 650 Xchallenge, 2008, 22000km ABS, Hand Guards, R56 000

R 1200 GS Adv, 2011, 2000km, Full House, Demo, R168 000

R 1200 GS, 2006, 20000km A must see, R89 000

F 800 GS, 2011, 2000km, ABS, Heated Grips, Demo, R107 000

Auto Umhlanga Motorrad 115 Flanders Drive, Mount Edgecombe

Tel: (031) 502 9800 Email: Web:

Shaheen: 082 636 6528 Email: Sullivan: 082 956 0113 Email:

REVIEW: Harley-Davidson Street Glide At first glance, the all new Street Glide and all motorcycles in the touring line-up, appears very similar to the 2008 models, but the changes lurking beneath the surface are massive. The frame and swing arm have been completely redesigned to make them much stiffer and stronger. These bikes can now support much higher passenger and luggage loads. The way the engine is mounted in the new touring chassis has also been revised slightly to reduce vibration at idle. The Street Glide sports a new 18 inch front wheel from 2010 with lower profile rubber. The wider rear tyre not only adds visual impact, it contributes to the handling improvement brought about by the stiffer frame and swing arm. Suspension has been re-tuned to work with the new chassis, wheels and tyres. One thing that sets the Street Glide apart from the rest of the Touring models is the short smoked windshield on the fork mounted Batwing fairing. This is a great way to protect you from the wind and provide the engine, fuel, speed and tacho information at a glance while not obstruction your view. Included in this cluster is also an AM-FM-CD player stereo and cruise control. What more could you want? Riding the Street Glide has always been one of my favourite rides from the Harley line. Now it just got better. I rode many other Harleys in the past and as I climbed on the Street Glide; I could not get over how nimble it felt as I put the Durban Dealership in the mirror. I can’t believe there is that much improvement with the 2010 Street Glide, but this was a killer ride. The solid VTwin rubber mounted engine is and always has been a smooth and quiet power plant. It doesn’t vibrate as much at idle now, as it did in the past, because of the four motor mounts as opposed to the previous three motor mount configuration. When underway, this V-Twin is very smooth and solid; ask my Suzuki and Honda mates who rode with me to Vereeniging in the Freestate. Operating in traffic was a breeze. This Street Glide’s ability to change lanes in traffic and scoot around slower moving cars was fun and exciting. Now with the lower gearing, it seemed a little more responsive. I could not believe this was a touring bike that cracked the scales at 355kg. Equally fun was riding around some of the long smooth corners on the N3 down from the Midlands. I found the Street Glide predictable and exciting. I never even scraped a foot board. Dips, bumps and pot holes in the road were easy to power over or avoid. The fly-by-wire throttle, isolated drive system and ABS are included as standard equipment. With the deep pockets of torque, it was fun powering around corners. It was about as stable as any ride that I have been on, with the exception of maybe the V-rod or Fat Bob in the Harley line-up. No, it was not meant to lay it down in a bend and scrape bling, but with the casual ride through the KZN bends, I felt very comfortable. Braking was smooth, solid and dependable without any surprises thanks to ABS. Once you find a comfortable speed, it is nice to step into number six and settle in for a very smooth low RPM cruise. I had no problem spending the week-end on this fine machine doing more than a 1000km with my trip up to the Vaal. Let’s not forget the panniers, standard on this Street Glide, when going on trips such as this and adding to this you also get different seat options making your ride even more comfortable. Options are endless ... In closing it is hard to imagine, but all these improvements made this Street Glide a more fun machine to ride. I can’t say enough about an already great motorcycle, so if you like the big bikes in the Harley line-up, don’t live in regret, go and ride the Street Glide. Price: R272 000.00 - Incl. 14% VAT

