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n this issue we dedicate it to a group of individuals who passion for motorcycles was the point of fusion in joining forces. Collectively their passion drove the creation of this new company; dedicated to the Design, Customization of bike cadavers into beautiful competitive worthy motorcycles. On the cover are three individuals of Downtown Baggers, inc. Ariel DeArmas, Brian Crowe, and Chris Saunders. All of these gentlemen own and operate other successful businesses. Ariel DeArmas, Downtown Collision Auto Body Repair, Brian Crowe Regional Manger of a Valve Manufacturing Company, and Chris Saunders of Chris’s Custom Hot Rods and Exhaust and Massive Towing and Recovery This theme motorcycle in the picture was built for Big Dawgs 2 Sports Café, owners Dee Dee O’Reilly and Mike Rudicel. Mike owner/founder of South Florida Bike Events creates and organizes bike events through out South Florida for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only for the enjoyment but also with proceeds going to several local charities. Three major bike events are held though out the year. in March the Fire Fighter Memorial Bike Run which started in 2005 benefiting the Fort Lauderdale Fire and Safety museum. The second event is The Fort Lauderdale Summer Bike Fest held each year in July which features some of the top bike builders through out the State of Florida. And lastly the Tommy Ruzzano Holiday Toy Run in which for the last six years proceeds have gone to the Big Mama’s House and The Home Sweet Home Foundation. All of these events are supported and sponsored by Jagermeister, Budweiser, and Big Dawgs Sports Café. See you on the road, Carlos A. Catarino

PUBLISHING INFO EDITOR Carlos A. Catarino ART DIRECTOR Alberto P. Perez ADVERTISING Mariana Moreira 786-426-5180 Henry A. Avila 305-923-9332 CONTRIBUTORS Fort Lauderdale: Mike Rudicel 954-274-6910 EUROPE France: Yann Masoch and Gilbert Sauder Spain: Jose de Laguardia Portugal: Yola Marujo and Luis Lisboa ARTICLES The articles and photos presented in this issue are summaries of articles full web press. For your complete reading the reader must follow links Motorcyclist online CLASSIFIEDS CONTACT 754-200-1845 PRINTED IN THE U.S.A. ISSUE #01 The complete contents of BIKERS Society Magazine TM 2011 and use of any content is permitted only with written consent of the publisher C.C. Enterprises Corp. Advertisers must NOT discriminate against bikers who wear “colors” “religion” or their ad will be pulled. Ads must conform to legal guidelines as to the use of logos and other copyrighted artwork of merchandise, the use brands or similar designs. You will be notified if changes are required. In the event an ad has been paid for but is not printed for any raison, our liability is limited only to what you paid. The advertiser has the responsibility of proofing all ads which will be faxed or emailed before being printed Biker Society Magazine. Color matching is not 100% accurate but if you supply a color proof the printer can come close. No refunds or discounts if the colors in your ad are not as expected –even with a supplied color proof. All ads, photographs and stories will be considered copyrighted this publication however, the individual photographers and writers will retain all legal rights. Opinions expressed by the writers are their own and may or may not express the view of the publisher. C.C.Entreprises Corp. email should be address to: Snail mail should be sent to C.C.Enterprises Corp. 8760 SW 133rd Ave. Rd #411, Miami, FL 33183. Sent postage if you want your stuff returned.


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WHat NEW Dani PEDrOsa has operation HPD FLEET OF BMW The operation was conducted at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus by Dr. Xavier Mir, Chief of the Pathology Unit of the Hand of Dexeus USP, and Dr. Cesar Garcia Madrid, vascular specialist of the Institute Planell at Teknon Medical Center. The aim of the operation was to fix, by compression osteosynthesis, a small fragment of bone that had dislodged during the rehabilitation process.After the surgery, Dr. Xavier Mir reported, "We believe the surgery was successful as we were able to fix the fragment of bone of his collarbone in a very stable way and because of this we are confident that in 48 hours it will be possible to begin rehabilitation of his right shoulder."

