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All Bikes Welcome In y l n es O own l c y orc Downt t o It ’s M istoric ers H y The Fort M trict is D r Rive

Live Music On Multiple Stages Quality Vendors Food & Drink Specials

Saturday 6-10PM January 11, 2014 More 2014 Dates: March 8 May 10


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Big Daddy’s “Shifting gears” Some think Bikers are mean Some dressed in leathers and others in jeans You don’t like our patches or clothes that we wear You hate our bandanas and you hate our long hair You don’t like our scooters and our loud noisy pipes You think we’re not loyal to the stars and the stripes You don’t like the patches that are worn on our vests You think we’re so different from all of the rest But the truth is Mister...We’re kind of alike You drive a car, and I ride a bike Remember us bikers for all that we do We feed our lost Veterans, We’re Red ,White, and Blue We bring toys for tots and toys for a smile By riding our bikes for miles and miles You see Bikers have never forgot Our homeless veterans and our homeless tots We are loyal to our clubs and true to our bros we always wear black from our heads to our toes Society once said that long hair was for fags But you’ll never see a biker burning a flag Now the tattoos and leather that you don’t understand Stands for free independence, that us bikers demand Our long hair and patches and loud noisy bikes Is a tribute to our freedom, The stars and the stripes So before you make up your mind on Who I might be Take a look in the mirror and what do you see The man that you see that is staring right back Is not so much different from that biker in black

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Inaugural Issue 1/6/2014 3:05:23 PM

Biker Florida would like to welcome all of the new Advertisers and Vendors that have joined us in 2014. Each business Owner is committed to serving the Biker Nation by offering Products and services that are of high-quality and fairly priced. All of these participating business Owners appreciate and value the service, generosity and independence of the men and women of our ‘Biker Nation’.

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Monthly Bike Night Schedule

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Weekly bike night schedule

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Biker Florida ( is blasting into 2014 with a new look and feel; nothing quite like you’ve seen before. We will be bringing the Biker Community great Events throughout SW Florida, from Bradenton to Naples. We are committed to always strive to deliver accurate Biker event information, the Biker news that affects us all and a little humor. Biker Florida ( has been established for the ‘Biker Nation’, all people within the motorcycle community. Whether you’re a Biker, a Rider, an organization, a Business that supplies products and services to the Biker community or someone who just wants to be involved; Biker Florida will be a place to get accurate Biker Event, News and Product information. Biker Florida will only do business with organizations, businesses and individuals who support and respect the Biker Nation, those who appreciate the fiercely independent men and women who ‘Ride in the Wind’ in the USA and throughout our great State of Florida. SOME FACTS THAT WE THOUGHT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW The Biker Nation, as a unique group of Americans: -Over 10 Million owners/riders of motorcycles in the USA (2, 3, and 4 wheelers) -Over 30 Million folks swung their leg over a motorcycle and rode last year -Bikers make more income (Biker average $59,290 vs US average of $50,233) -Gives more to charitable causes than any other Group in the USA -Has more military Veterans than any other non-American Legion or VFW Group -Spends more money, as a Group, in the American Economy than any other Group

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