20 18

HARLEY-DAVIDSON DURBAN Tel: (031) 767 5350 7 Old Main Road Gillitts

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THE BIKER DEDICATION RUN held in Amanzimtoti recently, has had a great turn-out with more than 300 people attending this “Blessing Service”. This is an annual event hosted by CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association and Bikers Church) on behalf of the KZN Motorcycle Federation and its affiliated Motorcycle Clubs - For Bikers, by Bikers! The event kicked off with a mass ride from Southway Mall, marshalled by the very able KZN MF Road Captains and ended at Lords & Legends in Amanzimtoti. Lords & Legends is a well-known venue/restaurant for accommodating motorcycle events such as the Durban Nappy-Run and the popular Toy Run. The service started with praise and worship, followed by a powerful message by Christiaan Brandenburg (CMA Bikers Church, Durban) ending with prayer and dedication for Club Presidents and their members for the year ahead. If you weren’t at this Dedication Run then try not to miss the next one; it’s been an absolute blessing.

DOING 1600 KM IN 24 HOURS - Touring the country on two-wheels is a pleasure. Seeing the sights, meeting the locals, experiencing the diversity of cultures that exist only a few hundred km’s away from where you normally hang your jacket - these are part of what ‘quality of life’ means to those of us that regularly hit the roads with our motorcycles. But there are people that REALLY put mileage on their motorcycles, in as little time as possible - and honestly feel as if that is what constitutes ‘quality of life’ for them. Some do both kinds of distance riding described above. To promote and reward this type of rider Bike Talk has decided to introduce our very own South African flavour of the well-known “Iron Butt ” held in the USA dubbing it “LAM GAT”. This is a test of the fittest motorcyclists out there; travelling a distance of 1600km or 2000km in 24 hours. This is a controlled event with clear, easy to follow guidelines and rules in order to qualify or for the ride to be officially recognised and certified. For more information on the LAM GAT and how it works visit our website or contact Bike Talk direct using the details below: WEBSITE: (click on EVENTS) CELL: 083 7937975 or EMAIL:

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REVIEW: Honda CBR600 C-ABS What do you call a machine that almost every middleweight scooped Best in Class crown from industry experts? Easy: Honda CBR600RR. Or simply “The benchmark is set. Again.” Honda’s winning tradition continues for 2010, as a return to the CBR600RR unbeatable combination raised MotoGP-tech, power, light, and handling, highlighted by Honda’s revolutionary Combined Anti-Lock Braking System (C-ABS), the first time on a bike production Supersport motor. And with three new colour scheme tricks to choose from, you’ll not only be in the best 600 sportbike class, you will be on the best-looking machine, too. Skilled sport riders have historically been quick to discount the safety merits of an anti-lock braking system, viewing it as an unnecessary luxury feature best suited to the sport-touring set. Honda now aims to convince us otherwise, offering optional C-ABS (combined anti-lock brakes) on its 2010 CBR600RR and CBR1000RR models. Having sampled a wide variety of bikes over the years that offered ABS, linked brakes or a combination of both, I could be counted among the sport-minded community content without the added cost, weight or, often, intrusive operation of previous assisted braking implementations. During my ride to Richmond and back scattered showers and damp roads provided ideal conditions in which to gather first impressions of a C-ABS-equipped CBR600RR. There’s no sudden front-end dive when lightly applying rear brake at low speeds, allowing riders who dab the rear brake when making U-turns to do so without ill effect. My years spent developing feel and finesse through my right fingers and foot have been rendered obsolete by this system. Grabbing a handful of brake or standing on the pedal results in nothing less than a strong, controlled braking action. Although a momentary initial release in braking force is detectable, pulsation is not felt through the controls once the system detects impending wheel lock and enters an anti-lock state of operation. Neither does the chassis buck like a rocking horse, another characteristic of many slow-cycling, grab-release-grab ABS setups. The CBR’s ECUcontrolled plumbing makes extremely quick and near-seamless adjustments in system pressure. Although Honda makes no claims regarding the system’s effectiveness beyond straight-line use, trail-braking performance is a natural question on the minds of many sport riders. I found the smooth nature of the CBR’s ABS and its combined brake effect allow fairly aggressive rear-pedal application mid-corner without unsettling the chassis. I used this technique in a series of left-hand bends up to Richmond and was able to confidently check my speed and tighten my line. Another experiment I tried was trail-braking deep into corners, easing off the front lever while remaining on the pedal down to the corner apex. Although I came away unscathed, I advise readers looking to try this to carefully ease up to this technique, this is not a fail-safe system; it does not rewrite the rules of physics. The standard bike, with no ABS weighed less than the C-ABS model; both bikes produced 102hp and 66Nm of torque. On the street, with the C-ABS model, I sensed the feeling of invincibility that this system imparted. I found myself actually seeking out slick surfaces, such as paint lines, oil spots or loose sand, to brake across. I was amazed by how transparently the system adjusts to variations in grip. So, I conclude, this is a great bike for both street use and track; it tips the scale neither left nor right for me. I, not once, had a moment of doubt about the 600s ability; it is an undeniable extension of the rider in any condition. Price: R112 999.00 - Incl. 14% VAT