rOssi doesn’t view GP11.1 as a “last resort” Kicking off the Iveco TT Assen weekend, Valentino Rossi spoke with journalists about his season thus far, the development work on the GP12 and, above all, about the new prototype GP11.1 that he will use in Saturday’s race. Here are his answers. “It’s always nice to be back at Assen, especially after missing the race last year. I still have to learn the new corner, which I hear is very fast, and I won’t have much time, so I’ll have to figure out the best way as I go. In theory, I should remember the circuit fairly well - I have enough experience here. We'll see how it goes, we also have a new bike and are very curious to see it in action, especially because we've never tested this engine in this chassis, which opens up some questions…” “With the GP12 I felt good right away, since the first test. I’ve ridden it three times, once in Jerez and twice at Mugello. We don’t have many references, especially compared to the other teams, so our true level of competitiveness remains to be seen. I know that Honda has been quick from the start, especially in Jerez, but we've continued work on the bike and at Mugello we saw some encouraging changes. More than anything it’s a matter of feeling: with the GP12, I felt comfortable right from the start, and then with each small change it was better and better. We'll see what we can do when the time comes. I heard that Stoner went faster than us, but we’ll see how much truth there is to that information.” “The engineers argue that the 1000 won’t be much faster than the 800, but I think the GP12 is fast– I think the difference is there.” “We struggled at the start of the season and the results were not good enough. I pressured Filippo (Preziosi) for new changes, especially for the back of the bike, and with an eye on the Mugello race. From this he got an idea: we already have a new bike. 4

HPD Has Maintained Fleet of BMWs for 12 Years more. Woodcliff Lake, NJ – May 18, 2011… For 12 years running, the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) has opted to purchase BMW police motorcycles for its 36-member Solo Motorcycle Detail. By the end of June, 34 BMW R 1200 RT-P police motorcycles will replace 34 older models in the HPD’s existing fleet of 50 BMW police motorcycles that have been in service for the past 12 years. The 2011 model BMW motorcycles, purchased from the island’s only BMW motorcycle dealer, South Seas Cycle Exchange, will be ridden yearround by the Department’s specially trained motorcycle squad. Officers will use the motorcycles to patrol the city and county of Honolulu; to perform escort duty for parades and visiting dignitaries; and to participate in community events, such as the “Say Hi” school program. “We are delighted to continue our relationship with the HPD by providing a fleet of authority motorcycles that have the highest level of standard equipment; the best fuel economy, an outstanding warranty and dynamic balanced performance – all of which result in overall lower operating costs, safety and reliability,” commented Steve Spiegel, owner, South Seas Cycle Exchange, 3149 Nimitz Highway.

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WomEN ridErs WaNNa BE Before i Joined the ranks of Women riders

By Black Cat Before I joined the ranks, women motorcycle riders I found myself getting this unexplainable excitement whenever a motorcycle went rumbling by me. It was just about five years ago or so when I noticed that when a motorcycle would go by I would have the desire to jump on the back and go for it. I think that was the start of me becoming a biker woman. My husband at the time did not ride a bike and even though I had not been around a motorcycle in years the feeling kept growing and my curiosity grew more. Well needless to say that marriage didn’t last and soon after the marriage ended. Soon after, I met my future husband and

began to subside and I began to want that myself. I wanted to become a biker chick. My husband would never pressure me to ride, but now and then he would ask me if I wanted to learn. Although, one day when he and I were riding around, he stopped the bike by the parking lot of our town’s middle school, got off the motorcycle and said ok, jump up front here and I will sit on the back. “You’re going to learn to ride”! I panicked a little at first, but after a few encouraging words from him, I agreed and climbed up front. I can do this I kept telling myself, and come to find out, I could. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. As a matter of a fact, it was

though, I was a lucky he is very patient and a great teacher. It also helps that I am such a quick learner… A word of advice to all you women that want to learn to ride a motorcycle, riding by yourself is a lot different than being a passenger. I had to learn to be extremely focused and pay great attention to everything around me. I have to admit that was a very hard thing for me to do. As my knowledge and experience grew so did my confidence. We went on longer rides, and I got better and better. I remember the feeling of the wind in my hair, the freedom and the accomplishment of overpowering the fear I had. It was so awesome. I hadn’t felt so good about myself in years. There is something

