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PLUS: Look at the bad ass creations by Downtown Custom Baggerz of Hollywood march 2012 the 71st annual bike week - daytona beach bikes & beauties schedule vol. 4 • Iss. 3 Hitting the road with the old skool road show © Copyright: All rights reserved; no material, photographs, titles, trademarks, logos including but not limited to entire content herein may be reproduced or used for any purpose without Bikes & Beauties Magazine written permission.

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2 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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Abate of Florida SE Chapter Raising Funds for a Great Cause PETERSON’S SOUTH BIKE NIGHT Invaded by the Food Trucks

MCO WITH EAGLERIDER A Bike Bash to Remember

BOKAMPER’S BIKE NIGHT Hot Second Tuesday TROPICAL PARK Food Truck Invasion BIKES & BEAUTIES MAGAZINE 3rd Anniversary Party POOLHOUSE GRILL BIKE NIGHT New Wednesday Bike Night OLD SKOOL ROAD SHOW On the Road Again

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Want to find out the latest news & events from bikes & Beauties magazine? join our facebook page & see our gallery of beautiful ladies & amazing Heart pounding motorcycles. Facebook &

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bikes & beauties • march 2012 11

Enough with the sword fights already! Typically I try to leave my detachable penis at the office but it doesn’t always work out as intended. The more I work in a predominantly male industry the more I find the need for it to remain attached. Even in the testosterone filled dog house which I reside, I have found it’s useful more often than not! What the hell is wrong with some men? Why is it that some of them suffer from an extreme case of asshole with a slight inferiority complex? Ironically they all say they love an assertive aggressive woman driven by her persistent need to succeed. They want to work with her, play house with her, marry her. They think she is fantastic, charming and charismatic! They are drawn to the sassy powerhouse, and love to watch her in action.

Yeah right! That’s what they all say until that assertive woman straps on her detachable manhood when the asshole tries to run her over, take advantage of her femininity, feelings or at times even break her heart. No one likes to be taken down a few notches, especially a man with a slightly flawed personality carrying a little too much ego. I understand that fifty years ago things were a little different but, in 2012 most woman with any dignity and self respect are going to stand up and protect themselves rather than get snowballed or railroaded by some asshole! The way I see it, an ace is an ace, and a spade is a spade. So if you feel the need to play asshole you better be man enough to sword fight with a p owerful chick! Don’t get me wrong or misunderstand this message. I believe that a woman does at times need to shut the hell up! It is not always an easy task yet, for the right person, in the right situation it is easily achieved. However, when push comes to shove, in any situation, THIS woman is going to strap on the fruit and berries before ramming it right in your face. Last I checked it was 1963 when the Federal Government amended the Equal Rights Act and if any man thinks it is okay to treat this gal like crap or behave inappropriately, he better be prepared to get an invitation to her manhood she likes to call E.R.A., the Equal Rights Asshole! Strapped and ready to MOVE and FLEX her right to tell you to f-off! (In a gracious diplomatic way of course) It is never a good day when woman has to act like a man. It isn’t attractive, and if men could learn just one 12 bikes & beauties •march 2012

little lesson. It is NOT necessary to try and “one up” a woman, personally professionally, truly a fruitless effort! We have no room in our life for any man who looks at us as some game of who’s on top! Isn’t it enough you already have a permanent “one up”? You hold the package we can’t live without. You get to dominate us in more ways than one. You dominate us in the workplace, you dominate us in the bedroom; you dominate us in all levels of fitness and even dominate us in a plethora of other statistics. Why isn’t that enough? We see you’re dominant! So why for some of you, when faced with a assertive aggressive woman, do you find it necessary to degrade us, disrespect us and completely treat us like some trash to feed your need to come out of the cock fight a winner? It all ends back at the age old question; Do men respect powerful women, can they? Will it ever be possible for a woman to be loved, respected and cherished for all her assets, even those you feel intimidated by? You know that saying about getting the government you deserve? Totally applies, to most situations, in any form of a relationship, business or personal, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter! Just leave the cock out of it!

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.” -Marilyn Monroe

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14 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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16 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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Builders Spotlight Working the motorcycle scene throughout this great state has given us the opportunity to meet some truly unique individuals. Each one to the other, characters on life’s stage as we procure our path of fate. No one ever knows how each act will unfold until the scenes actually play out before them. When we first met Ariel DeArmas and partner, Brain Crowe they were just two guys we knew out on the scene, professionals in every since of the word who shared our passion and love of motorcycles. Running around in similar circles it wasn’t long before this duo was bonded in friendship and brotherhood. All credit lies beneath their commitment and natural progression of any visionary, here is there story……..