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REVIEW: Aprilia RSV4 Back in 1999 Aprilia astonished the motorcycle world when it released its first big-capacity motorcycle, the RSV Mille: the bike was right up there with the very best, often managing the unthinkable and beating its direct rival Ducati in comparison tests. Now, a decade later, Aprilia has done it again. The new RSV4 is not only the company’s first fourcylinder machine, it also boasts the first engine designed entirely in-house at Aprilia, on top of which the bike is pitched into the most fiercely competitive and unforgiving territory of all, the superbike class. That means it’s up against Honda’s Fireblade, the Yamaha R1, the Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Ducati’s 1198 S. There’s no lack of ambition; millions have been poured into the development of the RSV4 with the aim of creating the No. 1 superbike. There were no preconceptions or traditions hampering the design team either, it showed that a fourcylinder bike would be quicker than a twin or a triple and that’s what they made. The target figure was 177bhp; numbers achieved using a fly-by-wire throttle system, variable-length intake ducts and two fuel injectors per cylinder. The chassis engineers demanded as short an engine as possible to fit the longest possible swing-arm within a very short wheelbase, while the focus throughout was on minimising weight, resulting in a dry weight of 180kg. The first version of the RSV4 to become available was the Factory, the high-spec option with Öhlins suspension, Brembo Monobloc brakes and forged aluminium wheels. A lower-cost standard version is also available such as the one I tested. The whole machine is neatly styled by Miguel Galluzzi, head of design at Aprilia and known for the Ducati Monster and Cagiva Raptor. The look is unmistakably Aprilia with a triple headlamp arrangement that has the outer lights floating above the air intakes. But what really matters is how the bike rides, sounds and feels. Despite the RSV4’s compact dimensions it accepts riders as tall as my 6ft without having to fold my legs around my ears, although you do feel perched on top. Fire it up and the motor responds rapidly with a deep, almost V-twin-like note, surprisingly loud and angry. It sends tingles up your spine before you’ve even pulled in the clutch lever. Corners might be a feast of high concentration but upright on the straight this is more missile than motorcycle. It is very quick even by superbike standards and – notwithstanding the difficulty of comparing one bike with another – I’ll stick my neck out and say the RSV4 will comfortably beat a GSX-R1000 in a straight line. Yet it also features levels of low- and midrange thrust that give it a large capacity V-twin feel, which means, if anything, it’s even quicker than it feels. The engine is nice and smooth, with just enough vibration to let you know it’s busy. It feels great, like a rev-happy V-twin with a Jurassic soundtrack. The engine map-switch offers track, road, or wet-weather settings, the latter cutting power by 25 per cent. The gentle option, even in wet conditions, wasn’t necessary as throttle control is good enough in the normal setting. The track option is very aggressive and maybe too much for some of us. This is an astonishingly accomplished motorcycle and as a first attempt it is going to cause serious upset. Judging any bike is difficult but the RSV4 felt so good in so many ways, I feel it could be a contender for top superbike honours. In my opinion, if you’ve got the means and your ultimate goal is to feel like a World Superbike stud as you ride down your favourite road, the Aprilia RSV4 should fit the bill quite nicely even if the world doesn’t need another superbike. Price: R185 995.00 (Standard) or R225 995 (Factory) - Incl. 14% VAT