we instantly clicked. He was this rough looking big teddy bear biker that rode a motorcycle although; he didn’t have one at the time. But it didn’t take very long, in no time we had our first motorcycle together. We started going for long rides. We met new biker friends and began to go on rides with them. I had not had so much fun and excitement in years. Some of the couples we went riding both had motorcycles and I had met a few women riders with their own bikes, often they would ask me when I was going to get off the back and get my own ride. I would always tell them I was very content riding on the back with my husband. Although somewhere inside of me did have a desire to join other women riders and get off the back. However, I thought it was so cool seeing my girlfriends and other women ride their own motorcycle. I liked how confident these biker women looked. Soon my fear

really easy. Although, I remember after going around the middle school once, I stopped and shut the bike off. Was so proud of what I had accomplished, until I was reminded by my husband that I had forgotten something. I forgot to put my feet down! Oops! Thankfully, he had his feet on the ground holding up the bike. I still get teased about that one to this day. I continued to practice on that back road until one, day my husband started taking me on routs that took me closer and closer to the main road. Then one day he led me out onto the main road. It was the first time I had ever ridden my bike in traffic along side of other cars. My heart was pounding so hard, I was really scared. Being determined to ride my motorcycle by myself and become a women rider, I didn’t let fear get the better of me. I did it! I road on a main street and have never looked back. I am a motorcycle woman. I need to give credit to my husband

about stopping at a stoplight or riding out on the highway and getting thumbs up from other women passing by, it just lifts me up even higher. I believe that the power one gets from doing something that not everyone can or wants to do, and do it well is such a rush. I truly love being one of the lucky women motorcycle riders that get to ride their own motorcycle. Don’t get me wrong, I still love riding behind my teddy bear with my arms tightly around him snuggling. But let’s face it; riding my own motorcycle is so awesome! Before I learned to ride my own motorcycle, I felt less of myself, afraid and in a class of my own. I had no idea how many women there are just like me, who want to learn to ride a motorcycle but are afraid. With the help of God and listening to the encouragement of my husband, I have found myself, thank you both.


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strEEt BiKE STUNT-OR-NOT-STUM First Lesson


wheelie is dangerous because the front wheel, where you have the most powerful brakes on a motorcycle, is not touching the ground. There is a danger that you could go into a half loop causing the motorcycle could crush you. The rear suspension could also compress too much and then kick out over a bump in the road throwing both motorcycle and rider sideways onto the tarmac. I have experienced both of the last examples. Add some heavy side winds and it’s far from safe! It’s usually illegal to wheelie on any public road worldwide. Technique 1: From standstillclutch in-throttle different on each bike, but usually early in the midrange-drop clutch in first gear and up you go. Why did it wheelie? Sudden power introduced in low gears overwhelmed the suspension. Technique 2: In first or second (depending on bike) accelerate maximum-go completely off the throttle and give it maximum straight away again. Why did it wheelie? Sudden power intro8

duced when front suspension decompresses overwhelmed rear suspension. Technique 3: In second gear, engage the clutch whilst on the move, full throttle and dump the clutch. Why did it wheelie? Sudden power introduced overwhelmed suspension There are a variety of different wheelies that can be done by using the different techniques. Stand up wheelie gives you more leverage to hoist a bike, but could get out of control quickly if you are not careful. Craig Jones stands up to wheelie impossible bikes such as Harley-Davidson Vrod. Use upper body to push backwards at the same time as giving full throttle. Handlebar wheelie is when you are sitting on the handlebars and fuel tank doing a wheelie. Only for real STUNT men and you re-

ally need a thumb operated rear brake like Craig Jones or there is limited safety net. How to save one? If the wheelie is about to go bad, be sure to always cover the rear brake. Usually it is enough to just go off the throttle, but if you are out of balance hanging off and stuck to the throttle only the rear brake can save you. To avoid hanging off the throttle make sure to bend your arms and lean forward. Then you can just let go of the handlebar and the bike will fall forward by itself. Craig Jones uses a thumb operated rear brake and wheelie bar for extreme wheelies. In conclusion, we would say that the Stunt requires much concentration and perseverance before you can make your figures safely. It is not advisable for anyone to Stunt and especially one should avoid doing it in public spaces and places with risks of injury and damage to others.