Fast Flawless Forever.


riel and his wife Rosamaria have owned Downtown Collision Auto Body Repair in Hollywood, FL for the past nine years. Hard work and customer loyalty are something they take very seriously. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has helped secure their body shop as Geico Insurance’s first choice in fulfilling the needs of their insured. After purchasing his first HarleyDavidson, a Crossbones in 2009, Ariel found that more and more business associates were mounting steel horses. As he settled into a new routine, unlike his earlier days of riding twenty years ago, his passion evolved. In his journey, he met Brian Crowe, a Regional Manager of Florida, the Caribbean and South America of an international building material manufacturer. With a shared infatuation of all things motorcycle, their ideas soon became true vision

18 bikes & beauties •march 2012

which led them to an opportunity to do something that no one else locally could do in house. In business for a little over a year, Downtown Custom Baggerz of Hollywood have the resources, talent and vision to bring your dreams to life. In this, their first year, they have built eleven bikes ranging from $5,000.00 on up. With no idea too big or small within your unique budget, whether you want paint, chrome, simple customization or a complete build, DTB is more than equipped to deliver as promised while exceeding your expectations. Walking into their shop is much like walking onto a factory assembly line, each job lined up with precision in various stages of production. With noticeable clean lines, a definitive level of craftsmanship and intricate detail to each build has marked DTB as an authority in custom baggers.

No BS. No Excuses. No Drama.

Downtown Custom Baggerz of Hollywood Interview Questions for Brian Crowe

8. Which build was your favorite? Why? My Own, 1. When did your love affair with motorcycles begin? I had two builds under my belt, with each one, we When I was 10 years old, my older brother had a were able to learn more and more, implementing Triumph & rode with a motorcycle gang. I’ve loved things that no one else had done. them since then. 2. As a business professional, how do you find the time 9. What do you feel has changed and shaped the motorcycle industry to what it is today? Things are to build motorcycles? You don’t have time, you definitely different than they were 30 years ago. I MAKE time. It’s a second job I work from 5:00 pm think most people had the wrong impression of to 2:00 am. people who rode motorcycles. It is not all about 3. What was your first bike? When? Kawasaki KE leather jackets. Once more professionals starting 175, 1980, I was 15. riding for the love of the hobby the industry 4. How has the transition been from hobby to job? transformed to a more diverse clientele from all Never Made, Still do it as a hobby for the simple walks of life. love of motorcycles. Now we just get paid for it. 5. What is the hardest thing about building motorcycles 10. What do you do in your free time? I ride. 11. How do you blow off steam? (1st answer omitted) you have learned thru the process that you were I Ride surprised by? It’s a lot harder than you would think. 12. What is your favorite meal? Steak & Potatoes Something that I took for granted. It’s not a simple 13. What is the one thing in this world that you simply thing, and to do it correctly we were forced to read, cannot live without? My Sons research & ask a lot of questions. 14. Favorite Charity? All Children’s Charities, Too 6. Out of all the motorcycle events in the country many to have a favorite. which is your favorite? Sturgis, Best in the world, now that I have been I will never not go! 7. What was your first build? My Partner Ariel’s 2010 Road Gilde. “You can dream it we can build it.”

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20 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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22 bikes & beauties •march 2012

bikes & beauties • march 2012 23

24 bikes & beauties •march 2012

bikes & beauties • march 2012 25

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28 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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30 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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32 bikes & beauties •march 2012

My name is Jeffrey and I wrote a column for this magazine for nearly two years under the name Asshole Jeff. It has come to my attention that some people may have been offended by things I’ve written in the past and a few have even complained.

For them I can only say, get over yourself. It makes me feel better about myself and it gives some people a reason to chuckle. I mean no harm and treat everyone the same, so if you find yourself angry about anything I write or it hits to close to home, just remember this is humor with a bit of real world commentary and if you are still angry, send your grievances to me at jhoee1@ I’m always looking for another dumbass to write about next month. So let’s move on to the column….. Every once in a while something comes out on the news that just leaves me staring at my computer, shaking my head wondering how our Country is ever going to get its Politically Correct head out of its ass and the only answer I ever come up with is the unadulterated slaughter of every single person in California. That is where a majority of the p.c. kings come from or should I call them queens? You know, I have no idea what I am allowed to call them anymore. We have a lot of problems in this country and unless people are allowed to discuss them openly without some nutwad throwing some discrimination bullshit your way just because you don’t agree with them. We need to fix Medicare and Social Security means you hate old people, need to reform welfare-you’re a racist, and so on. Yet are we doing anything about these problems, nope. We are spending time and money on transgender discrimination in schools and who is leading the way? Good old California! These brownie muskets now have regulations on what is considered discrimination towards gender-nonconforming students. So their state is in financial ruin and they have one of the worst education problems in the country with a graduation rate of 67% and what are these geniuses pondering, the psychological effects of using improper pronouns on a gender-nonconforming student. Is calling Bobby, Bobby really the problem?

I really think the psychological problems would stem from coming to school dressed in a mini and thigh high stockings when you have a cock!!!