EAST COAST MOTORCYCLES Tel: (031) 566 3024 10 Meridian Drive Umhlanga Ridge

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GOD’S HALF PAGE: Follow Me - Now! “Another man said, “I will follow you, Lord, but first let me go and say goodbye to my family.” Jesus said, “Anyone who begins to plow a field but looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:61-62 Have you had the opportunity to follow Christ? What was your response? • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me see if my parents approve. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me go to a few more parties and as soon as I get that out of my system, I will settle down. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me get married. As soon as I establish a home, I will follow you. • I will follow You, Lord, but what will my friends think of me; they’ll think I’m a weakling. • I will follow You, Lord, but I enjoy life too much right now, maybe later when times are tough. • We will follow You, Lord, but first let us get our children through high school. We have to work six days a week to pay the bills, and the children are so busy with school activities that there just is not time to follow You. • I would like to follow You now, Lord, but I must first see if my husband will come, too. I do not want to follow You alone. • I will follow You, Lord, but first let me retire. Then I will have time to follow you. • I would like to follow You, Lord, but it is too late now. I have not done it all these years, and You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Death comes at last, and the day of salvation is over. You are separated from God eternally because you put off following Christ until it was too late. Only a fool will ignore this fact!

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TECH TALK: Electrical Systems Sooner or later you will need to find a failing component, a broken wire, or a short in your motorcycle’s electrical system. Or, you will attempt to add a new device to your motorcycle and have to do some wiring. Here are a few basic guidelines that seem not to be taught anywhere except by experience: Just because the motorcycle uses a 12 Volt battery does not mean that LETHAL voltages don't exist. Spark plug leads carry many thousands of Volts! Stay away from them. (Lethal currents can kill.) The vast majority of 'failures' can be fixed with the simple replacement of a fuse - particularly on older bikes that use old-style fuses. If the failing fuse is not visibly burnt it is often just fractured as a result of age. Crimp connectors are a NO-NO on motorcycles. Vibration and weathering will eventually make them fail. Solder all wire joints you make and use a piece of shrink-wrap tubing to finish the job. Solid wires are a NO-NO on motorcycles. Vibration tends to fracture them. Always use stranded wire. (You should carry a length of stranded wire as part of your 'tools'.) Many circuits in modern motorcycles contain solid state devices (transistors). These can be damaged if you use a test light on them. Instead, use a high impedance (10-meg or greater) digital multi-meter to test voltage levels in these circuits. Any connector that you can pull apart should be packed with dielectric grease when you have put it back together again! Dielectric grease is NON-CONDUCTIVE. It is used to keep contacts within the connectors clean and to protect them from corrosion. Connectors in a motorcycle's charging system will melt and fail easily if those contacts are not perfectly maintained because the slightest increase in resistance will cause a huge amount of heat based on their large current loads. Even with the master fuse pulled there is one great danger that continues to exist in a motorcycle's electrical system - the starter solenoid. Since the current load necessary to turn the starter motor is so great, that circuit is NOT fused. Thus, if you happen to short the solenoid your bike's starter motor will engage! Whenever adding a component use a separate fuse and circuit for it. Do not simply piggy-back on an existing circuit. Whenever removing your battery always disconnect the NEGATIVE terminal first. This insures that there will not be a disaster should your screwdriver happen to slip while disconnecting the positive terminal and it hits any bare metal. If you smell fuel, do NOT work on electrical systems!!!!!!!!


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