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adventure road

t has been a couple of months now since I was on the road. I had plans on being in the Himalaya or Andes about now, but a bunch of people asked me if I would be interested in doing part of last year's Sibirsky Extreme trip again, showing them the way ... in particular the bit that always seems to capture folk's imagination, the Road of Bones. After many months of anticipation, planning, and some friendly advice from fellow ADV'ers, I'm finally ready to hit the road early tomorrow morning for three weeks on my Vstrom. There will be high places, low places, friends, family, hotels, camping, fun and work. Yes I'm taking my job with me, that's how I can afford to take the time to do this. I'm lucky that I'm a self-employed consultant and almost everything I do is over the Internet. So with a mix of Wi-Fi and mobile broadband I'm good to go just about anywhere. Reconnection is a big theme for this adventure. I'll start that in Houston, visiting a sister whom I've not seen in five(!) 10

years. Beth is a tall striking woman with flaming red hair, and was a very cool sister and one of my best friends when growing up. Maybe that hair isn't so red any more, we'll see! Then there's my friend Bob in Louisiana. Haven't seen him in 20(!!) years. I knew Bob and his wife in Atlanta when we were all addicted to competitive contract bridge. Bob's wife passed away recently. I'll be there for two days and we will have many things to talk about, not to mention playing some cards and enjoying the local food and attractions. Then it will be a short jaunt down the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway and three days in the New Orleans French Quarter with my brother and both sisters. Yep we'll have a little family reunion in one of the most fun places on earth. Next reconnection will be with some old high school classmates in Mississippi. I have literally not seen any of them since graduating from high school. So for this one we're talking over 43(!!!) years. Also in Mississippi is one of my nieces. I

can't even remember how long it's been since I saw her, and I have never met her husband or any of her kids. The final reconnection will be rather onesided, paying respects to my deceased mother and grandfather. So with that, I'll leave you for now with a map of my first leg, from Fairfield, CA to Beatty, NV. Riding through the Nevada desert was not nearly as boring as expected. There are hills and mountains all around, and a fair share of sweepers in addition to the straight sections. A mild dusty haze was all around and created vistas where far-away mountains were grey while nearby hills were in normal contrast. The overall experience in 360-degree panorama was truly awe-inspiring, pictures cannot do it justice and I did not want to delay my schedule by taking any. After passing Hoover Dam and gaining some elevation, I stopped at this scenic overlook of Lake Mead and snapped some pictures. Also here were some Native Americans selling jewelry.

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a Boricua iN racE‌ THE KNIGHT CARLOS CABALLERO - TEAM 779 - SUPERSPORT CHAMPION. PR Only rider defending high up the colors of Puerto Rico, Carlos Caballero continues to enjoy his passion the motorcycle racing. As always "no matter what you do but it is important that you do so passion." Carlos is a humble pilot always carrying his bike as far as possible since their driving mode is attack. Aggressive on the track, was usually a boy to make the most friends and family. Always a smile and word to the well-being in bad times. Quite simply exposed to our questions and here I leave. BSM: from when you drive motorcycles? CC: since I was 7 years BSM: Can you tell us about your passion for motorbikes? CC: The bikes have been my passion since childhood. The bikes have been my way a great career of dedication and effort. Only with the bike and find peace peace in every race. BSM: What at time you saw the passion for racing? CC: Since childhood, I used to watch the races on television, and I began to like ideas, I was riding the bikes. It was the age of 10 years I started compete in motocross. BSM: As you support your family? CC: My family always supported me 100% because I used to do with discipline and enthusiasm BSM: What advice would you give to the boy who wants to ride a bike? CC: The best option is start on the track. In this way, he learns to have total and good management control of the bike in a safe, professional and exciting. BSM: What is your wish for the future, a new bike or... CC: Right now, I'm with the goals of winning a regional cham12

pionship in United States. In future, we aim to buy a new GSXR 600, 2011. BSM: As you see the future of the motorcycle in the state of Florida? CC: Right now, I see it is good and growing. BSM: What is your favorite bike? CC: Suzuki GSXR BSM: You agree or not the mandatory use of helmet and

gloves when handled a motorcycle? CC: YES BSM: You can say something more about your passion and your life with the world of motorcycles not say so. CC: I currently live dedicated to the sport by my recent years has given me so much life. Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a professional racer motorcycle and now after a long career of triumphs and great sacrifice, I am filling my way the world of motorcycles. In 2006, I left Puerto Rico with a goal and a dream run Bikes in a setting as competitive as it is the United States. Now after several years of racing on this continent, I left my coal with one purpose and vision, to put my flag up high. Dedicated body will follow and soul to this sport but munches called crazy to me is passion adrenaline. R.A.T.T.