This shit is just unbelievable to me. Under their lovely new rules and I quote, “The student’s self-identification is the sole measure of the student’s gender regardless of

the student’s sex assigned at birth.” What? They also say as far as restrooms go that students can use any restroom that corresponds with their gender self identity unless the schools install gender neutral bathrooms because, “in the past most school structures reinforced the myth of two genders, male and female.” Did I miss something, when exactly did this become a myth? On the up side, all a strapping young heterosexual male student has to do is say that he self identify himself as a girl and he has free access to the girls locker room and showers and the school can’t do anything about it. Look, I have no problems with gay people or anyone else but I just think there are more important things to worry about and we should not constantly be trying to cuddle every little group there is. My biggest problem with this is not little jimmy in his sundress with fashionable yet practical pumps but this self-identity bullshit. Yet anyone who disagrees with them is discriminating. I just don’t get how having boys and girls bathrooms is discrimination. Next are they going to tell you that you have special bathrooms in your business also, that you can’t have male employees or female employees dress a certain way? That is exactly what is going to happen because that is what they always do and if they can’t get it through on a discrimination basis they will find another angle to shove it down your throat. In San Francisco they are already leading that charge saying now that it is a public safety and health issue. According to the San Frazncisco Human Rights Commission, the lack of restroom access to gender –nonconforming people often results in severe bladder damage and kidney problems.

After all, they noted that numerous people made those claims on their 2010 bathroom survey. What kind of fucking city has a bathroom survey??? I really think I need to go to California find a bunch of these turtle-throwers that came up with this shit and Bitch slap them. Then I’m off to the local community college to visit the girl’s swim team showers.

Deepest Regards, Asshole Jeff

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34 bikes & beauties •march 2012

spent the entire month raising a ruckus and creating as much gossip as possible to bring you all of Florida’s monthly motorcycle action. We start things off with some good will at the Shiner’s event. You can see our coverage on Page 37. Then we loaded the saddlebags and rode south to Peterson’s Harley-Davidson for the Third Thursday Bike Night & Food Truck Invasion. We rolled in to find our old friend Letterfly Dave painting his VW and a few other things while in their lot, see the photos on Page 38. Some of us didn’t have a sweetie to love on for Valentine’s Day, so we took a ride over to Bokamper’s for their big Second Tuesday Bike Night. The swine was fine and so were the roses, take a look at our images on Page 39. Now, I have to be honest, the next event rocked our socks off, we rode down to Miami to Tropical Park just off of Bird Rd for the weekly Food Truck Invasion, where 20 trucks line up for your eating pleasure, see the images on Page 40. There is a new bike night in Davie, FL where you can see familiar faces in a whole new venue. Check out the Poolhouse Grill on Page 45. Last but not least, Bikes & Beauties Magazine celebrated another successful year at the Anniversary Party held at Café 27. See all you missed on Page 42.

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36 bikes & beauties •march 2012

Semi-annual event

Abate of Florida SE Chapter Every once in a while we get to participate in something really great. Abate of Florida is a non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusiast from vast social, economic and cultural diversities who lobby and educate the government and general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image. Sunday January 22, 2012 we took a ride over to the Broward Shrine Club in Hollywood to help raise awareness for this great organization. Whose mission is clear, they endeavor to enlist the cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals that share an interest in preserving our American tradition of Freedom. Abate promotes motorcycle safety, training and political awareness. To become a member please log onto

bikes & beauties • march 2012 37

A Bike Bash to Remember

The last Saturday of every month Eagle Rider Orlando holds their all FREE Bike Bash, with Free Give-a-ways, Free games, Free food and live musical entertainment. To keep things interesting, celebrities Mike & Spyke of Born to Ride Magazine are on site to play MC with their comedic antics. Rock, General Sales Manager of the Orlando location is all about customer satisfaction. Stop by and see all that Eagle Rider has to offer. Buying, selling or renting a motorcycle, their fantastic staff is ready to serve.

ITs Good to be king Being the only Harley-Davidson dealership in Miami does have its advantages. Peterson’s Harley-Davidson South has given the motorcycle community something to smile about with their family friendly Bike Night. The third Thursday of every month take a ride South for good times at the Food Truck Invasion where feeding your guilty pleasures has never been easier.

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40 bikes & beauties •march 2012

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I woke up this morning singing the Beatles, if I didn’t know better I would think there were needles coming through the balls of my feet, my ears are ringing and I have a quarter stuck to my left boob. Hell yeah!! You know what that means! That was one hell of a freaking party! Thursday, February 23, 2012 we packed into Café 27 located on US Highway 27 just North of Griffin Road in Weston, FL to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! The party was hoping before we even opened the gates as fans began to lined up to get in early on all the action. Guests were greeted by Twisted Tea’s beautiful ladies, giving away free samples of the best new beverage to hit the market in nearly five years. It’s light, refreshing and contains alcohol, I think some of the ladies were in love! Moving around the pavers guests were entertained by artist Marcio Karam as he painted some of our beautiful ladies. As always, Bikes & Beauties Magazine laid out a phenomenal spread of grub. Looking like a small heard of swine, we watched as Armando Lopez and his crew chopped and served a mountain of fresh roasted pig, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob and creamed spinach. My mouth is still watering just thinking about how fantastic the food was! Yum!!! We rocked and rolled until we all reached a buzz. That’s right about when then the real shenanigans began. One after the other our favorite fans pilled in, filing the Café to capacity. Truly an amazing site for a Thursday night!

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S. University Dr


Poolhouse Grill Griffin Road



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Š54 bikes 2011 Nina Sutherland Photography & beauties •march 2012


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