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Cell: 786.274.0204 Tel: 305.468.826 811278 SW 11St. Pembroke Pines 33025

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triumPH rocKEt iii


Triumph Rocket III vs. Yamaha VMax – City and Land June, 2011


YamaHa V-maX

ho needs 165 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque? Well, nobody really needs it, but we sure aren’t complaining after comparing the Star VMAX and Triumph Rocket III Roadster. This isn’t the first time we’ve sought a comparison mate for the reborn VMAX. When it first hit the streets in 2009, with its near 200 crank horsepower claims, we tapped the nowextinct (at least in the US) Suzuki B-King for a comparison (2008 Suzuki B-King vs 2009 Star VMAX). Pure performance street bikes, head to head, but the sporty Hayabusa-powered B-King made the Max feel big and rather cruiser-ish. This time around we looked at the cruiser side of the performance spectrum for a comparison competitor. A natural candidate emerged when Triumph announced it had taken its Rocket III Triple and wrung out 15% more torque, added blacked out styling cues and a more standard ergonomic package and slapped on the Roadster moniker. Voila, a hopped up performance cruiser to match up with the VMAX. So that’s the rationale for our comparison. 10

Grab two of the most powerful motorcycle engines available and run ‘em against each other to see what happens. Testing these brutes we logged miles commuting to work, as well as off-the-clock play rides. Editors kept scrambling to place dibs on either one for the ride home on Friday, as there was plenty of rubber to burn on the weekend. We also put the two up on the Mickey Cohen Motorsports dyno, as well as our Intercomp scales to measure raw performance data and weights. And, of course, we had to take both out to the local dragstrip to snag some quartermile times during Friday night drags. It was a fun couple weeks. Here’s what we discovered. As sometimes happens with comparison tests, the differences between the two bikes overshadow the head-to-head

performance matchup. This was definitely the case here. Where the VMAX felt heavy and awkward compared to the B-King, it transfers the same fate on the Triumph. Perhaps the only real conclusion we can draw from our two comparos with the VMAX is that it’s a difficult bike to classify, splitting the difference between high-performance sportbike and power crusier. The Rocket III Roadster, while taking on more traditional performance cruiser qualities, is itself a motorcycling oddity. The biggest engine on the road today, it churns out endless miles of rubber burning fun. We’d love to pit it against fellow cruiser heavyweights, where we suspect it would fair quite well. It all comes down to horsepower or torque. Take your pick. Either one will bring plenty of grins.

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Wahoo!!! They are all the friends, of Friends and Bikers enthusiast meet up. It's a party at Dawgs2 and all the persons must be there to see the new bikes from Mike. Yes, the Bikes are the stars of the afternoon but in meantime, we have cold drinks for us to refresh, we have the pork to eat, and stands to watch and buy the products offered. This is a Fest! Ehpa!!! Aqui estan los Amigos y los amigos de los amigos as铆 que los motociclistas aficionados en esta fiesta de Big Dawgs2 para la presentaci贸n de la nueva moto de Mike y Dee Dee. Claro la estrella de la fiesta era la MOTO. Esperando el momento de la presentaci贸n hab铆a tragos, un lechon asado y kioscos para mirar, y comprar. Luego se rifaron muchos premios. Esto es fiesta 16

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sFl BiKE EVENt iN Fort mYErs

After seeing the Big Dawgs2 fest, we went to Fort Myers. Mike hold another party and we wanted to be there. It's a different context and different feast. Here is a Band that plays classic rock for a sparse audience. It's a shame because it had everything to please many people, cold drinking, good beef and very pleasant place. Finally have a great time. As said in an adage, "Its better little and good then a lot and mediocre." Despu茅s de la fiesta de Big Dawgs2 nos fuimos para Fort Myers. Mike organis贸 un evento con musica en vivo y reuni贸 bastantes kioscos de artesanos y construtores de motos. D铆a radiante de sol y calor, playa cerca y mucha cosas para disfrutar, premios y tragos Jagermeister. Pero para el final del dia vinieron las nubes y con ellas la lluvia y los truenos.

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